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This character has been Retired from Game

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Requiem PC

Player: Jennifer Marks
Character: Mercedes De La Luna
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Toreador
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Bishop of San Juan, Keeper of the Elysium, Primogen
Status: LS: 3, Deava 2, City 1
Domain: MES On-Line VST: MES VIR VST

Character Information

  • Clan: Daeva
  • Bloodline: Toreador
  • Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
  • Title or Positon:
    • Bishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Keeper of Elysium of San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • On the Primogen Council of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • General Concept

An Art Dealer/Artist in Jewelry and Clay sculptures. Mercy, as she is called, has lived her entire life in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was born during the time of the Spanish/American war. She has been a devote catholic all her mortal life. Once she was embraced, she took on the responsibility of setting an example of her curse. She shows her example though her sculptures and jewelry, she creates. She is an owner and operator of a art gallery in San Juan, where she houses art parties and contributes to up and coming artist


Sire: Richard Datchery

  • Anthony


Fact or Fiction

  • Mercedes was embraced for her faith, but didn't come to her faith until the early 1970's

Looking For

  • Former associates tied to her works of art
  • Children
  • Former Lovers
  • Associates tied to her Faith in the Lance.
  • A Conspiracy tied to her Works of art or her faith.

OOC Information

Jennifer Marks

Jennifer Marks

Cam Number: US2002021178
Location: MES Online Game

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