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Apocalypse PC

Player: Patrick Colford
Character: Michael "Wars-on-all-Fronts" Anders
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Glass Walker
Rank: Fostern
Domain: Unconquered Sun
Pack: Many Ways
VST: Andrew Renquist

Character Information

Name: Michael "Wars-on-All-Fronts" Anders

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Glass Walker

Position: N/A

Rank: Fostern

Domain: Unconquered Sun

Pack: Many Ways


Homid: Michael Anders is a man dressed for success. Favoring high quality goods, Michael spends a lot of money on designer clothes, tailored suits, and high-priced conveyances; he has no qualms about throwing money at any problem he think it'll solve.

Crinos: In his War-Form, Michael's fur is a mottled grey, with flecks of burgundy. It is very rare to see the true color of his fur however, as he is famously proud of the Glass Walker Gift Steel Fur. It is much more common to see his body bristling with metal.

Lupus: Michael is extremely wary about turning into his Lupus form, and very few people have seen it. However, his coloring is much the same as in his Crinos form.


Michael has an uncompromising demeanor, preferring to deal directly with any perceived problem rather than go around it. His methods are candid, and he himself is often described as impatient, but many of his former paramours who've been approached by tabloids describe him as compassionate and brilliant, though extremely focused. He is immensely proud of the work that his company, Redefyne, is doing in the fields of green energy and urban ecologies.

Around his daughter, Ilyana, he is often described as warm and loving. He makes it a point despite his busy schedule and obligations of running a global company to spend at least 60 hours a week with her.

Mortal History

Michael was making headlines simply by virtue of his birth in 1988. The Anders family boasts celebrity doctors and thinkers, and Michael was no different, developing his first robots and robotic devices at the tender age of 5. He emancipated himself from his parents' custody at age 14, finding their desire to profit off his insights distasteful, and has never had a good relationship with them. Two years later, he enrolled at MIT, but exited that prestigious university in 2006, although some rumors suggest he was kicked out for "behavior unbecoming a student." A year later, he founded his company, Redefyne, focusing on robotics and manufacturing technology. Redefyne has since grown to enormous West Coast success, and Michael's image as an excessive but brilliant CEO is the talk of Silicon Valley. He openly dates supermodels and debutantes, cultivating his reputation as a playboy ((Fame 3: Excessive Tech Magnate)).

Garou History

Michael's First Change happened at age 20, and was prompted by an attack on his life. The change was somewhat unsuspected, as neither his mother nor father were identified as Glass Walker kinfolk, and it was quickly determined that his true father is Chadwick Cyril Sterling III, making him the half-brother of Chad Sterling IV, and member of the Sterling line of Children of Gaia and Glass Walkers.

He joined his pack "Many Ways" in 2010, and was inspired by his Alpha and Beta to expand Redefyne's reach into green energy and politcal reform, forming Mother's Bounty Investments.

His daughter, Ilyana, was born in 2011. Her mother, a Silver Fang Kinfolk died in childbirth, and a kin-fetch of the Fangs was hastily summoned to her. This has caused strife with Anders and that Tribe, and a custodial dispute is sure to brew in her future.

Michael attained the rank of Fostern in 2012, and looks to be one of the predominant Glass Walkers on the West Coast, joining the Corporate Wolves camp in an attempt to revitalize his Tribe.

In August of 2013, Wars-on-all-Fronts oversaw the Fostern Challenge of the Glass Walker Galliard named Random Access Violence from the Protectorate of Shrouded Spring. Rav was successful in his Challenge.


Equipment: Michael carries a long sword he smithed himself called Schroedinger's Judgment (or Judgment for short), though those outside the Glass Walkers say the process he made to fashion it doesn't count. Carved out of a single piece of titanium by a laser cutter, Michael wields the blade with grace and conviction. Further, Michael carries a Fetish of his Tribe, a Crescent Moon Waterskin. Unlike more traditional waterskins however, Michael's is actually a flask, reclaimed from the sewers of San Francisco where it had been thought lost, its previous owner killed in the Ratkin War. The flask is known as Fury's Fountain, and houses a spirit of war known as "Gale-of-Knives".


Many Ways His pack, consisting of Rickard "Laughs-Last" Marek, a Shadow Lord Galliard; Ingrid "Tests-the-Waters" Swenson, a Child of Gaia Ragabash; Colin "One-Hand-Open" Keene, Fianna Theurge; and David "Masters Truth", an Uktena Philodox.

Allies: He counts amongst his allies and friends a diverse bunch, including Etienne "Twilight-Star" Swanson, "Feast-of-Ashes", "Steel-Vice-Bite", "Mischief", David "Iron-Hearted-Healer" Burke, and others.


Michael actually doesn't ever take his Lupus form. He's paid off people to say that he has.

Ilyana's mother was a Silver Fang Kinfolk who died in childbirth, and some of the Silver Fangs are anxious to recover what they believe to be their family.

Wars-On-All-Fronts makes his homid-living farming Helios' warmth... He's a sun-farmer.

Michael was kicked out of MIT due to an orgy in the robotics lab that involved two teachers.

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  • "Wars On All Fronts-yuf is worthy of my respect, in all ways. I know him to be so, because I have fought at his side, at the heart of corruption. I have listened to his words and considered carefully upon my own positions. Wisdom and honor alongside the glory for which we Full-Moons are known...if you don't respect him, I have to wonder why." - Etienne Swanson
  • "Wars on All Fronts and I have a budding friendship. We have very similar outlooks when it comes to what needs to be done and what is truly important in a conflict. Although sadly I think his...concern about 'familial ties' with my Tribe causes him to keep me at arm's distance. Ironically it's the thing we have the most in common. Silver Swift
  • "Brutal and brilliant, Michael's deed name is perfect for him. He is constantly fighting - whether in the field, the lab, or the boardroom - and he *needs* that. It's all I can do to rein him in some days, and I wish I didn't have to. To see him at rest is to see him dull and dying." - Laughs Last
  • Mikey's in constant danger of believing his own hype. I'm here to keep him grounded." - Ingrid Tests-the-Waters Swenson
  • "There are times, when he's acting like a philodox and bringing us all together, that I forget he's an ahroun. And then there's moments like that mess in Denver last June, and I remember why Gaia made him the way he is: to kick ass and take names." - James "Six-Gun Litigation" Sterling MacNamara
  • "My cousin is a fine warrior and fine member of his breed. He is deaf to his wolf heart however and he will need to learn to accept his wild self if he is to become the warrior he is capable of being." Steel Vice Bite
  • It is sad that he didn't finish MIT, I would have liked to call him a Beaver alumni as well as a sane voice amongst the Ahroun. - 99 Problems
  • "Honor and power are rare. It is rarer still to find them both in one individual. Coupled with wisdom and true respect for the litany they become an example. I do not suggest speaking ill of him. It's not a threat, it is prophecy." -Reborn in Fire
  • "There is no truer friend, nor better mentor, nor more loyal ally. He is resourceful. He is mindful. He is aware, and he is ready to stand by all. He lifts us all up, and I am greatly blessed that he was there for my First Change. And those blessings are but the beginning. Stand with him, and you will find a wonderful friend and great warrior. Stand against him, and you shall learn why he gained his name." -Iron-Hearted-Healer
  • "Super chill. Into some interesting stuff. Generally a cool guy. We still need to totally go to Brazilian Steakhouse." - Simon Kressin
  • "Unlike so many urrah, he knows his weakness and seeks to learn strength. We will see if he is not deaf to his wolf-heart." - Moon Watcher

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OOC Information

Player: Patrick Colford

MES Number: US2002106779

Location: Sonoma, CA