Michael Cristos

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Michael Cristos

Player: Bryan Himebaugh
Character: Michael Cristos
Clan: Toreador
Position: Seneschal
Status: 4
Domain: AZ-010-D
VST: G. Van Ess

Personal Information

Clan: Toreador

Generation: 9th

Lineage: Haus Von Daun

Status: 4

Notable Traits:

Nationality: Spanish

Style and Personality:



Information Known by Kindred Society

Known Associates



  • "Mr. Cristos is my favorite Uncle. He's patient, and he's kind. He teaches me lots and lots of things." - Raina Star
  • "Dropped the Mic....LIKE A BOSS!" - Raina Star to Lady Viveka
  • "He’s got this thing that I admire, which is a sense of responsibility — without acting it."- Anna Russell
  • "Dude can carry a tune, and with that... comes the ladies!" - Sterling Thorne


OOC Information

Player: [Bryan Himebaugh]