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Changeling PC

Player: Danny Peche
Character: Michael Cross
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Cyclopean
Entittlement: Waiting on it.
Court: Spring ***
Freehold: Emerald Phoenix Freehold
VST: Tina

Mike's Mask
Mike's Mein

Character Information


Michael Cross







Notable Traits:

Title or Position:



This is a shortened timeline that would be known ICly. Except for the parts while in Arcadia.

Early Life 1937-1950

Michael’s parents were dissatisfied with the path that Germany was going when the Nazi and Communists were in control, so they immigrated to the United States.

  • May 12, 1937

To Michael and Josephine Lochel a son was born on May 12th, they gave him the name Jonathan Lochel. Jonathan was born in Boone, NC.

  • August 18, 1939

Jonathan and his family are moved to an Internment Camp Ft Lincoln, North Dakota. There he lives as if nothing is different; he was only two years old when he was brought there.

  • July 4, 1942

While Jonathan and his family where at the internment camp his two sisters were born Nola & Regina Lochel.

  • July 15, 1945

Jonathan and his family moved from the Ft Lincoln to Monroe, NC; Michael Lochel opens up a new Jewelry Shop later in the year.

  • September 25, 1950

A man came to Jonathan’s fathers shop one day; Jonathan was out back playing Baseball with the other kids. After the game there was a man who was talking to Nola & Regina, Jonathan’s younger sisters; the man was tall but hunched over talking to them, the man had dirty hands. Michael ran up to his sisters and got in-between the man and his sisters, the man with the dirty hands asked Jonathan, “My dear boy who made those necklaces around those girls’ necks?” Jonathan replied, “I made it for them”. The man looked at Jonathan and said something, it almost sounded like something in German, and then he awoke in a huge workshop with a bellowing furnace.

Faerie 1950-2004 (to Michael it was only five years)

The Architect


Jonathan awoke to the pounding of steel on anvils and to the heat of a raging furnace. One of the Master’s followers grabbed me up and hauled me to a pit of coal, he then said, “Your first job is to shovel this into the furnaces; if you let the fires die the Master will not be happy.” So Jonathan kept the fires stoked for three days and nights before he was allowed to finally eat and sleep. After several weeks at the bellows, Jonathan was order to the mines to dig up ore for the Master.

After four months of switching back and forth from the bellows and mines the master had Jonathan begin on crafting small things. The items went from bracelets, to bracers, necklaces, pendants, and all from this strange ores and weird materials. Finally the master came down and picked out the four of us who impressed him and showed us something he wanted us to copy. It was man like creature, with weird internals; all the master had to say was to make him more. Jonathan and the other three spent eight months crafting the fetches for the master. After they had completed a few of the fetches for the master, he took them to a new area and separated them to do other work; Jonathan was given the task to hunt down materials and to create ten items, all of which needed to be items of power, if Jonathan didn’t have them completed in twelve months the master was going to kill him.

In the twelve months Jonathan created fifteen items, one of which he was allowed to keep. Eight of the items were trifles but they had some power, two of the Tokens were weapons, one could do grievous wounds while the other could when thrown could always find its target. The two armors were close to the same in power, and then the other three were just objects that were of special make and quality. One of which the master let Jonathan keep, because of what he used and how he made it, Jonathan called it the Armor of Lightning. Because the master was so pleased and because the master had already planned to sell him the man with the dirty hands allowed Jonathan to keep the armor.

Jonathan was sold to The Hunter once his master decided that Jonathan’s projects where done, and he had no more use for Jonathan.

After the Hedge 2004-Present Day

Character Description


  • On the street, you will usually see Michael wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and some type of sleeveless or short sleeved shirt. He has a Tattoo on his right and left arms. Michael has blue eyes, and blonde hair.
  • At his shop, Michael will always have a three piece suit on, usually the suit will be in shades of blue or black.


  • Michael's mien is only slightly different from his mask, the difference is that Michael has long K-9 teeth, point elven like ears, and a third eye that stays closed most of the time.









  • Flies into a rage whenever in the presence of Fetches.
  • Has skinned a changeling to make an item.


Seeming Contracts

  • Contracts of Oath & Punishment
    • Pursuer's Seven-League Leap
  • Contracts of Stone
    • Might of the Terrible Brute
    • Ogre's Rending Grasp
    • Display Gradiose Might
    • Gluttonous Feast of Health
    • Red Rage of Terrible Revenge

Court Contracts

  • Contracts of Verdant Spring
    • Font of Inspiration

Non Seeming/Court Contracts

  • Contracts of Elements
    • Cloak of Elements
      • Fire
    • Armor of the Elements' Fury
      • Fire
    • Control Elements
      • Fire
    • Calling the Elements
      • Fire
    • Become the Primal Foundation
      • Fire


Tokens Owned

Tokens Made

  • Bracers of Ogre Might
  • Savior's Last Hope
  • Jewels of Redemption

Hedgespun Items Owned

  • Ogreslayer
  • Armor of the Serpent

Hedgespun Items Made

  • Painting of the Dark Church
  • Gloves of the Dwarf
  • Bracers of Defense


Characters from books, manga, anime, tv shows, and music that helped that inspired me for this character.

Books & Characters


OOC Information


Daniel Peche

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Charlotte, NC