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Michael Fuller Miller

Not much is truly known about the man known as MFM. Some rumor he has been around since the burning times as a ghould then Embraced by his sire not too terribly long ago. Some say he is a snot nosed neonate who has managed to socially backstab and stalk his way to an elders station socially. What is known is this.

Michael Fuller Miller is truly a predator with blood mouth with a never ending thirst for social graces and climbing. He has carried the legend of MFM along the east coast as well as now throughout the south central region with his graffiti art . His pieces have gone from coast to caost along trailers and train cars , along the sides of old buildings as well as along the sides of corporate sky scrapers. He remains a mystery beyond that. Only his name is known for his acts in the Eerie Isles as of late for revealing the wrongs done by the former prince there and nearly rescuing a Archon from the grasps of the Sabbat before moving on with his existence in South Dakota to reunite with his sire and family.

Currently his efforts at pointing out the wrongs and misdeeds of his fellow members of the sect socially have gained him the standing equal to that of an elder and through his deeds in the Mid West he was seen as Victorious.

The Legend of the Motha Fuckin' Man

MFM Motha Fuckin' Man This has been seen attached to pieces of art left on everything from trains and abandoned buildings. At murder scenes of high ranking members of criminal organizations to art galleries and private collections in certain regions. This enigmas art has inspired a wide array of emotions ranging from love to hate to indifference. Some if asked can be heard saying they know of him either as a muse or a threat used like a boogeyman . Known in most circles as MFM or simply M instead of being active in the circles of Organized crime he likes to play with Capos and the Cartel like chesspieces in his master plan.


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  • "Little time or interest I have for such games as those the Tower of Babel play, in this world and the next. Hands are not idle and full of other things. I saw his future before me years ago. It is painful and brutal, full of blood and deception. His words are whispers that only he can hear and command to control. A time of trial and accounting is coming, and soon. For this one? I will drink at the wake." - Mariella Rossellini
  • "Every time I see graffiti, it makes me smile." - Aidan Sebastian
  • "Michael will be the death of me, i swear it. His penchant for flash and pizzaz and his graffiti. But few of my lineage have impressed me as much as him. His ability to take it by force makes him righteous in my eyes for the righteous take it by force." - Alexandre d'Aumont
  • "Oh, M, you say the craziest things!" - Jeannie
  • "I remember seeing him once in Sioux Falls, I wonder what he is doing here in Waterloo." - Leigh Ignotus
  • "Can he be brusque, uncouth, and a bit of a bastard? Sure, but he's our bastard, so back off!" - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Maybe I will get him to paint something for me. His art has presence." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "Even his warnings are amusing." - Harper Gray
  • "I was told that Elder M, after getting shoved by a Neonate ran to others to seek reprisal. Being Ancilla, I might not have the powers and respect that Elder M has, but I sure as hell would not allow someone to Shove me and it go unpunished. Whatever backroom deals were made for her continued survival, that is between her and the ones she made them with. But in my eyes it was Elder M that brought the shame upon himself, for his allowance in letting others determine her fate, We of the Camarilla might follow the sixth Tradition, but there are other far off worse ways to suffer than Death." - Dagmuar
  • 'His mind is disturbing. I've seen it. I like that."-Candice Caine
  • "Once, I looked upon him with reverence, to be, all that it was to be Toreador. That time has passed." - Piper Rafe
  • "Of all the things I can call my own, none do I treasure more than what I call my collection of the clans. Elder M's contribution does so bring delight to this withered face." Cordelia Nichols
  • "I have heard someone say that Master Harpy Forbes is the bad boy of Harpies...I disagree. He is a rockstar in his own right, but M...now that is the bad boy of Harpies." Brother Billy
  • "It is good in see an ally of mine survive after what has befallen him. Elder M is harsh and cruel, but he would be strange if he was any different." - Dagmuar
  • "When Elder M has need, he will summon" - Tony D



OOC Information

This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Cam/Anarch game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional. All photos are open domain or have the owners specified in the filenames.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Texas or wherever the moment takes him...
Player: Perryman zombiexc@gmail.com
Storyteller: VST Storyteller Name