Michael Leonard

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Character Information
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Nathan P.
Storyteller: Richard D.

Truth is not always what you can see. Michael spends his unlife defining a safe place to live, finding those who ask deeper questions about the world around them, and looking deep into those mysteries that most kindred think they already know. He looks for those who can free themselves of the rotes they have been taught and learn to truly look at the world around. Free Thinkers are the future.

Noms de guerre: Current: Michael Leonard, Previous: Leonardo Pierce


Acknowledged Confirmed Courteous




  • "Oh, Mr. Leonard...what a tease. Imagine that, coming from me." - Orenna
  • "Brilliant and talented, a combination that will help him be successful as long as he can stay patient." - Christopher Cooper
  • "Sweet Michael, if you but knew with what fire you played with. We'll work things out, he and I...if for no other reason than because he as no choice. He has all the potential he could, and yet, he has no patience...a lesson I am afraid will be hard learned." - Brigid


Known Only to Ravnos

OOC Information

Player Name Nathan P.

MES Number US2002021412

Location Atlanta, GA