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Db hero.jpg Born on Long Island, New York, Sully had already lived a whole lifetime before his first change at age 37. A reformed juvenile delinquent, retired NYPD Detective, and bar owner, Sullivan left his New York roots to make his name down south as a 40 year old Cliath.

During his time with the NYPD, Sullivan served as a patrolman on the streets, a member of the elite Emergency Services Unit (Special Operations Division) as a SWAT officer, and finally as a Detective with the Special Crimes Division, hunting down sex offenders and child abusers. At the same time, he was a contact and ally for many Garou passing through the City, bailing them out of trouble and giving them info on illegal activity that just didn't add up. He left the NYPD in 2009, amidst rumors of burnout, failure, and even corruption. After his retirement, Sully dropped off the face of the Earth, only to emerge two years later, having finally gone through his first change.

Falling in with the Brennans of Alabama, adopting a 16 year old Fianna Ahroun with a shady past as his partner in crime, and running with Southern Comfort, Sully is a gruff, chain smoking, hard drinking, foul mouthed bastard. If he thinks you're a moron, he'll let you know. If he think you've crossed a line, he'll let you know. If he thinks you're utterly useless, you'll probably be the first to know it. He's kept his New York attitude, and it's rumored that he even baits elder Fianna from Boston with his love for the Yankees.

  • Sully refers to the IRA as terrorists, the British Royal Family as the world richest Welfare Family. Otherwise, he don't care about 'The Troubles".
  • At the age of 18, he got deported back to the US from Ireland, and his student visa revoked after six months.
  • He doesn't wear tartan, a cabbie cap, a kilt, a claddagh, or harps.
  • If you ask him what his 'nationality' is, he'll say "American" (of Irish and Italian heritage).

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  • Sully worked the scene at Ground Zero on 9/11.
  • He bullied the teenagers he was fostered with.
    • It was because they called him "Grampa Cub Mike"
  • Is a creeper. He's always accompanied by some serious jailbait.
    • That's his "niece".
  • He once saved the life of a kinfolk by yelling at him and berating him for a full 5 minutes until the guy stormed off and out of danger.
  • He did the same thing to another Fianna Ahroun. That guy went to go sulk in his truck.
  • Bought a camouflage painted Winnebago as an 'impulse buy'.
  • Has at least one kid...that he knows about.
  • Add your rumor here!

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  • "Look, Jameson, we're all duly impressed that you, one of Gaia's chosen warriors, is ready and willing to do battle with some random, unwashed, human hillbilly from the hills of Tennessee in some shit hole dive pool hall over your right to traipse about in a kilt. Really, it speaks volumes about your skill as a warrior that you're able to take the fight to the toothless drunks looking to score with some chick in a tube top." - Sully, to Jameson's Lament
  • "Fuuuuck you, you fuckin' fuck. I hope some rancid fuckin' unwashed convict uses your cake hole as a fuckin' vagina, you miserable shit mouthed cocksucker. Seriously, I hope he gives your ugly fuckin' mouth the fuckin' herp's, you rat cunt lookin' chicken bag."
  • "Fuck 'em. Right in the ear. With a big black rubber dick."
  • "I'm Sully. I've arrested half my pack."
  • "Declan's not an alcoholic. He doesn't go to meetings."
  • "Nial, I think you mean to call her 'Dickhead-rhya'."
  • "Ey, I just climbed over Lady Liberty's armpit. I don't do that for nuttin'."
  • "Let me lay a few things down for you, kid, before I issue challenge. One. Don't eyeball my pack mate. Not one of them, especially not her. You got no high ground on that one. She's got a reason for her attitude. And all you just did there was prove her right. See, she fought all across this big old world of ours. She never turned down a call when she been asked. Searching for our tribes greatest lost treasures. Caern raisings. Army's of Dancers and their totems. Saving your ass. Yeah, that includes coming here to help rescue you. You ought to thank her. You should show some respect to her. She lost friends. One died covering our retreat after the enemy ambushed us, so that she could get off the field of battle while dragging my near dead ass away from all dead. Two. I'm sure a month in captivity was something. She spent the first 15 years of her life as a hostage. And she still suits up, and runs off to fight where she's needed. Shit, you want to know "hard"? I knew a Silver Fang Half Moon who got knocked up by a Dancer in the forcible way, she found out and gave herself an abortion with a Remington 870 loaded with silver buckshot. Right in front of the Sept. Just spread her legs and crammed the barrel up between her mudflaps like it was nothing and worked the trigger with her big toe. I still carry that shotgun with me, to remember what fucking Honor means. Not to mention, Charlotte there is challenging for Adren soon. She still outranks you, still has proven more than you. Shit, the Bards have forgotten more tales of her Glory than they've had cause to sing about you. So I suggest you consider losing that sorry ass, high school little shit smirk on your face. She's earned her attitude. You haven't. In fact...I was gonna go easy on you. Give you a simple "fight all the Ahroun here and don't frenzy" challenge, but you done showed me you need to learn a lesson more than anything. So here goes. Enduring Fire, your challenge is to seek out the remaining family members of the seven Garou who died at the munitions plant. You are to learn tales of each of them. You are also to offer contrition to their family. If their families aren't around, then the remains of their pack. If the pack is gone, then their Sept. Learn what was sacrificed to ensure you are here to challenge me. Ensure these seven Garou live on within you. That is your challenge. You got as much time as you need."
  • "Begging your pardon, Misery's Fury-rhya, but that you settled on the isle of leaf blower jockeys and weed eater pilots and hubcap thieves, and packed up with a half wit like Dreamer and utterly useless retard like Jameson ain't no one's fault but your own. Don't come crying to us about it."
  • "Sully is good fucking people. Known him a long fucking time. See back before you know, last year, this bastard was one my favorite Kinfolk cops to see when I had to venture up into that scab, NYC. He's done me right and gotten me out of some fucking jams over the years. I'm telling you, if you're gonna get arrested for domestic violence in the Big Apple, it really does pay to have kinfolk on the take that can back bounce your Fiann ass right on out of booking and into a car headed back South." - Declan Brennan
  • "He's the drunken uncle I never knew I needed or wanted. The only reason I let him embarrass the ever livin' heck out of me is because he's the closest thing to family I've got." - Charlie Logan
  • " I like him. Despite the fact that he was a musker and a yankee he has shown that he is good people. He has some funny ass stories about Declan and have you seen that fuckin' Bago he has!! that thing is fuckin' sweet. I'd have his back in a heartbeat, not that he would need it." - Jessica Brennan
  • "Sully? Oh, yeah. He helped me out big time. What did he actually do? ...I'm not supposed to talk about it..." - Eleanor
  • "I'm looking for a chain-smokin', budwiser-drinkin', skirt-chasin', scumbag waste-of-life named Mike Sullivan, ring any bells?" - Meabhe Callahan
    • "Pssh. Shows what she knows. I don't drink Budweiser." - Sully
  • "Sully is a good person and teacher. If you need more inform than that, then you clearly never pay attention to what matters." - Ashlee Conway

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Stout Gerrity
Character: Michael "Streams of Whiskey" Sullivan, aka Sully
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Renown: 10 Glory 3 Wisdom 6 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

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My People



"New York, New York" - Frank Sinatra
"Alabama Song" - The Doors
"Rocky Top" - Osborne Brothers

Road Songs

"Thunder Kiss '65" - Rob Zombie
"Truckin'" - The Grateful Dead
"Train, Train" - Blackfoot
"Uneasy Rider" - Charlie Daniels Band
"Wagon Wheel" - Old Crow Medicine Show