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Masquerade PC

Character Information
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Camarilla
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Mykle McGovern
Storyteller: Sean Bergeman

"Well, midnight rang out like a bell
and my heart sunk like a ship
deliver me from this hell before I sleep...
...Now the only thing left's to try to live
with these things on my back no one could forgive...
...and I'm out on a limb but before that bow breaks
I'll have one final memory, worn by mistake
and when midnight fails, I'll drop like a stone
I got a short fuse to burn and I'm a long way from home."
- William Elliott Whitmore, 'Midnight'

Character Name: Michael Alexander O'Leary
Alises/Nicknames: Mick, Michael Alexander, Alexander Michael, Alexander O'Leary
Clan: Ravnos
Generation: 10th
Sire: Mick isn't usually amiable with discussing his sire, Syeira Protheroe; he is informally claimed as adopted childe to John Williams, Gangrel Sheriff of Colorado Springs
Childer: Tommy Cranston (whereabouts unknown); Felix Veritas; Aedan Night
Abiding Status: Confirmed as an Ancilla
Fleeting Status: Favored by Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Malkavian Prince of Colorado Springs, Loyal by Tara Redmond, Tremere Prince of Pueblo

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Mick Border.png

"There ain't no sin, and there ain't no virtue. There's only the things that people do."
- John Steinbeck, 'The Grapes of Wrath

There's little publicly known about Mick O'Leary among the living or the dead.

Mick is an American Traveller of Irish descent; calling him a 'pikey' is a sure way to earn a beating. Most Americans would identify his accent as Irish, though those with a keen ear will note that A) there are subtle but definite differences, and B) English isn't his first language. If asked where he's from, he usually grins and chuckles before answering that he's from White Settlement, Texas, originally. I Mick comes across to most people as a quiet, stoic figure given to listen more than he talks. He's the type to enter a crowded room and immediately seek out the room's edge, keeping out of the thick of things. He's also known to be pretty humble, all things considered; he's prone to keeping his eyes down and his hands in his pockets, especially in the presence of his 'betters'.

Among human society, he is known as a decent mechanic with a knack for figuring out how to fix anything on four wheels. He's the sole owner and proprietor of an auto body shop on the south side of Colorado Springs, with an adjoined salvage yard. On the other hand, Mick is actually pretty well-known (Fame 3) for kicking ass. He is a contender on the amateur fighting circuit, though he prefers private, more underground bouts than the spectacles put on by the MMA groups. He also has an uncanny ability to make friends with fellow itinerants, and has allies throughout Colorado's homeless and hippy communities.

His entrance to Kindred society was quiet and unassuming; most vampires didn't notice him until a large gathering held in Denver in June of 2013, though in truth he'd been making his way up and down the I-25 and I-70 corridors since the mid-90s while avoiding the limelight. Since then, he's been steadily working for the Kindred of Colorado as a freelance smuggler, driver, and even occasionally, bodyguard. He's especially ingratiated himself to the Prince of Colorado Springs, who has publicly shown favor to the young Ravnos. In 2014, after a great deal of soul-searching and many conversations with friends and allies, Mick petitioned to join the Camarilla. He was sponsored in this by John Williams of Clan Gangrel, then Sheriff of Colorado Springs, and as a term of his Acknowledgement, Mick was bound to John for six months under Accounting in order to ensure Mick learns what it meant to be a member of the Camarilla. He's since fulfilled that accounting, and is now accorded his own place among the Ivory Tower.

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  • Mick has a knack for making friends with high placed Camarilla members. At a high profile event in Denver 2013, he was seen hobnobbing with the then-Prince of Denver, Stavropolous, as well as his Sheriff, Chance; on the second night, he shared a table for a brief moment with the then-Brujah Clanhead, Carlak. The Prince of Denver even introduced him to another Ravnos, Lazuli. Since then, he has been seen in the company of several luminaries of the Camarilla - Alekr Vargr, the Jarl of Denver; Douglas Breaux, former Prince of Colorado Springs; Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs; Boris Baerininsky, former Prince of Denver and Pueblo; and many others. The Gangrel Sheriff of Colorado Springs, John Williams, even calls Mick his adopted childer! What is this Ravnos doing, that earns the attention of such high-placed Kindred?!?
  • All Ravnos have a vice to which they're drawn; stereotypes would say they are thieves and liars. Yet, Mick's never been known to be either. What's his vice, and why does he look like an excited kid in a candy store every time a fight breaks out?
  • Mick has had a long and very profitable history of moving merchandise for both the Giovanni Family and still more sinisterly, the Followers of Set.
  • Recently, Mick went into serious boon debt to an Elder Malkavian in exchange for something he greatly coveted.
  • Mick has proven that, in classic tradition, he's more than just a brawler. It turns out, he's also an accomplished bard!
Mick Border.png


  • "Although Mick may have seen far fewer nights than I, he has a quiet sort of steadiness to him. He listens. I think perhaps he sees far more than he says. I liked him very much. A man one could sit quietly with, but who could also laugh at a joke and make one feel like a lady simply by his own calm composure. This is why one travels unexpected paths in the world --- to let fate introduce you to such unexpected friends." - Lazuli
  • "Once we ascertained that the package he delivered to Elysium was not a bomb, I no longer felt the need to shadow Mr. O'Leary like he was some sort of criminal. He may, however, be some sort of criminal. I look forward to finding out." - Arthur Stanford
    • "Mio caro signore Stanford, I do so hope that he is some sort of Criminal. Then I shall know exactly how he should be treated with." - Don Iacobo Giovanni
  • "Mr. O'Leary plays the game very well for a Kindred only recently adopted into the Ivory Tower proper. He's made himself easy to underestimate. It's a simple, effective, low-risk gambit. - Robert Quorwynne
  • "Mick? Yeah he's a cool guy. I mean, the guy was embraced a Ravnos, but he entered the Camarilla a Gangrel, and has the stuff to punch them in the face when he gets mad. I mean he's still a sneaky bastard, probably wouldn't be alive if he wasn't, and at least wouldn't be able to run his business as well as he does, but hey there's a time and a place y'know? Besides, he likes my show, the man's got taste." - Samuel Gable
  • "Hey, wasn't that the guy from Snatch?!" - Calvin Ames
  • "Mick has proven himself a capable and LOYAL member of the Camarilla as well as a confidante. One of the few people who has ever called me a "Cunt" and made me smile. I would take news of his displeasure, VERY personally." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick
  • "Mick never hesitates to make his views on courtesy known, I can appreciate that. I couldn't be happier to call him a friend." - Elizabeth Price
  • "I miss our nights together-few as they were-, running wild through the corridors. He's good people. I don't give a fuck who nicked 'im, he's Gangrel to me, and that's all that matters; and I got ten aggravated arguments for anyone that says otherwise... " - Lexi
  • "There are only two regrets I have in unlife. One of those happens to be that I'm not the one who sired Mick. So to fix it, I claimed him. If any dare say other than he is MY child, we are going to have a dispute, and knowing me it will probably end with your sorry ass being thrown in the wood-chipper, after I've sent you to torpor. He is one of mine, never forget that. " - John Williams
  • "My sire taught me many things.. most importantly though, he taught me about honor. And yeah, I saw that smirk. You're thinking I mean that Honor Amongst Thieves crap.. cus yeah.. All Ravnos are thieves and liars right? Well, F.Y.I. I don't mean that thieves honor.. I mean real honor.. keep your word, live rightly, be a man honor. He taught me a hell of a lot more about being a Man than my Father ever did." - Aedan Night
  • "Mick? Yeah, he's good people... I just hope that him being my friend doesn't get him killed. Seems I've pissed off a lot of elders." - Dani
  • "Why are you asking questions about Mick? Is he in some kind of trouble with you? Do I need to be concerned? Best shove off now because I won't be spilling any family secrets." - Aoife Nicomedo
  • "Do I know Mick? Yes. I heard that he will give you a worse beating than most members of other clans, and doesn't like his business spread about. His runes read it to be more than rumor." - Ridley Besnik
  • "You know, at first I was concerned it was just a big ol' Irish stereotype going on. But he's no plastic paddy. I like the guy, he's got guts. And he stood between me and some Sabbat that wanted me for dinner. 10 out of 10, would hire any day." - Travelin' Dan
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OOC Information

Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up to Boston
Flogging Molly - Selfish Man
The Chieftains feat. Sting - Mo Ghile Mear
William Elliot Whitmore - Midnight
The Chieftains - The Fighting Donnellys
William Elliott Whitmore - The Chariot
The Tossers - No Loot, No Booze, No Fun
William Elliott Whitmore - I'm Diggin My Grave
The Tossers - The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes
The Pogues feat. Sinead O'Connor - I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Player: Mykle McGovern
MES #US2002023275
Domain: Shadowed Peaks

I am open to any and all character ties for Mick. I am specifically looking for:

  • Kindred for whom he might have done some work
  • Nomads with whom he might have shared a camp once or twice
  • Princes he could have offended while travelling through their domains.

Note: While it may initially appear that I based Mick on shallow stereotypes of the Travellers, I can assure you that is not the case. The Travellers are very much a real people, with a rich heritage and ethnic legacy that exists into modern day America, Ireland, and beyond. I encourage you to look beyond the movie 'Snatch' and do more reading on the Travelling people. I recommend The Traveller's Rest as a good place to start.