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Who is Mickey Slim?



Mask: Mickey looks like a thousand other rock and roll fans, tattoos and a hard edge but unlike them all those features sit on model quality good looks. Even though he looks like he would be just as at home in the mosh pit as he does behind the bar, people are drawn to him. Maybe it is the grin the promises trouble or the drinks that deliver on that promise.

Mien: The tattoos and good looks remain but they all take a more sinister twist. His skin is tinted jade green and two horns curl up and over his head. He is the spitting image of the classic demon. His tongue is forked like a serpent and the scent of food seems to waft from him. What one smells depends on what they think of Mickey.

Mantle: When Mickey’s mantle flares it brings the feeling of sunshine on skin, the first warm sun at the end of winter. It also has the feeling one gets when they hear a good song, that desire to move and dance.

Quick Personal Known History


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Whispers and Rumors

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  • What I wanna see is a bar-tending battle between Mickey and Pub. I think Mickey might have the points on flair, but it'll be a close call on the drinks themselves! Mickey really knows how to party though. - DJ Radix


Owns Undercover Used Books
Owns Mickey Slim's, a members only speakeasy
Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue

Changeling PC

Player: Jonathan Felber
MES Number: US2014100194
Character: Mickey Slim
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Incubus
Court: Spring
Freehold: The Freehold of Manhattan, KS
VST: Liz Willis