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MidasHeadshot.png Name: Midas Madison
Titles: Former Tremere Clanhead
Pseudonyms: the Maker, the Prodigy, the Architect of Thought, the Creator

  • Confirmed (As an Ancilla of the Camarilla)
  • Victorious, Elder Trajan, Imperator of the Camarilla (NST)
  • Favored, Elder Lazuli (Houston)
  • Acclaimed, Archon June (San Francisco)
  • Courteous, Master Harpy Toby Dior (New York)

Midas is a modern-thinking Tremere. Raised from childhood by Tremere ghouls, with the understanding that he was to be embraced when the time came, he studied and developed his talents while still being a product of the modern age. Well-acquainted with the Occult, as well as modern computer technology and materials science, he is proving to be a valuable component in the clan's progress.

Midas was first seen in Houston's Court in March of 2014. Within the month, he had been appointed as Whip of Clan Tremere. By July, he had been selected as Primogen, reportedly due to his impressive speech and the manner in which he handled himself as the clan's representative during the Prince's formal court.

In August of 2015, while attending a gathering in Austin, Midas was praised for his Loyalty and Acclaim by two different Archons in the same night. In October of 2015, Midas was publicly recognized as an Ancilla of the Camarilla.

Midas has been widely recognized as an influential Tremere due to his apparent proclivity for shameless self-promotion. When meeting new kindred, he is quick to offer a tungsten business card. Such a weighty item undoubtedly makes a memorable impression.

Midas Madison's business card (composite, front and back, contact info redacted)

In April of 2016, Archon Vangelista publicly noted Midas's contribution to the security of the kindred gathering in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In May of 2016, Midas Madison attended the Grand Conclave in Hartford, CT. At this event, it became public knowledge that Midas Madison has been named as Myrmidon for Clan Tremere. At the same gathering, Elder and Imperator Trajan of Clan Nosferatu declared Midas as Victorious in his Symbel Ordeal.

After the death of Tremere Clanhead Minerva Meredith in the retaking of New Orleans from the Sabbat, Midas was appointed to the office in July of 2016. In February of 2017, it was announced that he was stepping down to focus on other pressing duties intended to strengthen both the Tower and Clan Tremere.

Avernus gate badge.pngTremere-Waco-Operation.jpg

Restricted Knowledge--OOC Unless Shared IC

Midas moved to Houston in early 2014, after the death of his Sire.

Midas has been a key figure in Houston's influence circles since his ascension to Tremere Primogen. With ties to both the elite and the underhanded, pulling strings has become second nature to him in his efforts to secure the city and protect the masquerade. This led to his presence on the team responsible for taking out the Anathema Evan Rafferty in Washington state.

Midas led the Influence Team and assisted in preservation of the Masquerade during the assault on infernalists in Waco, Texas. With the help of other influence brokers among the sect, Midas organized the efforts to defend a Tremere ritual in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was used to successfully banish a demon (securing the site of the Toreador-hosted gala in the process). It is rumored that he performed similar tasks at the Grand Conclave in Hartford, Connecticut.

Kindred who know Midas well and have spoken with him on multiple occasions noted at the Grand Conclave that his voice was very different from before. It is deeper and more resonant. He sounds like a different person entirely.


  • "He is a very interesting example of the modernization of Clan Tremere. His history was worth the time spent listening." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Midas reminds me of myself. Young, keen, and a go getter. As long as his go getting works within my goals, he's alright in my book. He's the kind of person I want in my corner." - Erica Kain
  • "Mr. Madison is a prime example of how clan Tremere should be...quiet, obedient, and above all, excessively capable." - Walter Rook
  • "Never underestimate the power of listening. And never forget that when you speak, others are listening." - The man himself.
  • "They have learned many new parlour tricks with time, but the thieving blood that runs through their accursed veins remains the same." (not for IC use) - Andrasi de Covasna
  • "His card says call him for anything...I think we'll get along just fine." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "Scientists sent cats into space, you won't believe what happened next!" - ZeroFluxGiven
  • "Help fight Infernal. Not in fight, but help. Respect." - Stoneking
  • "Midas is a man of the modern world and a master of electronic wizardry. He makes some great stuff, I even use some of it from time to time, but I have been trying to quit." - Calvin Hastings
  • "Midas is focused and methodical, with a sharp mind and innovative ideas. I don't know if he noticed me when we first met, but he's the kind of guy who quietly stands out without meaning to. Being effective tends to do that." - Isabella Marie
  • "There is something infinitely fascinating about a man who is both unassuming and direct. He is like the cold steel of a precise scalpel in the hand of an uncertain though gifted student. All the promise and none of the sterility a soul would normally collect having been acquainted with so much turmoil." - Elisef Bourdein Madrigault
  • "He gets results." - Maria Aigner
  • "I have no idea how I managed it, but he seems to like me a fair bit. And don't let the stern exterior fool you; his sense of humor is most definitely intact." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "He has quite the gifted tongue. Oh, wait, we're not supposed to kiss and tell, are we?" - Jayne Joyce
  • "A consummate professional, and a pleasure to work with." - Trevor Rodgers
  • "I was like 90% sure that he was going to kill me over a painting. Actually, I'm still not super confident that he won't. I've faced Sabbat with no fears, but this guy freaks me out. I think he'll kill me, but be POLITE about it, and really, I think that's the worst thing of all. Evaki
  • "Bon sang ne saurait mentir.." - Toby Dior, Master Harpy of New York
  • "I've finally had the opportunity to watch him lead. He is intelligent, effective, and pragmatic...all while being remarkably polite. The Myrmidon is certainly a credit to the Tower and his clan." - Magdalene Lys
  • "If you ever suffer the delusion that you have everything, go talk to Myrmidon Midas, he will cure you of that. His is a business card I will not be losing." - Amos Locke
  • "The things he touches do not turn into gold. But many seem to be 'found' when conveniently necessary." - Antonia Orsini
  • "He may not be Toreador but his weapons crafting is immaculate. The Tremere are in good hands with him as clanhead." - Vincent Giovanni
  • (French) "I was quite pleased when I heard the news of Mssr. Madison, I must make certain to congratulate him personally." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "He's an excellent craftsman, which I admire. He's been helpful in a great number of ways - but leadership is a skill most can never hone appropriately. Nights ahead will certainly be interesting for Clan Tremere." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "Power is something that few can neither control nor understand. It is fluid and can come and go as easily as trends in fashion. Midas has come into it in a very short period, and so far is adapting beautifully. I look forward to seeing where his star goes from here." - Bella Rossellini
  • "Am I his? Darling, he hasn't the ability to pay the cost." - Jayne Joyce
  • "Mr. Madison is a good soul. I hope that one day he will decide to walk the path.' - Orelia
  • "I see him more clearly now. He is every bit worth my attention. He gets around and I meet the most interesting people with him about." - Grace Miller


  • Primogen Madison worked to craft an unbreakable weapon for an Elder Nosferatu, but it never panned out.
  • I heard that Midas has a huge stash of antiques that he can summon with his magical powers.
  • Midas was part of the team that took down someone on the Red List.
  • I heard he's some kind of wizard prodigy, and he knows all the Thaumaturgy. No, seriously, like... all of it.
  • Another Tremere told me his family's cursed, and that Midas is doomed to die horribly if he ever tells a lie. But that's crazy; what Tremere could possibly tell the whole truth 24/7?
  • Someone told me he owns all the blood banks in Houston, and that he's planning to use that as leverage against somebody. But who?
  • He makes a habit of giving presents to the Princes of cities he visits. Why anyone would take a gift from a Tremere is beyond my understanding.
  • I heard he has an indestructible car. Why someone would choose to make a Honda Civic indestructible is a mystery.
  • It appears that Midas is the new Myrmidon for Clan Tremere; strange, I thought he was more of a librarian than a barbarian.
  • Someone told me they heard that Midas secretly arranged for the old Clanhead to be put in harm's way so he could graciously assume the office upon her death.
  • Some have said that he isn't Clanhead any more because he stepped on the wrong people's toes.
  • I heard that he stepped down as Clanhead to be in charge of the Tremere secret police faction that totally doesn't exist.
  • He seems to be impossible to kill. Attacking him only results in him vanishing and coming back a few minutes later, with full knowledge of who inconvenienced him.




Known Associates/Acquaintances/Allies

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Midas Madison

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Houston, TX
Player: Sam B.
VST: Houston VST

I am a new player. I am looking for character ties, rumors, etc. for Midas. If you're interested, let me know via e-mail.

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