Middle of the Road (Carthian)

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Middle of the Road, as a “non-Conspiracy”, has no structure.

The Oppositionists are typically Middle of the Road, preferring to operate as a team with internal goals (in an Individualist way comparable to a Bodhisatcracy), but also offer their skills to the Movement as a whole in exchange for other Carthians protecting their freedom to enjoy their activities.


Middle of the Road characters are defined by an absence rather than the presence of norms and ideals. They are middle of the road simply because they are neither Individualists nor Collectivists.

RP Guidelines:

Middle of the Road is likely the easiest position to play on a case-by-case, seen as a more pragmatic response to the Danse Macabre than the more rigid ideologies of Individualism or Collectivism. It lacks a unifying precept, though, which can result in inconsistency over time.

Known Middle of the Road