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Miguel de Barcelona



The Black Regent


Miguel-symbol.jpg Is the current Prince of Honolulu and the Windward City
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is an Elder of the Camarilla
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is a Member of Clan Tremere
Miguel-symbol.jpg Status within the Camarilla:
******Miguel-symbol.jpgAcknowledged as Member of the Camarilla
******Miguel-symbol.jpgAbiding Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder
******Miguel-symbol.jpgCurrent Abiding Status: Authority, Commander, Sovereign as Prince of Honolulu
******Miguel-symbol.jpgFleeting Status: Acclaimed, by Seneschal Mandgragora Cross
******Miguel-symbol.jpgFleeting Status: Courteous, by Prince DuChamp of Honolulu
******Miguel-symbol.jpgFleeting Status: Enforcer, by Prince DuChamp of Honolulu
******Miguel-symbol.jpgFleeting Status: Favored, by Elder Blaine Winchester
******Miguel-symbol.jpgFleeting Status: Loyal, by Durjaya Archon to His Grace Jan Pieterzoon


Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired by Celestyn
*****Miguel-symbol.jpg Miguel de Barcelona
**********Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Johannes Nail von der Nyseen (Deceased)
**********Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Jean Sinclair Dantès (Deceased)
**************Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Ethan Carter
*******************Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Christian Reinhardt
**********Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Bethany Watson
**************Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Marcus Norn
**********Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Sorin the Accuser
**********Miguel-symbol.jpg Sired Sebastian Dormae
The following information is known only to Clan Tremere or those with appropriate Tremere Lore

Miguel-symbol.jpg Is Known as "The Black Regent" not only for his reputation for dark -- and some would even say forbidden -- experiments, but also for his ruthless politics
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is Lord of the 1st Circle of Mysteries, over the American Southwest
Miguel-symbol.jpg Resided at Ceoris for centuries, before the Tremere moved their seat of power to Vienna.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is the Childe of Celestyn, Master Librarian of Ceoris
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is a Member of House Avakian[1]
Miguel-symbol.jpg Is a Member of the Special Council on Blood Magic Registration and Regulation Enforcement [2]


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Miguel-symbol.jpg "Do you know why the Tzimisce teach their childer to hate and fear the Tremere? No? Then allow me to show you..." -- Miguel de Barcelona
Miguel-symbol.jpg "Do not confuse Power and Authority my childe. The authority of a Prince can be stripped by the discontent of his Primogen, and even the Jusitcars can be laid low by those who elected them...but power? True Power? True Power once gained can be taken away only by the final death." -- Miguel de Barcelona
Miguel-symbol.jpg "Miguel has proven himself with time and experience." -- Dion Mondragon
Miguel-symbol.jpg "He has shown a consistency in his actions, loyalty to those above him in our Sect, courage in battle, and an unshakable command of social decorum." -- Prince Blaine Winchester
Miguel-symbol.jpg (Tremere Only) "A remarkable Regent. Not afraid to push the boundaries of magic, and encourages his Apprentices to do the same" -- Apprentice Marcus Norn
Miguel-symbol.jpg "Barcelona? Yeah, I know him. Are the rumors true? Meh, couldn't tell ya. I'll say this though. I've known the guy for a bit now, and have never once seen him use his Blood Magic, but all the other Tremere defer to him without question. Makes ya wonder doesn't it?" -conversation between Vincent and Donna of Conway" -- Vincent Giovanni
Miguel-symbol.jpg "I can never tell if that man wants me dead or alive. Probably both. He's schizophrenic that way." -- Darren Kennedy


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Miguel-symbol.jpg "Before the formation of the Camarilla De Barcelona had many allies among the Lasombra, it is said that he remains a strong supporter of the Magisters until this day"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "They say he has a Werewolf in his service. Whether this creature serves willingly or has been forced into bondage through mystical means, I cannot say"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "Many believe that he is responsible for the disappearances of numerous caitiff and other Kindred of low standing, secreting them away somewhere to be subjects in his Thaumaturgical experiments"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "De Barcelona left Spain right before his entire Chantry was assaulted and destroyed by the Sabbat. Some say shortly before, one of his clanmates discovered a letter from a Lasombra Bishop warning him of the impending attack"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "He has been trying for centuries to perfect the ritual that created the first Gargoyles. They say he has a dungeon somewhere filled with his failed creations"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "Miguel was Bloodhunted by the former Prince of Honolulu, but subtly manipulated Kindred politics from the shadows and orchestrated that Prince's exile from the domain"
Miguel-symbol.jpg "The Prince's which he has served as Seneschal have only been puppets, and Miguel has always been the true power behind their thrones"

Currently seeking ties, I am particularly interested in the following, but I'm open to any tie that makes the story more interesting!

Miguel-symbol.jpg Coterie members who would have been active and had close ties with him between 1100-1300 AD.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Kindred involved in the Omen Wars.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Childer, Grandchilder, etc...
Miguel-symbol.jpg Allies or enemies he has made over the years.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Character's who have traded boons for information (either purchased or sold).
Miguel-symbol.jpg All Tremere Ties welcome; this could be positive or negative experience.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Characters willing to be past or current informants in other domains.
Miguel-symbol.jpg Procurers and sellers of rare, antique or occult items.


This PC was in play from 2013-2017

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Honolulu, HI
Player: Edward M.
Storyteller: Heath Withrow

Edward M. US2014010093