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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Mike Dante.jpg
Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Toronto, ON
Player: Vance B.
Storyteller: VST Toronto

General Information

Name: Mike Dante
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Born: May 25, 1956
Embraced: 1984
Generation: Unknown

Acknowledged by Prince King of Toronto, ON
Noble as Toreador Primogen for Toronto, ON
Loyal by Prince Crane of Toronto, ON
Victorious in the Magadon Symbel in Toronto, ON
Courageous by Prince Crane of Toronto for his actions in Kapuskasing, ON
Courageous by Prince Albertus Magnus Albus of Sioux Falls, SD
Favoured by Aaron King of Clan Brujah, Regent of Mississauga, ON
Favoured by Thomas Carrington of Clan Ventrue, Seneschal of Toronto, ON

Titles or Positions:

Named Primogen of Toronto on October 31st, 2014.


Dante is a portrait of dichotomy; charming and diplomatic but prone to being overly familiar in awkward moments, much like a used car salesman building rapport with a prospective customer. Publicly, at least, he is a measured and controlled voice within Toronto's court, giving the slowly growing Toreador clan a respectable face for the rest of Toronto to interact with, even if they're likely to find themselves in possession of far too many business cards after talking with him. Recently he has taken to carrying a deck of cards with him and is always keen for a quick couple hands of poker or other card based games of chance.

Public Knowledge

  • Traveled throughout Western Canada and the northern States after his embrace, eventually settling down in Vancouver, BC during the 90's.

  • In 1992, he and Tabetha Loth developed a rivalry that nearly came to blows over one of Dante's clients. After a private conversation the feud seemed to be dropped and the two proceeded on cordial, if tense, terms.

  • In 2007 Dante left Vancouver, stating the SAG writer's strike had killed the town and it wasn't going to recover. He resumed his wandering ways, remaining within the prairies and popping up in major cities occasionally.

  • Was present in Manitoba in 2010-2011 during the negotiations for the return of the Winnipeg Jets. Whether this was coincidence or he was instrumental in returning NHL hockey to Winnipeg has yet to be established.

  • In October, 2014 he arrived in Toronto, ON and quickly settled in. As the only Toreador in the city he was placed on the Primogen Council.

  • In December 2014 he was part of a group of Kindred that investigated a possible Sabbat pack that appeared to be infiltrating Toronto's borders.

  • In January 2015 he spoke for two Neonates during their acknowledgments; Rosa, a Toreador and Sugar, a Gangrel. Later that month he travelled to Hamilton with a contingent of the Toronto court to support a bloodhunt called by Prince King on the former Prince of Hamilton, Robert Talbot. Although uninvolved with the Bloodhunt Dante was active in Hamilton's assault on Niagara Falls that same evening.

  • In February 2015 Dante hosted a party at the Art Gallery of Ontario in honour of Clan Tremere and their successful Bloodhunt of the tratior Robert Talbot. For his social grace and skill he was declared Courteous by Prince King.

  • In March 2015 En route to the monthly gathering of Toronto's Kindred, Dante, Sugar, Rosa and Fraser, the newly instated Gangrel Primogen were attacked by a group of Hunters. Dante was seriously injured but was able to escape before becoming incapacitated. He was later seen at the gathering having what appeared to be an animated and angry argument with empty space. During a Symbel called by Prince King and the Harpy of Hamilton Dante was declared the winner and declared Victorious. As well that evening Kelley O'Hara the Toronto Harpy declared Dante Loyal.
Later that month, Dante attended a Regional and Judicial Conclave in Hamilton. While there he acted as an impromptu investigator for the Toreador Clanhead, Cherry Poppins, in ascertaining the course of events in St. Johns that led to the destruction of a Brujah Elder. After interviewing multiple people from the region he spoke for Poppins, declaring that Clan Toreador felt that St. Johns' Prince acted in accordance with the Traditions but should have been more creative in punishing the elder Brujah.
Dante also hosted a Grand Salon for Canada's Toreador in March, giving the Toreador from around the country a chance to meet and discuss Clan matters in Toronto. The Salon took place in Lower Bay station and in recognition for his hosting the Council of Petals declared him Loyal and Favoured.

  • In April 2015 Dante was present when Toronto's Kindred captured a Tzimisce Elder who was part of an infiltrating Sabbat pack. Dante stayed out of the fighting but provided his influence to protect the Masquerade and keep the Kine away from the conflict area.
Dante was also appointed Steward of Clan Toreador by the new Clanhead, Darcy Pearson.

  • In October 2015 Dante coordinated a multi-pronged attack on the board of directors for the Megadon corporation. With aid from Kindred visiting from Hamilton, including Hamilton's Prince Tala’Mitena Sable-Sky, the Toronto Kindred successfully killed all 6 members of the board. During the strike Dante along with Albertus Magnus Albus and Ajax were caught in a trap laid by the CFO of Megadon and blown up in a limo. All three survived, thankfully, but Dante suffered grievous wounds from the explosion.
  • While recovering from his wounds, in November 2015 Dante was declared Canadian Clan Head of Canada's Toreador.


Tabetha Loth – Although they would never be considered Allies, Dante and Loth have at least found a “live and let live” arrangement and seem to have occasional correspondence.
Nigel York – Apparently Dante and York had a conflict back in the early 90's over a TV show in Vancouver. Although they seem to be cordial, it's a cordiality that involves smiles that never reach the eyes.
Grace Mendez – Dante owes Mendez a boon for a service in the past; a strange situation as it appears the two have never met in person.
Circe Volkova - Primogen of the Ventrue in Toronto and Dante's Co-Talon, the two appear to have an amicable relationship, or at least as amicable as Kindred can be.
Julian Starsky - Primogen of the Nosferatu in Toronto, Dante has become a rather popular subject of Julian's gossip hounding.
Genevieve Leroux - Keeper of Elysium of Hamilton and Dante's former Steward, the two have a convivial relationship and the two can often be found together when one or the other is visiting their respective cities.
Eleanor Marchand - Harpy of Hamilton, she has invested in Inferno Talent and the two have a public business relationship that seems to have served both well so far.


A Possible Photo of Mike Dante Circa 1949
  • Dante is much older than he claims and is at least Ancilla if not an Elder.
    • The rumour has gained in weight with the discovery of a photograph that bears a striking resemblance to Dante, dated 1949, years before Dante was even born.
  • Dante doesn't talk about his Sire, stating “they don't get along” and trying to change the subject. This is because his Sire's Sabbat.
  • The only reason the Flames won the Stanley Cup is because Dante ghouled Lanny McDonald (how else does one get a mustache that impressive?)
  • Dante is actually a Follower of Set and is laying the groundwork for a Setite takeover of Toronto.


  • On The Camarilla: “It's a bit stuffy, sure. I'm the last person who likes having to wait for permission to talk to someone important, believe me. Nevertheless the Camarilla's kept us organized, powerful and secret for over 500 years, and that kind of track record earns some kowtowing.”
  • On The Sabbat: “Bunch of psychopaths and traitors, the lot of them. Being a bloodthirsty monster is so 'Near Dark', you know? Seems like fun at the time, but you're not going to win an Oscar until you get your head out of your ass and start acting like an adult.”
    • After a recent Judicial Conclave: "I have no idea what you're talking about. The Sabbat were destroyed and anyone claiming to be a member of that dead Sect is simply an Anarch who clings to a failed philosophy. To call them Sabbat gives them power they don't have and is treading dangerously close to Heresy, so I suggest you curtail this line of questioning. How 'bout them Leafs, eh? Boy do they suck."
  • On Anarchs: “I understand the desire to rebel, I really do. Sadly the Anarchs seem to think that rebelling is all that matters and can't be bothered to build anything better. Let them 'fight the power' all they want, unless something drastically changes they're just white noise.”
  • On Modern Media: “Twilight is the greatest thing that's happened to the Kindred since Brad Pitt whined incessantly at Christian Slater. Think about it. Throw on some glitter and stare intensely at some girl who's barely old enough to drink, it's fast food.”

When speaking of himself:

  • “I've got an eye for talent and my finger on the city's pulse...or lack thereof.”
  • “I'm only important in terms of what I can do for you.”
  • “Yeah, I'm not keen on talking about myself; tell me more about you!”


  • "Damnit Sugar!" - At almost every Toronto gathering.
  • "He blew me up! I want him dead!" - Regarding Megadon's CFO, Sir Kyle Bishop (Deceased).

What do the critics say?

C'mon, you know you want to talk some smack about this flash git.

  • "He knows his cinema and he takes care of his clan, two things I can certainly respect." - William de Bray
  • "An exemplary Toreador if there ever was one. Interesting talk seems to surround him at all times." - Circe Volkova
  • "He's probably the slickest, slimiest, weaseliest Toreador I've ever met. And that's what makes him so good at what he does." - Kelley O'Hara


You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring
Death on Two Legs - Queen
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) - Pet Shop Boys
Feed Me Fame - SU℞GYN
Napoleon - Kelly & The Kellygirls
Liar - Rollins Band
Glitter & Gold - Rebecca Ferguson
Shape of My Heart - Sting

OOC Information

Player: Vance Brews

MES Number: CA2014100801

Location: Toronto, ON