Miles Ashenhurst

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Miles Ashenhurst

Name: Miles Ashenhurst

Clan: Tremere

Social Class: Elder

Status: ●●●●●

City of Residence: Master Harpy of Charleston, SC

Acknowledged Childer: Dr. Anders Munroe

Known Affiliations: Bureau of Magical Registration and Enforcement

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Legacy Through Time

  • 1502: Born London, England, son of an Alderman
  • 1520: Utilizes father's connections to attend University of Oxford
  • 1524: Joins Society of Freemasons, begins dabbling in the Occult
  • 1527: Uses money bequeathed by Grandfather to purchase a share
    in spice trade
  • 1531: Masonic associates encourage interest in Occult research
  • 1537: Departs England for extended stay in Barcelona, business venture
  • 1540: Embraced Tremere by Josef Brook, aka Sazchia Zaimis
  • 1555: Reassigned back to London to assist research and help secure
    Freemasons as a mortal power base
  • 1661: Reassigned to Port Royale (Caribbean) to assist Clan Ventrue
    in destroying Lasombra power base (pirates)
  • 1900: Reassigned to Miami to assist in Chantry building and training
  • 1915: Continues work expanding Tremere influence over Masonic culture
    in Southeast US
  • 2001: Promoted to Regent and given Chantry in Charleston, SC

Known by the Camarilla:

The Ivory Tower

First appeared in Kindred society at the court of London, England in the 16th century. Miles is a savvy politician who always seems to be standing side by side with the Ventrue. Lately he has been heavily involved in Magical Registration and Enforcement.

Acknowledged within the Camarilla
Established and Venerated as an Elder
Influential as Master Harpy of Charleston, SC.
Honorable Honorable by Lilliana Grace, Prince of Charleston, SC.

Known by the Tremere:

House and Clan

Rank: Regent of the Second Circle of Mysteries
Lineage: Childer of Josef Brook, aka Sazchia Zaimis
Affiliations: House Avakian.
Locus: Acquired early training in Barcelona and then London, Miles rose in rank while fighting against the Sabbat in the Caribbean. He was then reassigned to Miami until given his own Chantry in Charleston, SC.
Other Notes: Miles has been instrumental in developing the Freemasons as a Tremere power base in any area he resides.



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  • "The Camarilla is built on resolve and keen insight. I pity those who would see a Prince and fail to see a warrior's soul." -Sevynn


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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Eric M.
Storyteller: Seth Adams

Player: Eric M.
Domain: SC-012-D
Note: Page Created by Elizabeth N.


Character Ties
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  • English Vampires
  • Freemasons
  • Vampires active in the Caribbean 17th and 18th centuries
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