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Ban: Unicorn’s children must protect and aid the weak and exploited, as long as they do not aid the Wyrm in doing so.

OOC Mechanics: Gain traits Empathetic x1, Patient x1, +2 traits to Empathy and challenges involving mediation and negotiation, Leadership x1, Medicine x2; when using mundane medicine those treated heal twice as fast; when using healing Gifts followers can heal at a range of the Gift user’s Gnosis in paces without the need to touch.

The Pack

Sept: Luna's Awakening, South Wind, and Dawning Hope

Alpha: Rickard "Dawn's Dying Echo" Marek, Elder Shadow Lord Galliard
Packmate: Noah "Harmony of Tambiyah" Rahmat, Athro Child of Gaia Galliard
Packmate: Swift Talon, Adren, Shadow Lord Ahroun
Packmate: Tybalt Thorn, Adren Shadow Lord Ragabash
Packmate: The Glass Bat, Adren Silicon Sentinel Theurge
Packmate: Elsie "Five Moons" Andrews, Adren, Black Fury, Theurge
Packmate: Dawn "Bears the Storm's Fury" Blanchard, Adren, Child of Gaia, Ahroun

At first glance, the pack seems to be a strange mix. Two Galliards, two Ahroun, a Ragabash and two Theurges comprised of three Shadow Lords, a Black Fury, two of the Children of Gaia and a Silicon Sentinel metis of Shadow Lord breeding. Despite that, they seem to work well together. Time will tell if that continues to be the case.

Unicorn Dawn, Megumi,and Elsie Noah, Rickard, Tybolt and Swift

Quotes about or by the Pack

  • "As once was said in an American movie about cops, We ride together, we die together. Bad Boys for life." - Sings the Forgotten, on being a pack.
  • "Our pack might be six shades of fucked up, but I know without a shred of doubt that I can count on every one of them." - Nadya Nighthawk
  • "It is a fine thing, indeed, to find such disparate Garou so willing to put up with my eccentricities. I think they like the honey more than the hugs, though..." - Noah Rahmat
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Rumors about the Pack

  • They're all basket cases, some just hide it better than others
  • Every one of them has serious issues with authority
  • Those Children of Gaia? Just Shadow Lord recruits. Can't trust the lot of them.
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Alaska's Loss

Packmate: Elizabeta "Scale's Aggravating Claws" Dragos, Athro Shadow Lord Galliard
Packmate: Erik "Gaia's Shining Son" Victory, Adren Child of Gaia Ahroun
Beta: Nadya Nighthawk, Adren Shadow Lord Theurge

Pack Territory

Miles to Go stakes claim over nearly 175 acres of land in Sebastopol, California. The property includes rolling hills, streams and creeks, woods, and open fields. A cluster of original buildings and barns stands near the entrance to the property, including a gatehouse to monitor entrances and exits via the road.

Pack Territory 7.jpg Pack Territory 8.jpg Apiary3.jpg

Pack Allies and Kinfolk

Living Area

Though the territory boasts multiple barns and houses, the building that the pack calls home is large. Boasting seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms (and multiple half baths), it's expansive without looking or feeling ostentatious. The centerpiece of the living area is a large fireplace with a stone chimney. There's also another family room with a fireplace off the kitchen. One of the outlying buildings has been converted into a dance studio, another into a recording studio.

Through the use of solar and photovoltaic panels, spring wells, ground water heat pumps and three wind turbines, the property creates the same amount of energy that is require to run the buildings. This gives the compound a zero-energy balance rating with no carbon footprint.

Kitchen Living Fireplace.jpg Living Room and Fireplace.jpg Dance Studio.jpg

Drum Room 1.jpg Drum Room 2.jpeg

Wyld Areas

The property Miles to Go claims as theirs is vast, with more than enough room to accommodate their lupus member and any visitors. The back edges of the property, far from any roads or power lines, are pristine examples of Northern California's natural beauty.

Pack Territory 1.jpg Pack Territory 2.jpg Pack Territory 3.jpg Pack Territory 4.jpg

Pack Territory 5.jpg Pack Territory 6.jpg NR Grove.jpg Apiary1.jpg

Sacred Spaces

NR butterfly garden.jpg
In an open glen at the heart of the wooded areas, Harmony of Tambiyah has planted wildflowers and shaped them as little as possible, creating a shrine to the Naturae spirits of the area. Nearby are shrines dedicated to Crow, Fenris, Bya-Akko, and Lion, as well.

He also maintains a clearing in a grove for the pack's rituals that take place in the open, keeping this one place cleared of extra growth where in most others he refuses to shape it at all. The ritual space holds a well-maintained shrine to Unicorn.

Finally, scattered about the property are swathes of wildflowers that play host to a variety of apiaries, some designed to simply play home to a colony, and others expressly for honey production.

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