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Harpy Reports

July 4, 2014

First and most importantly, from the words of most esteemed Prince Penzl, the following:

“With the authority I hold as Prince of Milwaukee, I already warned Jason MacIntosh on the night of convocation that his public conduct was inexcusable: The man struck me in court before all of convocation! I need say no more on that: even a neonate wet behind the ears should know better than Primogen MacIntosh. His clan would do well to consider whether he is their best leader in Milwaukee. (OOC: On June 27, Vladimir Penzl spent *Authority* to brand Jason MacIntosh *Warned*.)

Samuel Vesper endangered our convocation on multiple counts, not only in that he undermined the security of the function by deliberately depleting our numbers when he knew dignitaries would be in attendance, which opened our show up to an incursion by the Lupines he was supposedly off vanquishing in Chicago. But then, after his little fox hunt to the south, Vesper returned to convocation clearly livid with the drives of the Beast that had overtaken him. Covered in blood, half naked, and heavily wounded, he entered our social function in such a way as to excite the baser urges of everyone who could see or smell him. I hereby warn Samuel Vesper that such blatant attempts to undermine the princes of the Camarilla in their governance and his public conduct on that night are unacceptable in my city. (OOC: On July 4, Vladimir Penzl spent *Authority* to brand Samuel Vesper *Warned*.)

“On a much more positive note, for her perfection in the fashion show hosted by Primogen Calhoun, I wish to make it known that with my authority as a praxis holder, I regard my clanmate Orabelle Lachance, Whip of Indianapolis, as a loyal citizen of the Camarilla. When we needed people like her, she came forth without batting an eye, unless it was called for on the runway, of course. (OOC: On July 4, Vladimir Penzl used the passive effect of *Authority* to grant Orabelle Lachance *Loyal*.)

“For her very real support and attention to the security of my convocation, Catherine Pershing, a Ventrue who visited my court from Grand Rapids, Michigan, also showed herself to be loyal to the ideals of the governance of praxis holders through the convocation of princes. I said so during the fashion show itself, but I wanted to reiterate that for the Camarilla at large. It is my hope that relations between the courts of Milwaukee and Grand Rapids will continue to improve.” (OOC: On June 27, Vladimir Penzl used the passive effect of *Authority* to grant Catherine Pershing *Loyal*.)

Now for my own observations:

The stars were clear over our fair city to begin our dear Prince Vladimir Penzl’s convocation. On Thursday night, as an introduction to the festivities, all were invited to the premiere Milwaukee night club the Hot Water Wherehouse. The music was a bit too modern for my taste and the lighting was an assault on my eyes. These modern clubs have nothing of the social graces of the past. It is a poor Rose that thinks such is artistic, but I digress.

Unsurprisingly, my clan did not have a good showing over this weekend. Of particular interest, first and foremost was Dimitri St. George. He was seen in the constant company of Harpy Eris Sonatia, a Daughter from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Dimitri hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico and, early in the evening, I found his want of information and willingness to pay fair value most comforting. However, Dimitri quickly found himself in a unique situation when he apparently was summoned by a Setite Architect of the Camarilla, a gentleman of impeccable reputation who by all accounts, merely wanted to talk to the ancilla Toreador. Dimitri verbally assaulted and confronted the esteemed elder most rudely. It was both embarrassing and horrifying, though not unexpected from a man born of the late gypsy Rene St. George. He compounded the situation by interrupting our dear Prince. He made paltry restitution in some fashion to some he offended but nevertheless is on notice for his conduct in my city. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive effect of *Guardian* to brand Dimitri St. George *Warned*.)

Elder Prince Baeronisky appeared, as did a young Giovanni girl, whose appearance in this city was an interesting choice. Almost as interesting was that Elder Orenna Komnenos of my clan, who found herself hand in hand with Archon Samuel Vesper from early in the evening until the VIP introductions. I did overhear her tell Veronica Devries that she had no idea why Vesper so chose to take her hand and escort her around, leading me to believe that she is not the brightest elder to grace my clan. Moreover, Elder Komnenos is known to be an escort of some reputation so perhaps Vesper merely paid for her attentions for the night.

Others of my city were busily insinuating themselves with our company, much like Vesper, attempting to curry favor with our visitors, save for two exceptions. Prince Penzl and Primogen MacIntosh. I am pleased to note that the Brujah primogen Jason MacIntosh was kind enough to escort me around as Vesper was quite occupied with our visiting clanmates, particularly the other females, which is fairly typical. Jason MacIntosh was every bit the gentleman and when he realized Vesper’s treatment of me, he swore he’d have at the man for me. Such grace from one so brutish!

As Harpy of Milwaukee, I take my duties very seriously, even though this is my inaugural report since taking office last autumn. As such, I appreciated the assistance of Harpy Alexandre d'Aumont of Sioux City, also of my clan. I found his help to be a most courteous gesture, which speaks well of him as a member of my clan, something I cannot claim of some others among the Roses. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive effect of *Prominent* to name D’Aumont *Courteous*.) He was also the only other Rose worth anything who decided to attend dear Prince Penzl’s convocation.

Elder Prince Monique Preusen of Twin Cities barely spoke to anyone and seemed to be too occupied to properly participate in the activities of the evening. This is not terribly surprising as Prince Preusen is not known for her kindness with anyone, least of all those of her clan. She favors only men, like a paltry echo of Archon Vesper, and Monique clearly thinks nothing of hurting anyone she thinks might be in the way of her snatching up attention from all the men of the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the spent effect of *Noble* to declare Monique Preusen *Vulgar*.)

Servire Veronica Devries conducted herself in what is apparently her usual manner, combining both a fair amount of biting comments with her constant attention to the needs of Archon Vesper, even when he was clearly so taken with Elder Komnenos. Indeed, what were the three doing in the VIP box for nearly a half an hour together, alone? Perhaps someone should ask the walls up there: They might have heard something. Nevertheless, once Vesper let go of Komnenos’ hand, Veronica Devries made sure that she was at his side whenever possible. Really, that girl needs to find a better hobby than chasing the one-eyed cad of the Camarilla.

In addition to Harpies Sonatia and d'Aumont, there was an upstart neonate Nosferatu by the name of JohnJon, the Master Harpy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This man was rarely far from my prince’s side except when he was apparently collecting information about boons and prestation from various Kindred, many of whom owed him for whatever service he had apparently performed. He proved only somewhat useful in gathering information and disseminating it to me. He acted as though he were Penzl's personal harpy and as such, I find JohnJon’s actions an affront to my rightful position within the city. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive effect of *Guardian* to brand JohnJon *Warned*.) How dare he attempt to usurp MY authority? I know Prince Penzl is obviously quite fond of the young man, but there is a limit to how helpful he can be to my Prince. Prince Penzl already has a harpy in me and he did not need to so encourage that ugly thing to go behind my back. I know I probably should have named him as a Lesser Harpy for the weekend, but honestly, he was not worthy and neither was Elder D’Aumont. I can handle this city, even as full as it was, myself.

JohnJon was not the only harpy found sorely lacking. Eris Sonatia of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan spent her entire evening in the company of the very uncouth Dimitri St. George of San Juan, even after his giant gaffe with the elders, princes, and architects. I would have run screaming from the man after slapping him, for we were in no Elysium. Later, Sonatia was seen trying to weasel her way out of the commands of Elder Komnenos. It was rather interesting that Elder Komnenos so determined to talk to Sonatia that she actually left Vesper and his Servire alone together. If Komnenos wants to “secure her interests,” she should know better than to leave him alone with Devries. Nevertheless, her lapsed judgment echoes in the woman she was trying to convince. For these reasons, I find Sonatia’s intrigues and choice of associations quite scandalous (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive effect of *Guardian* to brand Eris Sonatia *Warned*.)

There were rumors from the Tremere of an Assamite assassin (cliché, but true nonetheless), which collected up a fair amount of the martially oriented present in the center of the gathering. A Brujah inquired of Archon Vesper and his Servire for assistance after Prince Penzl demand the Assamite be brought before him. Vesper and Devries pointed to many capable Kindred but did not participate themselves, which is typical. This is particularly interesting because, as I understood it, Servire Devries was supposed to be assisting Mark Decker with the security for the convocation, something she loudly proclaimed, more than once. However, I did not see that Servire do much more than order people around. She likewise acted severely distracted with other matters, at one point muttering something incomprehensible and vaguely threatening at yours truly. She even disappeared entirely with Elder Komnenos and Archon Vesper for about half an hour (as I noted before). What transpired the next night at the fashion show illuminated the full color of her lapsed judgment. I do not know if the Assamite was ever found and dealt with, nor the supposed “Under Prince” of Chicago, who was rumored to be both Giovanni and Sabbat. Nevertheless, the presence of both undesirables at the show spoke to the lax care of both Decker and Devries.

The final notes of Thursday evening were a throwdown between the Giovanni (who were later seen speaking to Elder Komnenos--odd bedfellows indeed!) and Samuel Vesper. Slightly thereafter, Jason MacIntosh decided to jump into the fray against Vesper and exchanged words about service to the city and the sect. Vesper was clearly baiting MacIntosh in crude fashion. Jason has been an honorable servant of this city for many years and loyal to the Prince beyond measure. The Toreador Archon has clearly made some enemies in this city. It is quite a wonder so many followed him into the Windy City after all that he’s been caught up in. Jason had the good sense to remain behind to defend the convocation, which was truly appreciated. His words against Vesper were also on my behalf, I am sure of it. He would not have spoken such had he not seen the cruelty I’ve endured at the hands of the bitter Roses in this region. All of them fail to understand what I’ve done for them, what I continue to do for them. How I’ve sacrificed and they do not care. They laugh and play at their games, tucking away for pleasantries while the rest of us sweat and bleed for clan, city, and sect. But again, I digress.

Friday night’s festivities were held in a warehouse on the Jones Island waterfront that was not even initially opened to guests. The parking lot held several flaming barrels and other detritus that my brethren took time to appreciate before the main event. Once inside, all became quiet, probably stunned by the atrocious decor within. Broken furniture and media equipment haphazardly contributed to the “ambiance.” Many settled in early for what was to be the main event.

There are not adequate words to describe the atrocity that came across the stage. Elder Prince Monique Preusen of my clan advised all of us to support this fashion show and convocation but I cannot hold my words (and she didn’t even attend herself!). It was awful.

I will at least attempt to convey it impressionistically for the benefit of those who were fortunate enough not to witness it directly. The first model had a pleasant enough outfit, but it was the same as she wore the previous night, and so hardly appropriate for a show. This was followed by several plaid kilts... why do these Nosferatu insist on summer plaid? That is certainly a fall fashion.

The men’s fashion followed the parade of out-of-season plaid. There was no rhyme nor reason to these fashion choices. They were a hodgepodge of fashions from several time periods and all seasons. Finally, there was a haute couture dress (a short ivory number) but once again, it was worn with a fur coat. Serving as emcee for the event, Harpy JohnJon continued to show his incompetence by mispronouncing common words including “Giovanni.” I hope he was at least amusing himself, because it quickly grew tiresome for those of us he inflicted it upon. One “highlight” of the night was that the Black Death put in an appearance, an entirely appropriate choice given the predominant mood of the poor guests. Overall, I appreciated the attempt by the Masque to entertain us, but in the future, perhaps they will leave such things to the clans who actually know the business. And really, having a Giovanni assisting with such? Monique Preusen is a fool for thinking that the Roses should ken to such a thing. I endured for my dear Prince, but it was a lot to swallow, particularly with that upstart Nosferatu JohnJon present. That man thinks he has the ear of my Prince, but he’s nothing more than an errand boy. I alone am the social conscience of Milwaukee. I have bled for this city and I will not have my sacrifice go unnoticed any longer. They will learn and pay for the slights they have thrown against me.

Once the convocation was underway, things digressed quickly. Jason MacIntosh took a swing at Prince Penzl. The Elder Lasombra antitribu Ludovico Maria Visconti of Milan got the obviously afflicted Brujah under control, but only just in time for Lupines to attack. The pack swarmed Mark Decker, who had been standing on the stage. Decker turned himself to mist and when the Lupines realized they were outnumbered, they left a single howling martyr behind, who was quickly set upon by those in attendance and dispatched. During the scuffle, Prince Penzl was absconded by his clanmates to safety. Servire Devries was once again no where to be found. It was not until after the danger had passed that the woman--I mean Veronica Devries--appeared and tried to affect me in some supernatural fashion. For her inattention and attempted affliction of my own agency, I find no more patience for Servire Devries’s conduct. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive benefit of *Guardian* to brand Veronica Devries *Warned*.) It is primarily her fault that the convocation was ruined by Lupines and in-fighting.

Servire Devries is undoubtedly learning her inelegant ways from her supervisor, because it was immediately thereafter that Archon Samuel Vesper appeared, lacking pants and covered in blood. He stood on the stage in such a gauche state as I’ve never seen before (and this was directly after a Nosferatu fashion show!). As such, I find I must second Prince Penzl's concerns about Archon Vesper's conduct in ourcourt, especially when he returned to Milwaukee's event clearly lacking in self-control once the campaign in Chicago had been completed. (OOC: On July 4, Lucina uses the passive effect of *Guardian* to brand Samuel Vesper *Warned*, extending his *Warned* status by another month.) I cannot abide this man’s temperament any longer in this court ,and while he once held my favor, I would never be so stupid as to engage with him ever again.

In service of this court,

Harpy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Clan Toreador

July 14, 2014

It has been strongly indicated to me that I may have been a tiny bit harsh in my assessment of the convocation. For those that I offended, it was never my intent. I respect our society and those of my city and the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland. I may have been overly critical of some in my report, though at least one has earned every poisoned word. Beyond that exception, I offer my deepest apologies for my outburst.

First, let me thank my Prince and the Harpy of Grand Rapids as well as the others of the Mask for all that they did in both service to our city and entertainment at the convocation. Prince Penzl’s decision to hold a fashion show was a truly unique experience and I find all those who participated to be an asset to the Camarilla for their good work (OOC: Passive benefit of *Noble* to grant *Acclaimed* to all the models who participated in the fashion show.)

To those others I spoke ill of, know that I have a critical eye when it comes to my city. The interruptions of the Giovanni and the lupines were distressing, to say the least. I know the primary fault lies with the happenstance of the Chicago assault occurring concurrently with the convocation, but nevertheless, I am sorry.

To the meat of the actual matter, the prestations so recorded with the assistance of visiting Master Harpy JohnJon:

- Setite Architect Achilles
- Servire Zoe De Medici
- Tremere Elder Duncan O'Sullivan
- Nosferatu Elder Jasper Casies
- Rick The Gangrel
- Roupin Erebus Cilicia
- Seneschal Genesis
- Orabelle Lachance
- Elder Prince Vittoria Boeotarch

If anyone else has a claim for the missteps of Dimitri St. George of Toreador, he has so offered to make further recompense. If no one does so within the next month, the matter will be considered completely closed, never again to be broached.

Other than those missteps listed herein and earlier, the gathering was civil even over the pounding music Thursday night. And the Daughters of Cacophony and Sons of Discord took the opportunity to share their voices collectively, a rare and beautiful thing to the ears of all so blessed to be present.

Many august members of our sect were seen conversing openly with those of younger persuasion, providing guidance on the eve of battle, no doubt.

The next evening, while the battle raged in Chicago, Milwaukee had its own share of fireworks. Someone so affected Primogen MacIntosh that he struck our dear Prince. There is no other possible explanation for he has always been a faithful member of this city and sect.

It is good that so many guests and residents were in attendance to immediately restrain Primogen MacIntosh and protect Prince Penzl. Likewise when the lupines invaded. It was said that Oliver Pike allowed us notice as they came within our walls and it was clear that they were bent on one target. [Mark Decker|Decker]]’s reputation is well known, so it is not surprising, neither is it surprising that their prey escaped them and the Camarilla killed one of the beasts in the attempt. I’m certain Decker would welcome any who would like to help him hunt down the other five.

This supplemental report covers the remainder of the business of the office of Harpy of Milwaukee left over from our convocation weekend. I am sure that the primogen council will have words of their own to share during the remainder of the month. Perhaps, some night, Milwaukee will be graced by the presence of our many honored guests again. In the meantime, it is quite understandable that the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland and the Camarilla at large focus our attentions on retention of the gains in Chicago, lest they slip back into ebbing dark tides of that city. Here in Milwaukee, we look on with interest to see whether any of our fellow Camarilla citizens will stake a claim in the Windy City to hold it, and if there might once again be a Prince of Chicago (rather than an “Underprince,” “True Prince,” or any other ridiculous mockeries conceived of by the Sabbat and their friends).

Milwaukee wishes our fellow Camarilla citizens far and wide a fair and peaceful evening.

Best regards,

Harpy of Milwaukee
Ancilla, Clan Toreador