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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Rainer Morgan

Social Status Neonate

Status Loyal (Liliana Grace)

Concept and Notable Traits: Rainer is a Professor of History at the College of Charleston. He also studies ancient books and works on restoring them. Without his Mask, Rainer’s head is smashed in at the back with bits of his hair falling out. His nose is completely gone with his ears having split into two points. Rainer always tries to step and make a name for himself but he always panics and sabotage himself.

Coteries/Societies: House of Monsters


Sire: Unknown

Childer: None

Broodmates: None


OOC Information

Player: James Andrews

Location: Charleston SC

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: James Andrews
Storyteller: Matthew Carter