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Dossier: The Ministry





Accord Division

Concept: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Once the most pacifistic and high-minded of the Divisions, tragedy has hardened the members of Ministry. Using new age religion and humanitarian hospitals as cover, the Ministry strives to ensure that the CUT has no secret, no safe, and no stronghold beyond the Accord's grasp. In fact, some members of the Ministry are not afraid to use criminal and even cruel methods to fulfill their mission - specializing in infiltration, sabotage, and interrogation. Members of the Ministry are among some of the most zealous agents of the Accord, willing to sacrifice far more than their own lives to win the Reality War. For them, no price is too high to prevent the spread of Belief; after all, their souls are already forfeit -- they have nothing left to lose.


Founded in 2010, the Division was originally called the Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation as a direct mockery of the Church of Ultimate Truth. Headquartered in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the Division was based on a belief that fighting Abominations and closing Tears was a losing war of attrition. In other words, while other Divisions focus on dealing with and destroying the consequences of Belief, members of the Ministry spent their time actively trying to prevent Belief in the first place. The cornerstone of this plan was a new age religion invented by the founder Theodore Byron, however it also involve Men In Black style coverups as well as various other forays into the entertainment industry.

In March 2016, an assassination bounty was placed on Theo's head - presumably by a Servant. The assassination attempt failed, but the clinic that the Division maintained was destroyed, killing innocent bystanders in the process. This was a wake-up call for the members of the Division, who suddenly realized that even the best laid plans could be foiled if the equipment, facilities, and personnel needed to accomplish that plan were sabotaged. Inspired by George Orwell's 1984 and Winston Churchill's "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare", the Division re-branded itself simply as The Ministry, in a more governmental sense of the word. These days, the religious and humanitarian aspects of the Division are merely a front for The Ministry's more nefarious efforts in support of the Accord. After all, a secure psychiatric ward isn't all that much different from a torture chamber, is it?

Factions & Character Concepts

While many members of the Division can flexibly serve on almost any mission, the Ministry does have those who specialize in playing the good guys or the bad guys.

White Ops - Maintains the public front for the Division, including a variety of new age churches and humanitarian facilities, especially drug addiction clinics.

  • Medical personnel - "How convenient that we just so happen to have a werewolf-sized dose of morphine on hand."
  • New age guru - "Who needs the CUT when you have naked yoga?"
  • Soup kitchen worker - "Look around, you're living with the lost and found..."
  • Pop psychologist - "I learned everything I know from Dr. Phil"

Black Ops - Engages in a variety of criminal activities in order to undermine the Truth, including infiltration, theft, and sabotage.

  • Safe cracker - "What? This McGuffin that was behind a state of the art lock on a foot-thick steel door?"
  • Ninja - "Air duct crawling is underrated."
  • Tomb raider - "Better get this to the Vault before RAT gets their hands on this."
  • Deep cover operative - "I do a great impression of...well anyone, really."
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  1. Trusted for White Ops missions
  2. Trusted for Black Ops missions
  3. Dedicated Faction member
  4. Trusted for Red Ops missions
  5. Leadership

Other Divisions

  • ACE - Any time we need a hacker, we know where to look.
  • AIS- Once we've found the first clue, they can do the digging
  • Cleaners - Doing a valuable service to keep Belief from spreading.
  • CoA - They're welcome in our clinics any time. They'd fit great in the White Ops.
  • Fulcrum - Instant, just add water backup. They'd fit great in the Black Ops.
  • GK - We're more concerned with the living than the dead, but someone's got to do it.
  • Lex - Reactionary and don't see the forest for the trees.
  • QSK - Always bring a wheelman.
  • Samaritans - They can deal with the Mafia and the Triads. We're not big on organized crime.
  • Vault - Let them figure out how it works. Remind them to touch nothing but the lamp - several times.


  • Some members of the Ministry will even go so far as kidnappings, torture, and interrogations, especially for progressing the Truth Tactics research tree. However, the Ministry has never publicly condoned or acknowledged such activities.
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