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Apocalypse PC

Player: Jennifer Thomas Bryant
Character: Moon Watcher
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Red Talon
Position: Den Mother, Caller of the Wyld
Rank: Fostern
Pure Breed: 5
Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon
Domain: Unconquered Sun
VST: Woody Purdy

Character Information

Name: Moon Watcher

Howl-Name: The-Scent-of-Oak-Leaves-in-Rain

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Red Talon

Position: Den Mother, Caller of the Wyld

Rank: Fostern

Pure Breed: 5

Domain: Unconquered Sun


Moon Watcher

Homid: In her homid form, Moon Watcher is solid and muscular with dark auburn hair and pale greenish eyes. She has a long scar all along her right collarbone that is normally visible. She wears jeans, a tank top and a wide gray hoodie along with sturdy hiking boots. Her feral reactions are barely concealed even in human situations. Lion's Woad barely stands out against her pale skin in this form.

Crinos: In crinos, Moon Watcher is the living image of her ancestors Black Wind, Skyhowl, Burned Pine and the great Truth-in-Blood. Her coat is deep red with a black mantle and and tail-tip. Usually, though, she prefers to fight in hispo. In this form, Lion's woad is shown in all its glory along her back, arms and legs, symbols of the picts adorning her with Lion's memory. The glyph of the Red Talons is prominent on her right forearm, and that of the White Howlers on her left.

Lupus: Moon Watcher is most often in her natural, lupus form. Her deep red coat is thick and accented by a black mantle and guard hairs. Her build is strong and muscular and her eyes are a dark, honeyed amber. Lion's woad stands out brightly against her deep red fur, and in spite of its un-wolflike appearance, she wears if proudly as a gift of one of Griffin's brood.


Moon watcher is observant and can seem withdrawn, usually waiting until her wolf-heart prompts her to act. She is scornful of urrah and homid kin, but allows her body language to speak clearly on that. Even when dealing with the most Weavery of tribes she prefers to teach by example. Her natural Philodox and Red Talon severity is tempered by a very deep maternal instinct. Cubs of any breed illicit this in her and she is driven to protect them or nip them into action when it is called for.


Moon Watcher

Deeds Done: The Salvation of Lion


Moon Watcher's only possessions are the clothes on her back and whatever she happens to be holding in her mouth. Her only fetish is bound into the scar on her shoulder.

The Pack:

Pack Name: Red Trees

Pack Totem: Old Wolf of the Woods



  • Black Wind - Sire's sire. An Ahroun who died in the Battle of Two Mountains in the Ratkin War, also called Relentless Death, because he never let prey elude him.
  • One Eye - Dam's sire. A gifted Theurge who Saw the true path to quench the Red Star when others were lost.Gave his life so that others could reach the appointed place.
  • Skyhowl - Great granddam. A Galliard, called the Voice of the Tribe, who journeyed far and wide and even to other lands that the Garou of all nations could learn the dying song of the Red Talons.
  • Burned Pine - Many times great granddam. A bloodthirsty Philodox who committed her life to keeping Canada wild and free of humans where possible. Her pack was known for killing many, many humans that so much as looked at her protectorate. Sometimes called Griffin’s Claw.
  • Truth-in-Blood - a hero of legend, also a Philodox, who was known to be harsh and fair. He was ruthless and wise, renowned for his great deeds in battle, yes, but more for his actions within the tribe in leading the ongoing impergium. Inasmuch as the Red Talons can have decorated tactical leaders, Truth-in-Blood was one, dictating when and where to strike and when to hold back.


Moon Watcher has been slow to make contacts outside of her pack. She is intrigued by the Pure of her sept, but has yet to establish strong relations with anyone.

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  • Moon Watcher is very dedicated to her Sept and treats it with a strong mix of reverence and possessiveness.
  • In spite of her tribe, she has been seen in town without her pack.
  • Moon Watcher has some quixotic idea that she can fix Cockroach's tribe.
  • There are scores of lupus kinfolk in the area, both at the Caern and in the redwoods, and they are all descendants of Moon Watcher and her pack's alpha male, Steel Vice Bite's line. As such they are kin to both the Red Talons and Glass Walkers.

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  • "I truly believe Moon Watcher-yuf is my sister in fang and claw. She challenges me to keep my strength. She reminds me what the worst of man has done to me. I simply hope I can help her see them as children to be protected. Not a disease to be burned." Steel Vice Bite
  • "I want to believe that the Talons have something good going in her. She's treated me with respect, despite my strangeness to her, and is due respect in kind. I'm hoping we can break our Tribe's mutual distaste for each other, but that's a long hard road." Michael "Wars-on-all-Fronts Anders
  • "I've interacted with many lupus over the years, but the calm assurance and curiosity of Moon Watcher were what made me realize how many assumptions I was actually making." --Laughs Last
  • "So I was always told to be wary of Red Talons, cause they were like super mean. She seems really cool and genuinely curious about what I do. I hope the rest of her tribe is as cool as her." - Simon Kressin
  • "I almost believe she's a myth — 'the one reasonable Red Talon' — but Vice-Bite won't shut up about her, and the rest of her pack-mates love her. I really want to sit down and talk with her. For years." — Reach For The Sky

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OOC Information

Player: Jennifer Thomas Bryant

MES Number: US2002106780

Location: Sonoma, CA

All images on this page are (c) Jennifer Thomas Bryant. Please do not use them without my permission.