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Information Known by Camarilla Society

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: St. Louis, MO
Player: Karen Crawford
Storyteller: Matthew McCoy

Name: Morgan J. Maxwell
Clan: Malkavian - Knight of the Moon
Social Class: Ancilla


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla


Morgan J. Maxwell
Morgan J. Maxwell
My Job

Notable Traits: 5'4" tall with Red hair & Green eyes

Timeline - this is all OOC unless your name is listed within a year - then you know that information only

September 27, 1919: Jenette Archambault is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
December 30, 1919: Move back to France with Parents and brothers and sisters
November 1920: The First Meeting of the League of Nations
October 30, 1922: Benito Mussolini is Made Italian Premier
November 9, 1923: The Beer Hall Putsch
May 11, 1924: The Cartel des Gauches wins the French Election
August 27, 1924: The German Chamber of Deputies Accepts the Dawes Plan
December 1, 1925: The Locarno Pacts are Signed
April 14, 1931: The Spanish Monarchy is Overthrown and The Republic Is Born
February - July 1932: The final League of Nations Disarmament Conference is Held
1932: Nazi lead in German elections with 230 Reuchstag seats
1933 - 1934: 1,140,000 Communist Party Members are Expelled by Stalin
January 30, 1933: Hitler is Appointed Chancellor of Germany
March 23, 1933: The German Reichstag Passes the Enabling Act
September 15, 1936: Started at the University of Paris
June 3, 1936: Leon Blum's Popular Front Government Comes to Power in France
July 17, 1936: The Spanish Nationalists Begin the Spanish Civil War
April 25, 1937: Spanish Nationalists Bomb Guernica
September 18, 1938: The Munich Pact is Signed
March 30, 1939: The Spanish Civil War Ends
September 3, 1939: Britain and France Declare War on Germany
September 21, 1939: Made a Ghoul by Patricia Harrison a Toreador
May 29, 1940: Graduated with Honors at the University of Paris
June 12, 1943: Married to Andrew Marcos in secret at the home of my parents
July 1, 1943 Andrew left for the United States with the intention of coming back
July 14, 1943 I discover I am pregnant
December 1, 1943 Regnant moved us to Germany
February 5, 1944 Give birth to triplets. Leah Noelle, Franchesca Marie, Andrew James
February 13, 1944 Regnant gives my children away
June 12, 1944 Vicissitude is used on my face by someone Regnant hired
June 6, 1944: Allies Invade Normandy
August 15, 1944: Shot by Gestapo after kidnapping my own son back
August 25, 1944: Turned by Quinton Lockwood a Malkavian
August 28, 1944: Name was changed to Morgan Jenette Maxwell
September 1954 Went to France with Sire to be presented to Prince Villon
September 1955 We head to China for archaeological digs
August 4, 1964 We head to Egypt for archaeological digs
December 1964 We head to South America for archaeological digs
April 4, 1976 I got a ghoul who looks just like me and has my degrees and abilities as a gift from my Sire.
March 15, 1976 My Sire heads to Singapore and I head to Washington DC to work at Smithsonian to help catalog all of the items from our Archeological digs and various hospitals at night. My ghoul handles the day work.
December 15, 1980 I start to travel the country and working a variety of Crime Scene Investigations with the various police departments around the country.
2004 Discovered giant bones and skulls while traveling the Grand Canyon. Have been looking for more ever since.
2014 – Heard about a place in Missouri. Decide to set up shop in a remote area. Researched and found DeSoto to be the place.
2015 Moved to DeSoto, Missouri
2015 Found Andrew!
2015 Andrew is dead at the hands of an Assamite
2016 Morgan is killed in a gas explosion during the day


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Lies, Lies and More Lies and Rumors

Quotes About Morgan

"Together we can accomplish anything, separate we become dangerous thorns" Andrew Marcos his toast on the day of our wedding

"Doctor Morgan Maxwell is an extremely brilliant talent in her field. I can think of no one better to work with when research is needed." Johnathon Deer

Quotes From Morgan

"You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone. I give you my Body, that we two might be One. I give you my Spirit, until our Life shall be Done." part of wedding vows to Andrew Marcos

"I've noticed that very few people are scary, once they've been poked in the eye."

"Nothing in this universe happens just once, nothing; infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment...It means you'll get another chance."

"These bones you bring me, I give them a face. I say their names out loud. I return them to their loved ones. And you arrest the bad guy. I like that." to a detective in Pittsburgh

"Um, Christmas has its roots in the pagan festival of Saturnalia, which is traditionally celebrated by intoxicated, naked singing and the consumption of human-shaped biscuits." (Christmas toast)

"You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering; that’s the sad truth. Maybe they’ll break your heart; maybe you’ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. You see two people and think they belong together, but nothing happens. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That’s the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on out backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly."

"The Jesus myth is all about forgiveness, isn't it? Absolution, our ability to transform ourselves. So you grew up suffering. In the myth, Jesus suffered, and he forgave those. Water to wine, raising the dead, walking on water-- these defy the basic laws of physics. But forgiveness, that's its value."

OOC Information

This character is an PC. All OOC questions about this PC and IC correspondence directed to the PC should be directed to Morgan Maxwell


  • Emily Deschanel (portrait of character)
  • Temperance Brennan (Bones)
  • Kathy Reich (Author and Forensic Anthropologist)


This I Promise You
Could I have This Kiss Forever
Edge of Glory
She's Like the Wind
I Said I Loved You But I lied


  • Bones
  • CSI - all of them
  • Criminal Minds
  • Cold Case
  • NCIS
  • Law & Order - all of them

Member Information
Player: Karen Crawford
Member Number: US2002076414
Nation: United States
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MO-028-D