Morgan Wylds

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Chris Duesler
Storyteller: Trason Dazell

Full Name: Morgan Wylds
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 1694 but not released till 1753
Sire: Luca Zelati Bianci
Generation: 8th
Bloodline: Knight of the Moon
Lineage: House Oculus,
Position: Primogen San Juan Puerto Rico
Title: Special Agent
Coteries/Societies: Thought Police

  • Acknowledged by Elder Prince Lucien of San Juan, PR
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla
  • Noble as Primogen of the Moon of San Juan, PR.
  • Seen as Courageous by Archon Bleech for Service to the Tower in Tunis
  • Seen as Favored by The Elder Venetian for supporting ongoing efforts
  • Seen as "Loyal" by Elder Luca Zelati Bianci for actions in Tunis

Malkicon.gif Information Known by Kindred Society

  • (1659) Born in Moorfield, UK
  • (1667) Institutionalized as a juvenile (15) in Bethlehem Royal Hospital in Moorfield UK for claims stating Raving madness and disillusion resulted in multiple homicide events
  • (1676) Escaped after he reportedly deduced the weakest point and pressed it with a stick causing the wall to fall leaving an opening for him to depart.
  • (1694) As a member of the Abraham men tried and failed robbing Luca and party. What saved him was the obvious madness and unique encryption he developed to conceal his notes.
  • (1739) Finally released as a ghoul by Luca after several years of rigorous education and training to support his causes. When Luca discovered that the one of the prime group of selected childer to be was dispatched during a Sabbat raid decided it was imperative that I be embraced to complete the required prime equation for success of his algorithm.
  • (1812) Travels to the Venetian for sires ascension ceremony to Ancilla status and to being the study of combining elements of Dominate and Auspex into means of encrypted messages within the mind of human or ghoul for later extraction.
  • (1840) The Venetian finishes tea time discussions with Morgan on how not to experiment of guest.
  • (1900) Departs to the America to establish a residence and procure means to continue his sire's studies.
  • (1901) Sire ascended to Elder status and I am confirmed of my placement within society as an ancilla as well.
  • (2004) Rushed to discuss alternative use cases concerning Steven Hawking and his embrace. Arrived late, but luckily the factors of Steven Hawking coupled with the deductions to that operations led to a failed proof. Luca chastised him for even calculating the time of Hawkings arrive and his meeting of him by a failure 17 seconds.
  • (2015) Attends to court of the Elder Lucian with a petition for primogen of Malkavian

Malkicon.gif Lineage


Malkicon.gifKnown Associations


  • Reportedly to have had dealings with infernalist
  • Rumored to be a member of a highly funded non-government agency providing investigative and publicity containment services.
  • Observed to be very attentive to "Aunt" and "Grandma"
  • Noted to depart upon rumors of "Malkavian tea parties"
  • Reportedly investigated for being too restrained and reserved for Malkavian clan. Investigation was finalized with note "To whom it may concern, lineage legitimized."


  • "Always be nice to those people they dont know better"" - Chloe Foster
  • "Always brings me the most interesting guest for tea" " - The Venetian
  • "Stiff but effective git, definitely one of The Venetian's Archon Bleech
  • "Safe." Susanna

Malkicon.gifOOC Information

Player: Chris Duesler
Location: Domain of San Juan Puerto Rico.; Virtual MES Online