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Morris Getty
Gentleman Zombie







Personal Info


Morris appears to be a body that has been floating in dirty, stagnant water for too long. He claims to have been born in Haiti, but his ethnicity is no longer distinguisable. His skin is blue and purple, waterlogged, and covered in patches of moss and infection. He has no hair, but often wears wigs to look "pretty". He will dress in whatever is handy, although he prefers to wear loose fitting, casual, "vacation style" clothes.

Notable Traits

  • Knows at least twenty different languages.
  • Practices Vodun, also known as Voodoo, Vodoun, or Vodou.
  • Morris will gladly tell you his real name if you ask politely.
  • Will act as a medium to contact ghosts for a certain price, but claims he cannot ever give an exact quote.

Personality and Quirks

  • Morris will only tell you his name once.
  • Does not deal in favors, unless the favor is done right away.
  • Although he still has eyelids, nobody has ever seen him blink.

Information Known by Cainite Society

Known Associates

  • Caster and Pollux
  • Ramsay
  • Viggo Kotlar (Deceased)


Morris first appeared during the late 1700's after escaping a life of slavery in Tortuga with the help of a houngan sorcerer. Even at a young age he was well known in certain circles for his ability to speak with the souls of the restless dead.

By the time the revolution in Haiti began, Morris had earned a reputation as an emmisary of Baron Samedi, welcoming people to the afterlife. He was at times calming and reassuring, and at other times violent and frightening. Many people assumed he was killed during the revolution, and he was not heard of for decades. He was soon forgotten, even in the areas where he was most active.

At some point he fell into torpor, and awoke in the Florida Keys in the early 1900's. He stayed for a while, but eventually ended up in Lee County, where he avoided the local vampires until the Sabbat arrived and drove them out.


  • Morris is not a true beleiver in Vodun, and also practices rituals from Santaria and other Afro-Carribean religions, as well as Catholocism and many other faiths.
  • Morris Getty is not his real name.
  • He is afraid of the water.
  • He does not consider himself a vampire, and is offended when anyone insinuates he is one.


  • Dead. Not undead. The natural state of creatures like you is death.
  • I already told you. It's not my fault that you weren't paying attention.
  • Pay what you can afford. I won't be offended. I can't guarantee anything about the spirits if you don't give enough.

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