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Character Information


Name: Mors (Johann Faustus)
Clan: Nosferatu
Home Domain: San Francisco
Position: Scourge of San Francisco
Former Positions: Myrmidon of Clan Nosferatu, 1946 - 1985, Whip of Clan Nosferatu (San Francisco), Deputy to Sheriff Leon Finch
Concept: Wetworks specialist and Loremaster for the Camarilla and Clan Nosferatu


6'8", 180lbs. Very tall and slender. Brown and gray hair, with visible dark veins on his skin. Dresses in modern semiformal attire with gloves. Obviously low Humanity. Moves with a slight wobble or limp, due to an old injury from life that never healed properly.


Mors is always unfailingly polite to any Kindred he meets, whether his purpose is to have a conversation about the weather, or to kill. He speaks a little slowly and a little softly, with an odd accent that seems to slip from one place to another. His gaze is particularly intense, and he often stares unblinking for long periods of time, especially in conversation.

Mors is not a front-line fighter, preferring instead to plan, organize, and when necessary, strike unseen from the shadows. He insists that a fair fight indicates someone has already failed. He has acted as a strategist, a tactician, a diplomat, as well as in several other capacities.

He is known to be fanatically loyal to his clan and the Camarilla, in that order.

Known History

Mors was Embraced sometime in the 1500s. As is true of most Nosferatu, his history is somewhat difficult to follow, since he remains hidden from sight so much of the time. It is confirmed that he served as a scout and intelligence gatherer during the Napoleonic Wars, and that his success in that conflict gained him a reputation for effectiveness and discretion.

From 1815 to the mid 1900s, Mors has shown up all over the world, usually at the request of one who wishes to utilize his services as a spy, a troubleshooter, or an assassin. (OOC: Please feel free to email me with any ties you would like to make during this time!) He acted on behalf of princes, Justicars, and Elders of Clan Nosferatu.

In 1946, the offices of Clanhead, Steward, and Myrmidon were created. Mors was asked to serve Clan Nosferatu as its first Myrmidon. Exactly what duties he performed between this time and his retirement in 1985 is a closely guarded Clan secret.

Throughout the mid to late 1900s, Mors spent the majority of his time in California. He retired from the position of Myrmidon and entered torpor in 1985, for reasons unknown. He had not been heard from by any Non-Nosferatu until he reemergence into Kindred Society in 2015, 30 years almost to the day since his retirement.


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Loyal (Awarded by Wilhelm Jager, Archon to Jan Pieterzoon)
  • Honorable (Awarded by Rafael Hernandez, Harpy of Sonoma)
  • Courageous (Awarded by Prince Julian Haldane of Phoenix)


  • "Quote text"Character Name
  • "Oh, his name's Mors? Well... he is really polite. I haven't seen him in a while. Why do you ask?"Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "He's always been there. I don't think I've ever questioned it. like that Uncle that just is..." Serena Montgomery
  • "You never forget your firsts. He's full of surprises, that one. Like, for example, where the fuck he got my latest phone number." Scarlett Thorne
  • "Mining for whetstone- the real thing, not the synthetic mix found now- requires searching for just the right combination of factors that lead to a perfect surface grit. But once that stone is passed along a blade, the blade gains the benefit of sharpness and the stone the benefit of use. Of this scenario, Mors is either and both those things." Danielle Ropchan
  • "Ugly fucker, ugly inside and out. Knows how ta blend into a crowd, though, an' how ta take 'em all for whateva they worth. He been around the block a couple turns, ya know what I'm sayin'?" Sybil Giovanni
  • "Ah yes, Mr. Mors, is that the name he's going by this year? Heh, fine, I'll play along. Mors once began to bid on the same monastery deep in the Pyrenees as I was. After finding out whom it was, we met and conversed, and continued to fight over the monastery. I forget who won, but it was a good battle, lots of money, a bit of death, and fun was had by all." Benedict Crane
  • "Someone introduced me to him once. I don't talk to her anymore."Lorena Thorne
  • "Introducing himself to a city by sponsoring a Symbel asking for others to steal for him. That's coming into a city with his hat in his hand. Poor form if you ask me." Clara Azure
  • "Mors is complex.... and I assure you, I do NOT say that about many people. But his service to the Camarilla is undeniable... and his power unmistakable." -Benedict Verren
  • "Tower loyal as they come. Respectfully saying, damn it's sad how tight he is about the tower" Vincent Giovanni
  • "He has a take charge mentality... well, aren't Elders supposed to have take charge mentalities?" Danny McManus
  • "Elder Mors? He commands the dignity and respect of kindred of the Tower without having to say to many words. His honor and loyalty is quite commendable. Are you sure he's not a sovereign of some Russian country?" " - Angelique DuMont
  • "Mors...Mors..Oh! He was Myrmidon forever and then went underground. Okay. What about him?" -Nenette
  • "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you never see it coming." Serratus
  • "He is sharply tuned to the brutal calculus of war. It comforts me to know his steady shadow falls over our family in protection." - Claire


  • Mors has done a great deal of wetwork for the Camarilla and for Clan Nosferatu, both as Myrmidon and otherwise.
  • He killed his entire mortal family right after his embrace, just because they were liabilities.
  • He once killed a Sabbat Bishop during one of their vile Rites. A dozen other Sabbat were there, looking right at him, but they never saw a thing.
  • The name Mors was given to him by Justicar Peterszoon himself, after the Roman personification of death.
  • He’s the childe of Wilhelm Jager… or is it his broodmate?
  • He can't be walking a Path of Humanity after all the shit he's done, can he?

Player Information

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Rob Cunningham
Storyteller: Donavon Forester

Player: Rob Cunningham

MES Number: US2006098714

Location: San Francisco, CA