Mr. Chimpums

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Mr. Hugo Chimpums
Clan: Malkavian Malkavian Symbol.png
Sect: Camarilla Sect-Camarilla.png
Player: Unknown
VSS: Dark River Columbus, GA
ST: User: Nathan P. US2015050103

Mr. Hugo Chimpums is an irritable green monkey that is tired of being ignored in gatherings. Violence against Primogen in the Camarilla will not be tolerated any longer.

Hugo loves cigars and is often seen smoking one whether or not the space is designated as non-smoking.

Status Traits:
Acknowledged in the Camarilla
Confirmed Ancillae of the Camarilla

Victorious by Warren
Favored by Warren's Established

Ancillae of the Camarilla
Malkavian Primogen of Columbus, GA (6/30/2015-10/24/2015)

Known Acquaintances:
Ulysses McBain
Kieran O'Sullivan

- Mr. Chimpums is Professor McBain's insanity made manifest.
- The Professor and Mr. Chimpums have tea often at the Columbus Museum.