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Public Information

Name: Mr. Draco

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Brewer

Court: Spring (Mantle 3)

Entitlement: The Office of the Vizieral Council

Title or Position: Vizier

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois




Mr. Draco looks to be well built man standing just under six feet tall. He looks to be in his late thirties with short black hair and dark eyes. He is clean shaven and well groomed and always dressed in finely tailored suits, freshly pressed dark colored dress shirts and freshly polished dress shoes. He has a limp to his left leg for which he carries a serpent headed cane with a light blue orb fitted perfectly centered at the top of the cane. Most of the time he is seen with a messenger bag slung over his shoulder.


The most notable part of Mr. Draco's Mein is his eyes that seem to have been replaced with glittering pearls giving his eyes a glossy look but it's clear he is still acutely aware of his surroundings. His hands and forearms are blotched in various different colors that seem to be from dyes and other concoctions that have left permanent stains on his skin. His body seems far more frail than his mask does and while it's clear he walks with a limp, no one really knows what the cause of it is.

Mantle (Spring Mantle 3)

While Mr. Draco displays a very prominent Spring Mantle it's far from flowery and cheerful like most of his other courtier counterparts. His shoulders and arms are lined with thorns that appear to be from a rose bush wrapping around him. Near the tips of the vines are buds that would probably contain roses if they were to bloom but the buds themselves are closed, wilted, and dead looking. The back of his mantle is very overcast and cloudy when you look at him like a spring that has experienced days of nothing but drenching rain possibly explaining the oversaturated and defeated look of the thorns and buds. There is no sunlight shining through the overcast that would allow the flowers the nutrients and warmth needed to grow.


  • "Let's just say I'm invested in your future" ~ Mr. Draco (When asked why he was being so nice)
  • "Your current plans are going to succeed" ~Received in a fortune cookie
  • "I wouldn't ask you to understand as you only ever see things in gains and losses." ~ Manerva to Draco
  • "The Ultimate business man. It is with the highest compliment that I say that if he approaches you, it is because he has something to gain... it means you're useful... always be useful." ~ Silas Grey
  • "It's not so much that I have a beef with dealing with mortals..." ~ Mr. Draco
  • "Mr. Draco earns the Mr.! He's done wonders for the Emerald Society and, generally, is just a great guy to talk to." ~ DJ Radix
  • "Mr. Draco is my kind of Spring Courtier. He has seen the horrors that wait for us in the Hedge, you can see it in his eyes. How does he handle it? By helping others, by creating intoxicants to get our minds off of our horrors. He seeks to allow others to succeed in distracting themselves or finding solace. Admirable, but not something I engage in." - Professor Mercury
  • "Conniving, manipulative, greedy, and pragmatic to a fault. One of the greatest assets our Freehold ever had the luck of working with." -Jin Shen
  • "Do I regret selling my soul in favors to Draco? Not really. He had some really good stuff." - Nicholas Rex
  • "People really need to stop dying, it is really hurting my bottom line."- Mr. Draco
  • "This man is someone you really don't want to fuck with." - Toby Harrel
  • "I can't tell you how much fun it was to be in a bidding war with this man, and our conversation after wasn't so bad either. He's got a sense of respect for history and experience that you just don't find often anymore." - Ambrose Crom Cruach
  • "I guess I'm just intimidated. From what I hear, you're famous, Toby is a master merchant, and Draco is practically a force of nature..." -Guy talking to Haley Skye about joining the Spring Court
  • "A man who can make amazing tokens and hedge spun items. One I will recommend to anyone." - Becca Wulfe

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