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Current Harpy

Devlin Graham, Elder of Clan Malkavian

Harpy Reports

August 6, 2014

Month of July:

In attendance:

Prince: Jack Mitchel

Seneschal: Elijah Westfall

Sheriff: Not filled

Keeper: Veronica Devries

Asst Keeper: Rick the Gangrel

Harpy: Eris Sonatia

Primogen: Veronica Devries, The Sage, Rick the Gangrel, Zoe De Medici

Other: Lincoln Adams (Malkavian), Brandon (Gangrel), Ariadne (Malkavian), Knock ‘Al Hamid (Assamite)

Visiting our fine city: , Jasper Casies of GR (Nosferatu) Catherine Pershing Prince of GR (Ventrue), Psyrik Lamier (Son of Discord), Duncan O’Sullivan of GR (Tremere), Charli Jones of GR (Brujah), James MacKenzie of GR (Nosferatu), David Ayter of GR (Nosferatu), Heathcliff (Brujah), Professor Graham (Malkavian), Flynn (Malkavian)

The Prince covered the goings on of several points including the battle of Chicago and the Convocation in Milwaukee. He has the gathered of the city go to the Symbel submission provided by our Seneschal Elijah Westfall.

There was an attack at Rumbles, a local night club owned by the Harpy. A group of punk anarchs that were left to their own devices. One decided to shoot visiting Elder Brujah Charli Jones. Eris upon hearing the news quickly offers her apologies to the Elder and promises to look into the situation promptly and leaves to do so, immediately.

Some members of our city went to San Juan the Monday after our local gather to assist Prince Lucien with a small Sabbat issue. It was of course a grand success.

Rumors and Tasty bits:

Veronica had a successful night ignoring the presence of the Harpy. She also seemed to ignore various comments about her demeanor from gathered guests.

Veronica was heard commenting about social classes and how she thinks they shouldn’t matter.

At the close of the evening Veronica made several comments about “giving it up for free” which is interesting since obviously she doesn’t condone prostitution.

Clearly Veronica is suffering from some sort of mental instability dating back to sometime around December. Is it all finally coming to a head and being addressed?

Salvatore Giovanni has been missing since just after the battle in Chicago. In fact all Giovanni seem to be missing...

Eris Sonatia Daughter of Cacophony Harpy of Mt Pleasant

  • OOC:*

Abiding (Harpy): Guardian, Noble, Prominent Fleeting: Courageous, Honorable, Victorious


Prior to gather:

Harpy Sasul gives *Honorable* to Eris Sonatia.

Elder Ansel Holden gives *Favored* to Eris Sonatia.

During gather:

James MacKenzie gives *Vulgar* to Rick the Gangrel

Jasper is *Favored* by Duncan O’Sullivan

Rick the Gangrel is *Favored* by Knock Al’Hamid

Elijah Westfall is *Favored* by Duncan O’Sullivan

Elijah Westfall is *Favored* by James Mackenzie

Elijah Westfall is *Victorious* by winning of the Symbel

July 4, 2014

Kindred of Quality,

My apologies for the late timing of this report. The battle of Chicago and the Convocation in Milwaukee had much attention of Kindred near and far. I am thankful that I am here to even submit a report at all.

Month of June:

In attendance:

Prince: Jack Mitchel

Seneschal: Elijah Westfall

Sheriff: Veronica Devries

Harpy: Eris Sonatia

Primogen: Veronica Devries, The Sage, Rick the Gangrel, Emmaline Moreaux

Other: Lincoln Adams (Malkavian)

Visiting our fine city: Coyote Lilly (DoC), Able Griswold (Gangrel) of Lansing, Jasper Casies of GR (Nosferatu), James Mackenzie of GR (Nosferatu), Catherine Pershing Seneschal of GR (Ventrue), Nasr Ed Din (Gangrel) of GR

The results are in and Elder Prince Tobias Lyman named the winner of the Symbel that was announced at the end of March’s gather. Eris Sonatia is Victorious.

The quiet before the storm? It seemed to be a tense, relaxation period before the upcoming convocation in Milwaukee and battle of Chicago. The kindred appeared to be attempting to maintain a piece of normalcy to this gather. Alas tempers and moods were on edge all around.

Following the lead of our own Prince Mitchel, the Elders of the city of Grand Rapids stood and gave open support to their Seneschal Catherine Pershing.

Veronica Devries is now Keeper per Prince Jack Mitchel.

Any Missing positions will receive the Prince's judgement and we do not want that to occur.

Rumors and Tasty bits:

Speaking of the GR’s toy soldiers and exploding teddy bears...Warehouses full of toys were discovered all over the city.

Seems that Sheriff Devries has had to be prodded by a visiting sheriff, on a few observed occasions, to simply do her job. Perhaps her new post as Keeper of Elysium will light a spark of passion into her work once more?

Coyote Lilly (Fame 3) British pop star made an unexpected appearance this evening at our Elysium after her tour bus mysteriously broke down. She seemed all too surprised to run into her sire whom she has not spoken to in 20 ish years. Lilly seems to have fallen out of the loop of Kindred society and forgotten her manners.

An ominous banging on the Elysium door. There were the presence of Wraiths outside and inside of the Elysium this evening. They seemed to want to do specific Kindred harm. Interesting that there were absolutely no members of the Giovanni family present at this crucial time. Understandably the embarrassment that Antonio Giovanni set loose, to get him twice warned, would be just cause for him to not have made an appearance. But No Salvatore Giovanni? “Don” of the area? Now that seems odd, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps he was on an errand for Servire Devries who claims to have some control over the Salvatore situation.

To touch lightly on the convocation in Milwaukee and Chicago, some whispers from the gathered guest mentioned that is was intriguing that Elder Komnenos was seen on the arm of Archon Vesper the night prior to the Battle of Chicago.

Fondly, Eris Sonatia Daughter of Cacaphony Harpy of Mt Pleasant MI

May 30, 2014

Month of May:

In attendance:

Prince: Jack Mitchel

Seneschal: Elijah Westfall

Sheriff: Veronica Devries


Scourge: Hagen (Gangrel)

Assistant Keeper: Iaon Lleweyn-Davies

Harpy: Eris Sonatia

Primogen: Veronica Devries, The Sage, Rick the Gangrel, Emmaline Moreaux

Other: Elder Mircea De Luna (Malkvain), Brandon Jacobson (Gangrel), Drake Cranston-Ashcroft (Malkavian), Thomas Demaio (Nosferatu), Natalia Von Buren (Brujah), Mmm (Gangrel)

Visiting our fine city: Elder Jasper Casies of GR (Nosferatu), Able Griswold of Lansing (Gangrel), Flynn or GR (Malkavian), Antonio Giovanni of Detroit, Matthew Milner of Detroit

Elder De Luna would like it to be known that Prince Jack Mitchel now carries his Favor.

To begin this gather Prince Mitchel gave a “Review” of the Conclave Judgements.

Keeper Mai had made it know that in his absence Ioan Lleweyn-Davies was his assistant. Prince Mitchel noted that since the Keeper was away, Ioan would be supported by the backing of the Prince’s judgment.

It was wonderful to see the Ventrue Primogen reminiscing and catching up with the city members. During a conversation about the past with Primogen Moreaux, Prince Mitchel expressed his respect for the strength of will that she showed in resisting Setite corruption.

It was announced that Archon Vesper needs assistance in Chicago next month. Please report your intent of assistance to Veronica Devries.

Veronica Devries offered a side bet to the Poker Symbel: Minor boon to ante up. She believes she will hold the best hand in the state of MI.

A large group of Lupines made their presence known outside of the Elysium, seeking vengeance for their dead. Clan Gangrel reported that the Lupines were threatening to kill any kindred who left the protection of Elysium, with the exclusion of clan Gangrel. Prince Mitchel stated very clearly, numerous times, that he did not want the situation escalated. The tense stand off with Lupines continued throughout the evening....then Prince Mitchel ventured out to speak with the Lupines, alone. He returned unharmed to Elysium to speak with the city once more. A visiting Malkavian named Flynn, who was in contact with Kindred assigned to keep watch of the situation, reported that the matter outside had become problematic. Antonio Giovanni, an Elder of clan Giovanni, transformed into an “Avatar of Death” and assaulted the Emissary of the Lupines…earning Mr. Giovanni the well deserved ire of the Sheriff and Harpy. Prince Mitchel, with barely contained rage, stated that this incident erased all of the goodwill that clan Giovanni had earned in his domain. It seemed that the storm had not yet ended, however the Prince, saying nothing further exited the room leaving the remaining kindred in stunned silence. Harpy Sonatia noted that the Prince showed great restraint.

Rumors and Tasty bits:

Spencer remains silent regarding claims of his cowardice. Thus far he has not chimed in to claim the title nor has he disputed it. He and Eris were seen amiably “chatting it up” at a recent gather in Grand Rapids.

2 Vehicles of kindred have been vandalized this month. Both share the commonality of missing tires and license plates. What do the vandals wish to accomplish?

Are all of the younger Giovanni to head the example of their clan Elder? Upon his return young Salvatore should be pleased as punch to learn that his Elder has destroyed all that of the goodwill that the Neonate had worked for.

~Eris Sonatia

Harpy of Mt. Pleasant, MI



Antonio Giovanni *Warned* by Sheriff Devries with Enforcer

Antonio Giovanni *Warned* by Harpy Sonatia

The Sage gives Drake Cranston-Ashcroft *Acclaimed*.

Prince Mitchel gives Ioan Llewelyn-Davies *Enforcer* for the evening.

Prince Mitchel gives *Honorable* to Emmaline Moreaux

Harpy Sonatia gives *Honorable* to Prince Jack Mitchel

Elder Mircea De Luna gives *Favored* to Prince Jack Mitchel

April 19, 2014

Greetings Kindred of Quality,

Month of April:

In attendance:

Prince: Jack Mitchel

Seneshal: Elijah Westfall

Sheriff: Veronica Devries

Keeper: Elder Nevele Mai

Assistant Keepers: Iaon Lleweyn-Davies & Eris Sonatia

Harpy: Eris Sonatia

Primogen: Veronica Devries, Zoe De Medici, Jeff Crow

Other: Elder Mircea De Luna (Malkavian), Rick the Gangrel, Hagen (Gangrel), Brandon Jacobson (Gangrel), Drake Cranston-Ashcroft (Malkavian), Salvatore Giovanni

Visiting our fine city: Erik Ulfson (Gangrel) of Indy, Thomas Murphy (Caitiff) Sheriff of GR, Elder Jasper Casies (Nosferatu) of GR, Karl Von Kaiser (Tremere)of GR, Antonio Giovanni of Detroit

Keeper Nevele Mai deputized 2 “Assistant Keepers” this gather, Eris Sonatia and Ioan Llewelyn-Davies. Both received status of Defender for the evening.

Hagen of Clan Gangrel is now Scourge.

Rick the Gangrel is primogen.

A small social dinner was held at Elysium on Thursday April the 3rd. Our own Daughter of Cacophony was able to entertain our guests with her flawless melodies and requests from the attendees.

In attendance: Elder Nevele Mai, Veronica Devries, Zoe De Medici, Emmaline Moreaux, and Eris Sonatia.

Our dinner guests: Elder Maxwell Jacobs and Dimitri St George.

On April the 11th, several of our city’s members traveled to a gathering of the kindred of Grand Rapids. Visiting their city from our court included Harpy Eris Sonatia, Ioan Llewelyn-Davies, Prince Jack Mitchel, & Sheriff Veronica Devries. During the evening’s activities at a certain hotel, all possible mortal detection of any involved kindred was more than contained by Eris and Ioan. Thier city did not seem at all grateful for the expertise of Eris and Ioan’s assistance. In fact, the 2 members of Grand Rapids that were involved ran rather than cover their own mess.

The evening of our gather on April the 19th:

More than half of the city's members and it's guests ventured out to deal with a disturbance at the Mt. Pleasant center. All the kindred involved were attacked by a large group consisting of young lupines, wolves and the like. No one was lost or torpored and therefore returned the victors. Our court members were kind enough to bestow 2 of the assisting Grand Rapids court members status.

Rumors and Tasty bits:

Gifts have started arriving at Elysium for our new Harpy. First, 3 new chaise lounges and now a brand new European sports car? Someone is certainly headed in the right direction if the Harpy is able to be bought.

Also recieving gifts, delivered through our friendly neighborhood Giovanni, is Prince Jack Mitchel. The gifts do not appear to be from an admirer as they are potentially inflammatory.

Spencer confirmed the move to Cleveland with a few letters and emails to certain city members. However, Elder Mai has shared a bit of information that has us scratching our heads. It seems that young Spencer purchased, by way of a major prestation, escort to the city of Chicago. He there attempted to sway the vote on Clanhead for the Clan Malkavian. Now the move to his new city under a Malkavian Prince starts to look a bit shady. Veronica Devries seemed almost shattered by this news of her fellow clan mate but Salvatore and Antonio Giovanni rushed to comfort our Sheriff offering their ”services”, which she publicly refused.

Mrs. Zoe De Medici may have misconstrued her relationship with an Elder who has since confirmed that they were never intimate but only “colleagues”. She has recently taken her U- Haul of heartbroken baggage to a new victim of clan Toreador.

🎶...Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes alike...protect you hearts from this stalker in the night...🎶

Status: Prior to last gathering the following was announced by Prince Jack Mitchel:

  • Elijah Westfall gains Courageous
  • Elder Nevele Mai gains Courageous
  • Veronica Devries gains Defender & Courteous
  • Elder Tobias Lyman of Grand Rapids gains Courageous
  • Elder Jasper Casies of Grand Rapids gains Courageous
  • The Sage gains Loyal
  • Zoe De Medici gains Loyal
  • Jeff Crow gains Loyal
  • Eris Sonatia gains Honorable

The night of the gather:

  • Rick the Gangrel gains *Vulgar* from Seneschal Elijah Westfall
  • Jeff Crow gains Favored from Seneschal Elijah Westfall
  • Karl Von Kaiser gains Acclaimed from Primogen Zoe De Medici
  • Elijah Westfall gains Acclaimed from Primogen Jeff Crow
  • Thomas Murphy gains Courageous from Prince Jack Mitchel
  • Ioan Llewelyn-Davies gains Honorable and Loyal (on behalf of his Clan) from Harpy Eris Sonatia
  • In response to Eris, Ioan Llewelyn-Davies gains Loyal from Primogen Zoe De Medici

Ever Fondly, Eris Sonatia Daughter of Cacophony

March 21, 2014

(From Eris Sonatia) In attendance:

Prince: Jack Mitchel Seneschal: Elijah Westfall Sheriff: Veronica Devries Keeper: Eris Sonatia Primogem: Zoe De Medici, Jeff Crow, The Sage, Zod, Whip: Veronica Devries

Other: Elder Nevele Mai, Joseph Demiao, Iaon Lleweyn-Davies, Natalia Von Buren, Elder Mircea De Luna, Salvatore Giovanni

Visiting our fine city from Grand Rapids: Elder Tobias Lyman of clan Malkavian (Prince of Grand Rapids, MI), Jasper Casies of clan Nosferatu, Shaun Gates of clan Gangrel, and Jim Kolh of clan Venture.

Eris Sonatia is newly appointed the Harpy of Mt Pleasant.

Eris' former position of Keeper is now held by Elder Nevele Mai of clan Malkavian.

The Prince called for a changing of the seasons and thus the new primogen council was chosen.

  • Veronica Devries clan Toreador
  • Zoe De Medici clan Tremere
  • Jeff Crow clan Brujah
  • The Sage clan Malkavian
  • Joseph Demaio clan Nosferatu
  • Emmaline Moreaux remains clan Ventrue

The clan Gangrel is yet to be filled.

Symbel announced by Prince Jack Mitchel: Whomsoever shall present a suitable location for a new Elysium (as per determination of the Prince)shall be named winner and known as Victorious. This location must meet the classical definition of an Elysium. You are highly encouraged to acquire, renovate, infuse with culture, and so on, to ensure the claim. Any frivolous entries with be looked upon...poorly.

Symbel announced by Elder Tobias Lyman (Prince of Grand Rapids): For a time period of 2 months, whomsoever shall gain the most boons associated with them shall win and be know as Victorious. Any can take part in this challenge but Elder Tobias Lyman indicated that these boons must be earned in Mt Pleasant to be counted. The boons will be counted by a point system, so one can assume, the greater the boon value the higher the point value, (Most boons owed and owning, earned in Mt Pleasant over April & May.)

I have never gave up the search or hope of his return but I finally persevered in these many months that he has been missing and we were able to retrieve Elder Mircea De Luna. He will need a great deal of care for his recovery and that is being seen to by his clan.

Rumors and Tasty bits:

It seems that within moments of her arrival, Natalia Von Buren of clan Brujah decided to have a lengthy and apparently amusing chat with Salvatore. The excuse she uttered was that we all seemed too busy and she hadn't been introduced. This is somehow our fault? Silly girl.

Spencer of clan Toreador is apparently an “Upstart Brat” who seems to be quite “Stingy” with his boons. There seemed to be a disagreement of the worth of a boon from his own clan member and Sheriff of our city. Then it also seems to be a strong possibility of Spencer packing up his things and going “home” to Cleveland. Is it enough that he appears to be frightened by another kindred raising their voice? Perhaps he is simply cowardly.

Zoe of clan Tremere is gaining quite the reputation as a harlot, jumping from relationship to relationship as it suits her. From flings with the likes of Caitiff to a toy for Elders, she has made her rounds. It is interesting that she does insist on keeping the last name of her husband, whom she ”divorced” when his attention was not to her standards. (*cough* because of his unfortunate bout of torpor.) Is she perhaps attempting to gain favor with his clan? Or simply a creature of opportunity in mortal standards.


  • Ioan Llewelyn-Davies is no longer Warned for his acts against the Keeper Eris Sonatia in the month of February.
  • Joesph Demaio is now Warned for his defiant discourtesy toward the Established Elder Tobias Lyman.
  • Established Elder Nevele Mai wishes to name The Sage his Favored. Ml
  • Established Elder Tobias Lyman wishes to name Veronica Devries his Favored.

Ever Fondly,

Eris Sonatia Daughter of Cacophony

January 18, 2014

(From Rick the Gangrel and transcribed by the Sheriff a few days later.)

This is what happened Saturday, the 18th of January. PART I. I'm Ric. I'm not the Harpy, just filling in until Thomas gets his memories back. Maybe. If I enjoy myself too much I'll just take it from him.

I'm going to tell you what I saw, and then I'll have Mr. Crow and Mr. Giovanni tell you what they saw. While I was gallivanting about all over town I may have missed something.

I arrived to the Gather late by about six months to find that:

1. I'd been fired.
2. I'd lost Status.
4. I'd been missed. That last one really hit home.

There have been some changes to the court, I'm sure most know them but I'll go ahead anyway and say that:
1. Mircea De Luna is no longer Prince, and Jack Mitchel is now Exalted. He's Well-Known, to me at least, for killing infernalists and Famous for numerous actions that I won't bother mentioning here. It's like rattling off all of Bruce Willis' good movies. It's pointless. And if you couldn't guess that he's Prince well fuck off.
2. Elijah Westfall has be elevated to Seneschal, an Esteemed and Cherished member of our Court who has been deemed Noble by our new Prince. This is correct. This guy is cool as fucking ice.
3. Jeff Crow is the new Brujah Primogen, Revered for it and his keen and almost surgical use of a crowbar and a fire-axe. And because I just spelled all that out I finally got the joke. (I've bolded the joke for future reading.)
4. Byron Montgomery aka Undertaker aka Pretty Cool Guy In My Book was Scourge while I was away. Thanks! It's a hard and challenging job that is well suited for diseased minds like ours.
5. It's my job again! Goodbye! Seriously though call me, its been an age.

On a serious note, Angelica Byrne is no longer with us. The Brujah Harpy who as been here for so long is gone. My fondest memory of her will have to be when she ripped a Kindred's arm off and beat him with it. Every other memory of her is of equal beauty, just less bloodshed.
Goodbye. END PART I.

Just kidding.

October 19, 2013

(Found tacked to the door of Elysium and on the 20th, transcribed verbatim via email by the Sheriff.)

Where to begin? Well I suppose introductions are in order. I am Thomas Perkins of clan Gangrel, recently appointed Harpy of the city of Mount Pleasant by Imperial Prince Mircea De Luna. I am happy to report that all attending Primogen lent their support to this appointment. Before I go into the events of the evening I'll make a note of who attended Elysium on this date.

  • Imperial Prince Mircea DeLuna of clan Malkavian
  • Senechal Jack of clan Tremere
  • Keeper of Elysium Eris
  • Brujah Primogen Elijah
  • Toreador Primogen Spencer
  • Tremere Primogen Zoe
  • Gangrel Harpy yours truly Thomas Perkins
  • Brujah Elsa
  • Giovanni Salvatore

The evening began with the suprise announcement of the appointment of the Harpy position. Imperial Prince Mircea announced that former Independent and Probationary Sect Member Thomas Perkins has officially joined the Camarilla and then named Thomas the Harpy for the city of Mount Pleasant. The primogen present lent their support, after confirming Thomas' state of membership. From there the Tremere in attendance successfully figured out what happened to former Harpy Angelica and where she was. The news did not sit well with Prince Mircea. From what I understand of the events, the Prince frenzied and caused quite the ruckus at a local tattoo parlor, resulting in a fire and local authorities becoming involved and some being killed. The Prince left the scene in a stolen police vehicle, which he brought back to the Elysium grounds. From what I witnessed every individual present was instrumental in both making sure the events were cleaned up and calming our Prince down.

Of note: Eris was instrumental in calming the beast inside of our Prince and generally making the overall mood serene. Salvatore used his influence to save the lives of some wounded police officers. Elijah used his influence to relocate the police vehicle unnoticed. Elsa used her influence to have that police vehicle "chopped", whatever the hell that is. Zoe and Jack used their abilities to solve the mystery of what happened to Angelica, may she rest in peace.

There were no boons registered on this evening.

Near the end of the evening brujah Elsa decided to start throwing trash in my general direction. I don't know why, but I did find it quite RUDE*. (Elsa gained the negitive status RUDE at least until next gather) Keeper Eris pointed out the error of such actions and promptly advised Elsa to clean up her mess, which she did. From what I understand Elsa is young, and like yours truly has a bit to learn about court etiquette. I hope that perhaps in the nights to come we will both raise our awareness of what is to be expected of us.

If I missed anything, you'll have to forgive me. This is my first Harpy report, and it ain't too shabby if I do say so myself. Some things I would like to mention: It's time for my long self imposed exile to end. My thanks go to the Kindred of the city of Mount Pleasant for welcoming me into the Camarilla. A few personal notes: It was implied to me that it would be in my best interest to keep at least one of the Primogen in my "pocket". I got one thing to say about that: STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY POCKETS! I keep a Bible in one pocket, and my tobacco pouch in the other. I don't have room for anything else, and I really don't want it. It was also suggested that some of the court would not be happy with my new appointment of Harpy, and perhaps try to "relieve" me of my duties, one way or the other. Yeah well, that may be the case. If you ain't happy with it, bring it up in court, or just tell me. Think you can do a better job? Well I didn't see a damn one of you raising your hand to take the position when it was vacated. I may be an uneducated redneck hick, but I take my responsibilities very seriously, whatever they may be. I figure that about does it for this report