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Long part of the American psyche, alternately hope and boredom, riches and want. And that's just in the real world...

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NCRE 2017 in Denver, CO
Event hosted at the Crown Plaza Hotel and Convention Center DIA
15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239

Event info can be found on at:

We Have a Brand new Website! Want to see more and experience what NoCtuRnE 2017 is all about? Come visit us at !!!!!!!! Subscribe on our blog page to get listed for updates as we get them. Looking forward to seeing you all at the North central Regional Event in May!


Ticket Pricing
Pre-Registration Pricing - Available til April 30th:
Regular Tickets - $50
VIP Tickets - $75 (not available onsite)

To purchase your tickets click here now!

In addition to your entry in to the convention to participate in any and all OOC and IC programming we will be offering the following perks to our guests that pre-register for this convention.

Regular Ticket holders will received:
Program of Events
Convention Badge
Standard Lanyard
Custom 3' Conventions Logo Sticker
One entry into Charity Raffle

VIP Ticket holders will received:
Program of Events
Custom Convention Badge
NCRE Branded Lanyard
Custom 3' Conventions Logo Sticker
Five entries into Charity Raffle
Priority Check-in beginning on Wednesday May 24
Free 5 use Retest Card for any venue (restrictions apply)
Ten Points for use at our Charity Fuel Refill Station
Feature one PC in our Twitter style Who's Who Section of the Website and Program
IC Perks per venue - Visit our Webpage for more details at

More to be announced soon....

In addition all guests that pre-register for this convention will have the opportunity to purchase NCRE 2017 and MES Conventions apparel. These items are available with ticket purchase til April 23rd Only!



Wednesday May 24
Early Registration for VIP Guests 2pm – 7pm

Thursday May 25
OOC Programming
Registration 9am – 7pm
Vendor Room 3pm – 7pm
Opening Ceremonies 4pm
Immediately followed by Regional Meeting

IC Programming
Cam/Anarch 8pm – Midnight

Friday May 26
OOC Programming
Registration 9am – 7pm
Vendor Room 10am – 7pm
Character Ties Networking Event(All Venues) 8am – 1pm

IC Programming
nWoD Zoo 1pm – 5pm
Sabbat 7pm – 1am

Saturday May 27
OOC Programming
Registration 9am – 7pm
Vendor Room 10pm – 7pm
Charity Auction 12:30am - 2:30 am
After Hours Party 12:30am – 2:30am*

IC Programming
BNA Werewolf the Apocalypse 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Cam/Anarch 7:30pm – 11:30pm*

Sunday May 28
OOC Programming
Vendor Room Last Minute Sales 10am – 1pm
Costume Swap 8am – 11:30am*
Closing Ceremonies 1pm*

  • Events subject to change.


Event Leads
Event Lead: Kay Stavis

  • Event Second : Alexis Dyer

Storyteller Lead: Michael Dyer

  • Storyteller Second: Joseph Perry IV

Media Team
Marketing/Media Lead: Jeannie Starcher

  • Second: Megan Cochran

Photography Lead: Ruby Dalton-Martin
Publications Lead: Aaron Cox

On-Site Team
Registration Lead: Chad Hunter

  • Second: Scott Milner

Charity Lead: Becky Williams

  • Second: TBD

Security Lead: Mike Torrey

  • Second: Adam Smith

Vendor Lead: Laura Duval

  • Second: Aaron Cox

Volunteer Lead: Brandi Darbe

  • Second:

Floor Operations: Mark Darbe
Decor Lead: Elizabeth Willis

Storytelling Team
Cam/Anarch: Jayme Wooster

  • Second: Chris Angell

Apoc: Michael Dalton-Martin

  • Second: Alex Rule

Sabbat: Sarah Farley

  • Second: Jason Herman

NWoD Zoo: Thomas Brown

  • Second: Tandy Moore

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