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Pack - Miles To Go (2.0)



  • Laughs Last - Painful lessons are often the best ones; to this day, Noah regards Rickard as one of the greatest teachers he's ever had...however accidental.
  • Ingrid Swenson - A former packmate that took the time to truly come to know him in a time when neither cared much for packs.
  • Mairin Silverborn - Adopted like a little sister because of her tendency to learn things the hard way, on purpose.
  • Folding Chair - Helped him escape hunters when he ventured down to Arizona too soon after his change.
  • Pari Forakis - Pari and Noah met in Greece during a period of tragedy for her. A friendship formed and grew stronger than most over the years because they had so very much in common.
  • Vivianne Hawthorne - A brave Galliard who returned from the War in the Stars to tell the story of the quenching, and who has taught him much in the years afterward.
  • Nantan Shadow Seeker - A Philodox much in need of remembering how to smile, and the rewards of mercy. They've shared drinks and stood at one another's backs often enough, though they couldn't be much more different.
  • Sabine Silver Swift - Sabine was taken, her pack destroyed, and she did more than a brief dance with Harano. Noah dreamed of her rise, her fall, and her redemption. They remain close, if physically distant, because he stood by her.
  • Verdant Star - Noah and Jayson's commitment to one another makes them one hell of a force to be reckoned with...which explains why so few have given them hell for being married to begin with.