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  • July 4th, 1985 - Born in Sedona, AZ, to Cyrus Forakis and Stormy Skye Anderson - their eldest child, with two more to come.
  • September 12th, 2000 - First Change at High School.
  • October 25th, 2000 - Moves to San Francisco and the Sept of Cascading Peace.
  • November 1st, 2000 - Completes Rite of Passage, earns Deed Name "Merciful Rain".
    • Begins attending Archbishop Hanna High School, a.k.a. Hanna's Boys Center, a school for 'at risk' (read: troubled) young men.
  • July 19th, 2003 - Bids farewell to the Sept of Cascading Peace and moves on.
  • August 1st, 2003 - Settles in Lawrence, KS and the Sept of The Tor.
  • August 2004 - Transfers to Chicago to learn a new language, joins a Sept and begins to try to join a Pack as well. He meets Sabine Silver-Swift.
  • September, 2004 - Challenges Gloria Navarre, "Song of the South", NPC Bone Gnawer, Homid, Galliard for Fostern.
  • November, 2004 - Completes Fostern Challenge. Becomes closer to Sabine Silver Swift whose overconfidence buoys his spirits...until he dreams about her fall. When he rises to tell her, she is gone already and her pack is missing for three days, until he dreams again of where to find her. The rescue isn't pretty, and Sabine requires a great deal of counseling, and the Rite of Comfort.
  • Undefined, 2006 - Packs with Ingrid Swenson through the end of the Ratkin War.
  • Jan/Feb-April 2007 - Intermittent travel to Washington, spending time with Jacob Whitewater and learning about his heritage. Left the Sept with Jacob when he decided to go on walkabout.
    • May 21st, 2007 - Completes BS: Linguistics and BS: Anthropology at Kansas University.
    • August, 2007 - Studies Mohawk language at Haskell Indian Nations University. Meets Mark Abornazine while there, Noah recognizes Mark as Kinfolk, and dreams about the doom awaiting Mark in years to come, warning him to 'linger over his tea with the old woman with the butterfly hat'.
  • January (Winter), 2009 - Travels to Greece for Graduate/Thesis work, meets Pari Forakis and performs the Rite of Comfort for her after her brother's death.
    • March, 2009 - Studying in North Dakota, meets Rickard. Outlook shifts significantly.
    • June 4th, 2009 - Completes MS: Linguistic Anthropology
      • (Late)June-September 2009 - Spends a summer at a Children of Gaia commune in Austin, TX with his Cousin/Aunt Andrea Beam, before her First Change.
  • Winter 2010-2011 - Meets Vivianne Hawthorne, "Misery's Fury", and challenges her for Adren.
  • March 3rd, 2011 - Joins the Sept of the South Wind. Meets Mischief and Mayhem, and Athena Papadopoulos.
  • Spring 2012 - Travels to Boston, completes Adren Challenge, and is named "Wisdom-of-Babel" or "Babel's Wisdom".
  • Summer 2013 - Currently in the Sept of the South Wind, assuming role as Eldest Galliard.
    • August 18th, 2013 - Keith is killed, fighting vampires in defense of a Kinfolk.
    • November 9th, 2013 - Jenny is killed fighting the Wyrm.
  • April, 2014 - Challenges Pari Forakis for the rank of Athro.
  • July, 2014 - Captures Louise "Breaker of Bonds" Wyotten, Elder Black Spiral Dancer, with Unicorn's Gift of Dazzle. Louise is later killed by her own father Owen Eagle's Cry, in cold fury, rather than taken to Erebus by Noah.
  • March, 2015 - Complete Pari's challenge, returning from the Aethereal realm to tell the tale of Pari becoming Elder. Named Athro, deeded "Harmony of Tambiyah".
    • March, 2015 - Announced as the "Voice of the Goddess" by the Heart of the Goddess, Karma Child.
    • March, 2015 - Relocates to the Sept of The Valley of The Moon, becoming their Keeper of the Land. Forms up Miles to Go.