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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Nadya "Nighthawk" "Listens at Dusk" Marks

Adren, Shadow Lord, Theurge, Homid

Glory 3, Honor 2, Wisdom 9

Sept of the Valley of the Moon

Nadya is tall and slim, with a dancer's build. Short black hair, normally pulled back into a ponytail or pig tails, frames a pretty face with a strong jaw and high cheekbones. Thick glasses rest in front of green eyes, usually rimmed with kohl. Metal piercings decorate her eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, and tongue. A livid, silvery-grey burn scar, in the shape of a hand, wraps around her neck. Thick welted grey burn lines trace down her left arm, mottling the once beautiful tattoos there. Her right arm is not marked with scarring, but is covered with bright Japanese tattoos, as are her stomach and chest, though across her abdomen runs another welted scar. Her back piece stands out stark from the other tattoos in color and style. A barren tree winds up her right side, branches extending across her shoulders where a crow sits and a crescent moon shines between the branches; a black wolf stalks among the tree roots on the lower left side.

In Crinos, her fur is black and her eyes glitter like emeralds, cold and sharp. The same hand print in her homid form stands out stark and hairless in her battle form, an odd grey color in sharp contrast to the dark fur; likewise the welted lines along her left arm and the thick scar over her stomach are also stark and hairless. Though this might be her war form, it's not overly muscled, and seems more built for agility and precision than hulking strength.

Lupus is a form Nadya rarely takes, and few of her sept mates have seen it. She's black furred, like any Shadow Lord of any breeding should be, with bright unnaturally green eyes. Her toes on each foot are white, giving her the appearance of small socks in the wolf form. Like in her Crinos form, the hand shows grey and hairless in this form, with the long welted lines tracing down her left shoulder and foreleg and a scar bisecting her abdomen.

OOC Note: Shadow Lord Pure Breed 3

Title or Positon: Pack Beta

Pack: Miles to Go


Nadya is very tight-lipped about her past. It's known that both her parents are deceased; she's stated often her only living relatives are her brothers, Detrick and Thunder's Judgement. She lived with Detrick during her teen years, after their parents died. She did not go through her first change until after her eighteenth birthday. Fortunately, her older brother intervened before Nadya was able to cause any real harm. Afterwards, she graduated high school with straight A's, and was shipped off to California to attend Sonoma State University, where she graduated with a bachelor's in occult studies and metaphysics, and has recently entered the graduate program for Psychology. Thunder's Judgement followed her for a time, before leaving for Southern California.

Nadya has largely tried to stay away from garou and the Nation, keeping quietly to herself if she can. Lately, she has spent more and more time at the Caern, claiming Crow "tore her a new one" for avoiding her duties. Since she has been around, she's proven invaluable, as much for her willingness to get things done as for the unconventional knowledge she possesses. Constantly putting herself out in danger for her home, Nadya stands as a sentinel against the wyrm in Luna's Awakening.


Detrick "Shadow of Necessity"
Gideon "Thunder's Judgement" Marks

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Rickard "Laughs Last" Marek - Alpha
Elizabeta "Sings the Forgotten" Dragos - Packmate
Erik "Gaia's Shining Son" Victory - Packmate
Noah "Harmony of Tambiyah" Rahmat - Packmate
"Swift Talon" - Packmate

Alex "Shadow's Mercy" Roberts
Isa "The Bone Thief
Megumi "The Glass Bat" Katsuko
Sabine "Silver Swift" LaCoix
Yukiko "Calms the Spirits" Takahashi
Dylan "Howl of Thunder" Price
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"Life, Mr. Reid, is offended by you and me." - Bennett

"My dad was an asshole." - Nadya
"You are very wise to be afraid of the dark." -Nadya
"Just remember, Nadya; I believe in you. Now don't cock it up, or I'll throat your ass." -Laughs Last
"We are more alike than I am comfortable with." - Sings the Forgotten
"I envy her ferocity while I marvel at her struggle with balance. In time, I will be honored to help her maintain it, and in the doing learn more about myself. It is all I can ask for, from anyone." - Noah Rahmat
"Nadya is rough around the edges, but she's got a lot more heart than she'll ever let on." - Swift Talon
"My sister's skills are impressive, and in time will be more so -- if she doesn't get herself killed." - Thunder's Judgement
"Nadya... you're smart as a whip and could easily school some Athro I know with your knowledge, but you REALLY need to work on your people skills, please." -- Sabine Silver Swift
"She will be a great Theurge, when she realizes that she is a great Theurge." -- Howl of Thunder

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Way too obsessed with her older brother.
Refuses to let people touch her, except for a select few.
Has an odd obsession with acquiring knowledge.
Dangerously preoccupied with studying the Wyrm.
Makes even Athro unsettled with her unconventional knowledge and rites.
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|Before I'm Dead
|Cry Little Sister
|Down With the Sickness
|Familiar Taste of Poison
|I Hate Myself for Loving You
|Just What I Needed


Player: Randi H.

MES Number: US2013030023

Location: Sonoma County, CA

Other Characters: Madalyn, Camarilla Malkavian; Clarus Vilain, Lancea Sanctum Daeva; Luciana Donati, Sabbat Lasombra Necromancer

Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Homid
Pack: Miles to Go
Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon
Rank: Adren
Glory: •••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••
Player: Randi H.
Storyteller: VST Woody P.