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In Memoriam:
3.20.78 ~ 8.11.14

  • “Her memory lives on in those who love her.” - David Anderson
  • “We will never forget. And we can honor her through our actions.” - Marcus Jackson
  • "We do this because it is right. She deserves no less." - Silas Magnus
  • "To Naija, whose death was not caused by Sin, but by the arrogance of other people. We will remember you." F13
  • "We will remember, Naija. You will not be forgotten." Rosemary Weald


Name: Naija Singh-Jackson, M.D.
Type: Mage, Acanthus
Faction: Mysterium
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cell: Un Arbol
Accord Status: 2
Title: Deputy Morale Officer
Division: The Vault
Division Status: 1





Was a 35 year old and 5'8" of Indian descent, Naija wore modest but breathable dresses and sandals:


Naija was a very unassuming woman. She didn't have supernatural beauty, but she was beautiful because of her quiet confidence. Of obvious Indian descent, though wholly Americanized. She spoke in soft and calm tones

Known to the Accord

  • Naija was a Mage. Her specialty was the Mind sphere.
  • She was one of the 'go to' people for those who are recently brought into the Accord AND new to their creature type.

Known to the Public

  • She was a highly respected Psychiatrist, and regularly spoke at Colleges and University in Puerto Rico. She had been a psychiatrist for many years.
  • She was specialized in Combat Trauma.






  • Born Mar 21, 1978 to adoring parents in Shimla in the Himadal Pradesh Province of Northern India. She was the younger of two children, the eldest a boy, 2 years her senior.
  • November 1982 Moved with her parents from India to Lewiston, Idaho. Her parents opened a small grocery/deli establishment.
  • 1995 met a nice young man in high school, at age 17.
  • 1995, August 8th, Had a child, a boy, named him Daniel Jr. Was forced to marry the father, Daniel and was quite happy. Continuing school and graduating a year early from High School. She was accepted to LSU in 1997, went through the psychiatry courses to get her degree and had another child.
  • 1997, November 12th, She gave birth to a daughter, Hannah. She had just started college, so it was quite the shock to her to juggle one more child with just she and Daniel Sr.
  • 1997, December 21st, On a car ride back to Idaho from Louisiana, she awakened after a horrific car accident that took the life of her beloved husband. He was 20, she was 19.
  • After her Awakening, she decided to continue college – and was in contact with Mysterium and Acanthus to assist her in her magical growth. She was quite active in a cabal in Idaho, though she lived in Louisiana during the school year with her two young children. She also changed her name legally at this time to Naija Singh.

Recent Events

  • When her daughter was 5, she had a nightmare of the night that Daniel had been killed. She recalls being in the passenger seat and seeing a very strange creature and feeling awkward as they went through a mountain pass in the middle of nowhere Idaho… It was what caused the accident. As she researched more and more and grew her own Therapy practice in Northern Louisiana (it was small) for half of the year; she discovered that what she had felt was a Tear and seen an Abomination. Since that day she has worked to fight against The Truth, choosing only recently to stop her ‘regular mage dealings’ and find a Cell. Her children are older now, finishing up their own schooling back home in Idaho with their Maternal Grandparents. She can focus solely on the fight.
  • Moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico at the request of Dea Tacita. She opened her first 'real' office.
  • Married Marcus Jackson, 4/10/2014.
  • Closed her office, 4/30/2014 - the CUT has learned about it's location.
  • End of April, her son, Daniel 'DJ' Singh has moved to Puerto Rico as well. He is a werewolf and she is accepting, though scared for her only son.
  • During the final week of May 2014, she had a situation happen that caused mental trauma and she recalls now, memories that she did not have before. Coming to the understanding that she also had been affected by the 'Ripples'. (I am seeking neat and interesting ties for this here, folks. Email me if you would like to be a part of her history on a darker level.)
  • August 11, 2014 Naija dies in Turkey as part of Operation The Tower in an explosion that would have killed her husband Marcus Jackson without her quick and selfless action. A red ribbon appearing on her wrist at her very last moment of life.
  • Rest in Peace, Dr. Singh-Jackson, March 21, 1978 - August 11, 2014


The Ties that Bind

Family Left Behind

Friends Left Behind


  • The Truth

Clients (OOC list)


The Things They Say

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  • She and Marcus Jackson were married within a few days of their first date.
  • She attacked David Anderson viciously, and walked away.
  • She curses like a sailor when behind closed doors.
  • She can kill people with her mind alone.
  • Naija is very easy to talk to. Perhaps too easy, if you know what I mean.


By Her

  • "You are loved and worthy of Love."
  • "All that we all need, is Love. In the end.. as the Truth reaches out to devour our souls. We must face it with Love, because it doesn't understand what that is." to David Anderson

About Her

  • "I think I'm going to fire you as my therapist. I think I need a friend, a 'good' friend more." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "My nephew's wife is a rare thing, especially in our shadow world. A woman who is kind. Truly kind and giving and loving to all. The world would be a darker place without her." - David Anderson
  • "'s a sad day when people like 'er're the firs' ta go. Ye expect it from the fighters, from the people wot go inta battle not expectin' ta come back, but... damn..." - Sybil Grey
  • "Didn't know her. Didn't have to; just from how people reacted, you can tell, she was a good person." - Ingrid
  • "I didn't know her, which is a shame. To have so much of the orchestra that is the Accord sorrow at her loss, the music she created in life must have been beautiful." - Dani
  • "She was a keystone. Bad enough to lose her at all without seeing her memory used even while we were trying to show her respect." - F1R3W@LL
  • "I wasn't her child by blood, no. But she was more of a mother to me than anyone has ever been." - Aurora Coventry
  • "I didn't have the honor of knowing her for more than a few hours, but she more than demonstrated her goodness, her kindness, her caring soul." - Sera De la Vega
  • "I didn't know her very well. I wish I had. Mia always had such nice things to say about her..." - Anastasia Cross
  • "She was an asset, and her loss will be greatly felt in the coming nights. I regret that nothing could be done to save her..." - Amalia Iliescu


Out of Character


  • [1] - Michael Bublé - Close Your Eyes
  • [2] - Garth Brooks sang by Martina McBride - The Dance
  • [3] - Blake Shelton - Home
  • [4] - Lady Antebellum - Never Alone
  • [5] - Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You
  • [6] - The Band Perry - All My Life
  • [7] - Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart
  • [8] - Sarah McLachlan - Angel
  • [9] - Enrique Iglesias - Hero
  • [10] - Phil Collins - Two Worlds
  • [11] - Michael West - Family Tree
  • [12] - Phil Collins - True Colors
  • [13] - LeeAnn Womack - I Hope You Dance

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