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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Nm ourhero.jpgSometimes we are placed on the path to great things by Gaia. It is our choice to make if we continue down that path, or if we turn our back on our destinies. ~Nakia Menefer

The blood of the Wrym has stained her once red fur black, forever marking her as one of Gaia’s warriors. A silvery white star lays over her right eye hinting at her ability to guide and connection to spirits and the unseen. The dead also seek her aid, and it is not uncommon for the scent of decay and chill of the grave to cling to Nakia

The blood of the Ethiopian wolf is strong in her, and her wolf form is similar in size and build to a coyote. She is larger than a jackal, and has relatively longer legs for her body. For an Ethiopian wolf female she is large, but in comparison to many other Garou her Lupus form is rather small. Her smaller size often causes her to be mistaken by a coyote or a wild dog by farmers or hunters.

Nakia is very quick to state her reason for being in the area is to help with the local spirits. She is always willing to help with the spirit issues of others, but wander off from time to time.

NAKIA IS DECEASED, for IC details contact the Sept of Boar's Children or the Pack Shifting Fates.

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  • Nakia has a British accent, even though she claims to be from Ethiopia
  • Nakia is sensitive to the presence of weaver tech. She claims it creates noise that bothers her ears, especially when alot of weaver tech is present.
  • Nakia has a knack for riddles.
  • Recently named Alpha of Chimera Pack: Shifting Fates

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  • Alpha?!? Nakia? Her pack have been up against a wall to choose her to lead!
  • For a Strider Nakia doesn't do a lot of traveling. What could be going on to make a Traveler hold still this long?
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  • "I'm not really sure of what to make of Nakia. On one hand, ya know, I normally gotta good rapport with the Striders. Kindred people and all that gypsy traveling shit. On the other hand its really fucking strange to have someone sitting around speaking island monkey. Kid does seem to have a decent head on her shoulders though so I guess the whole talking like a fucking union jack cracker is the worst thing I'll have to deal with here." - Declan Brennan, Drinks-All-Night
  • "Nakia has a deep and kind soul. She helps those in need, and for that I am grateful. Even if I didn't eat the food she pulled out of a dumpster." - Emma
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  • Nelson Mandela - He was known for being both stubborn and loyal, and at times exhibited a quick temper. He was typically friendly and welcoming, and appeared relaxed in conversation with everyone, including his opponents. Constantly polite and courteous, he was attentive to all, irrespective of their age or status, and often talked to children or servants. In later life he always looked for the best in people, even defending political opponents to his allies, who sometimes thought him too trusting of others.
  • Nut (Goddess) - Nut was a very beautiful and kind goddess. She was loving and caring. She was a motherly figure and a very strong and independent goddess, for she would not marry just any person. She did what she wanted and when angered she never let anyone stand in her way.
  • Xuanzang - Xuanzang's work, the Great Tang Records on the Western Regions, is the longest and most detailed account of the countries of Central and South Asia that has been bestowed upon posterity by a Chinese Buddhist pilgrim. While his main purpose was to obtain Buddhist books and to receive instruction on Buddhism while in India, he ended up doing much more. He has preserved the records of political and social aspects of the lands he visited.
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Apocalypse PC

Player: Christina Shirley
Character: Nakia Menefer, Traveler of the Star's Path
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silent Strider
Renown: 2 Glory 2 Honor 7 Wisdom
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

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