Nathaniel Hawke

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Sean McLaughlin
Character: Nathaniel Hawke
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Status: [5] Acknowledged, Established, Venerated, Revered, Empowered (by Elder Prince Elizabeth Barringer)
Domain: SC-011-D

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Greenville, SC
Player: Sean McLaughlin
Storyteller: VST Eric D

Character Information

Name: Nathaniel Hawke
Clan: Toreador
Born: 2 May, 1702 - London England
Embraced: 15 Sept, 1759
Generation: 8th
Status: 5
Notable Traits: Blush of Health, Eat Food, Bright Aura, Permanent Fangs, Cast No Refection
Title or Position: Primogen of Clan Toreador, Greenville, SC

Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known to those with Sabbat Lore: Nathaniel appeared in New York City in 1759. He was a ragged mess and barely able to be understood. Ductus Alexander took him under his wing and taught him. He brought him back from the edge. They ran together with the rest of his pack until about 1800. Then about that time, Nathaniel started looking at the actions of Constance as demonstrative. The Tscimice had pushed too many of the wrong buttons in Nathaniel and he finally snapped. On a cold rainy night, Nathaniel set the communal haven on fire and jumped on a ship bound for somewhere else. Anywhere else but there... He is currently wanted by the Sabbat as a traitor to the Code of Milan.

Information Known to those with Camarilla/Toreador Lore: On a cold rainy night in March of 1800, Nathaniel came ashore in Washington, DC. When asked of his allegiances he simply stated he didn't have any at that time. He never really bothered to tell the Prince were he was from except, "England, originally..." He seem to take the normal mechanisms of Camarilla daily life with a calm reserved approach. Never really getting involved in politics. He was acknowledged soon after his arrival as a member of the Camarilla and an upstanding citizen of Washington, DC. He seem the avoid politics and infighting as much as possible.

When the Second Cholera Pandemic in 1830, hit the east coast and the Sabbat started a crusade on the cities along the coast. Nathaniel didn't wish to be part of the wars that followed. He fled into the wilderness of the time to Nashville, Tennessee. He took up residence there as a doctor that was willing to look after people at night. He like helping humans. On one evenings, sojourn he met Eva Lawrence and started to court her in a very kindred type of way. He embraced her in September of 1832. She would later become Senechal of Nashville.

When the Civil War started Nathaniel traveled with the 13th Tennessee Cavalry about the states. He served as a surgeon for them after the battles and late at night. In order to keep his secret of his identity he ghouled Major Thomas Finley. Near the end of the war, with a deal struck with Elizabeth Barringer, he traded Thomas Finley to Elizabeth to insure that Greenville, SC wasn't burned by the troops. This saved many lives in Greenville. He also took up residence in Greenville.

In 1917, Nathaniel helped found the Greenville Hospital System. He works diligently to keep it profitable and up to date.


[Unknown Sire 7th Gen] (Quebec, 1759)

  • Nathaniel Hawke


  • Nathaniel was embraced in Quebec at a battle
  • Rumor has it he spent 1760 to 1800 in New York City?
  • He didn't show up in public eye until he washed ashore in Washington, DC in 1800
  • He fled violence in 1830 toward Nashville, TN
  • Traveled with 13th Tennessee Calvary throughout the Civil War
  • Has been in Greenville, SC since end of Civil War
  • Started Greenville Hospital System

OOC Information

Toreador Symbol.png

Player: Sean McLaughlin

MES Number: US2005043229

Location: Greenville, SC