Nathaniel Lament Hell

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Kindred Society


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Malkavian Lineage


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He dresses conservatively in an old style black long coat with a priests collar visible beneath. He seems to wear a perpetual scowl and his eyes seem dead and lifeless even when he speaks. He appears to be in his 30's though he is quite blanched.


  • "Mr. Hell saved my life once, and I am forever grateful to him. Hopefully next time our paths cross it will be under better circumstances." - Arthur Stanford
  • "Nathaniel is in possession of a very singular focus. It is to his credit that, even during chaos, when he sets out to accomplish something he does so, while trusting in others to provide cover." - Jacob Cally, about saving members of the [redacted].
  • "With Lament, you are either with him or against him. Pray that you find yourself on the right side, or you may find yourself shown the light whether you wish to be or not." - Amelia Thorne
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OOC Player Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: James B. Cline
Storyteller: VST Ryan Garriga

Name: Brandon Cline(US2013030081)

Location: Pascagoula, MS

MES Positions: AVST Vampire - The Bloody Coast

Facebook Group: Mississippi Gulf Coast Mind's Eye Society
Chapter The Bloody Coast
Note - Always looking for character ties