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Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho'

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved heaven and earth; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

, Tennyson

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Naveed (ooc pic by Craig Page)

The Basics

Name: Naveed Weiss

Nicknames: Nav, Navi, "Midnight Lamp" or "Little Wing" among the Forsaken. "Bride of the Centipede" in Tokyo.

Creature Type: Uratha, Ithaeur Bone Shadow

Title or Positon: Rank 3 (Accord), Co-Ritualist of Third Lantern Cell

Division: The Vault, Rank 1

Renown: Wisdom 5, Cunning 2, Glory 5, Honor 3, Purity 2. Spirit Rank 4. Spirit mark and tattoo of the Lodge of Harbingers looks kinda like another Cunning mark.


  • Magical field data analysis
  • Data collection, magical and otherwise
  • Expert in matters of Shadow, Spirits, Ghosts
  • Proficient with Zombies
  • Master Ritualist
  • Much stealth
  • Being overlooked
  • Fetish building
  • Prophecy interpretation
  • Travel
  • Flight, but only in the Shadow
  • Forsaken relations
  • Tear interpretation
  • Listens to what you say, NLP
  • Following orders in the field
  • Not going over your head
  • Funeral expert

General Appearance

Nav's Bag of Tricks
Naveed's start in the Accord

Not at all striking, she tends not to stand out. Despite her name she's clearly not Middle-Eastern, or male. Standard kinda cute Caucasian hippie-goth girl, old enough to drink with her real ID. Big blue eyes, sometimes sad, sometimes curious. Sometimes *too* curious. They seem to change color a lot. Has a gorgeous tattoo on her upper left arm, a wolf's face over a rabbit's footprint between two inward curved wings, rarely seen because she always wears long sleeves. Laid back for a werewolf and likes listening to stories and learning new info.


  • Currently without pack or territory.
  • Deed name was almost "Follow Her She Speaks in Sentences"
  • Does NOT like Coney Island.
  • Joined the Accord in Spring of 2014.
  • Has thumbs.
  • Yes, she can build Fetishes.
  • Severely depressed when she joined the Accord. But steadily getting better.
  • Has an excellent sense of direction.
  • Has an "Awkward Quotient" on top of her RQ. If it gets too high, nobody in the room can look at or talk to each other.
  • Despite all the black she wears, her favorite color is yellow. She just thinks she looks terrible in it.
  • After getting stuck in the Hedge with no powers and no wolf-rage, still managed to talk a Keeper out of listening to its CUT prisoners.
  • Ex-Gatekeeper, but still wears a golden key for some reason.
  • In Tokyo, an overly friendly Fertility Spirit tried to get Nav pregnant. Where she failed, the Centipede Monster succeeded. Still not her worst day ever.
  • Made a bird disappear in her jacket. How did she do it!?
  • Rax swiped a ring from her.
  • Got trampled by an Idigam in Roanoke. And could do nothing while it destroyed the rest of her People across the world.
  • Formerly of the Rattle Watch in NYC. Left because she was redundant in the Cell.
  • Tasted of Enlightenment & joined a mystical order in the Himilayas, while sacrificing ... something to rescue a fellow Uratha from being a book for all eternity.
  • Looked into the future to identify if the plan for Operation Lightbulb needed adjustment. Turns out it needed major adjustments, which were made, and the day was won.


  • (After being sworn in by F1R3W@LL) "Well... I guess it's official. Now I'm a terrorist."
  • "I just lost in honorable one-on-one combat to a FISH. It was *this big* and could fly, but still."
  • Arthur: "And I'll be taking my lovely apprentice to assist me."

Nav, pointing to her right: "... You mean, Twice Spun?"

  • "I think the day I finally figure out what I'm doing here will be the day I start getting kidnapped."
  • "I'm a 'gray spirit yearning in desire/ To follow knowledge like a sinking star,/ Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.' Y'know, one of those..." (Ulysses, Tennyson)
  • "Guys! GUYS! Don't eat the Abom! No- yes you can beat it to death, just don't eat it!"
  • "Shadow-Rule 34: If it's a noun or a verb, there's a Spirit of it. And maybe some adjectives."


(Add your own!)

  • "She's been through a lot. I get where she's coming from, and I wish I could do what I have to without risking hurting her. I have faith she'll get through her past and be awesome in the Accord though, even if I'm not around to see it when she does." - Simon
  • "Old Peculiar almost taught me to hate were-types. Fortunately, she was around to show me they weren't all foolishly impulsive." - Senka
  • "Melinda has informed me she is the best person ever and I need to give Navi a mouse or something to show my appreciation. I'm not sure I'm allowed to venture my own opinion here, actually." - Sethos
  • "I kinda like her but.... <Sigh> Why did she have to be a Werewolf?!" - Leo Pasha
  • "She just looks like the quiet one in the corner. You know, the one everyone can ignore safely. In the Accord we learn that looks can be deceiving." - Dani
  • "Nav is..layered. But I enjoy laughing with her. Few people let themselves laugh. It's nice to see that she still can." - Clover
  • "If I was given a choice of what people to surround myself with, Naveed would be a very good choice." - Winter
  • "I apologize for damaging your pack-mate. She did consent, however." - Harvey
  • "There has been so much awkward, for so many good reasons. She keeps giving her help and the benefit of the doubt, though. Good people. Very good people." - F13
  • "A curious one. I believe she is of this world's lupines. I have little experience with her, but I recall Arthur once mentioning she was one of his students, as well. At the very least, she seems confident in her capabilities." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "So Blue has been telling me for YEARS that tofu doesn't suck, and I've just kind of thought she was crazy. And then here comes Nav with her magical tofu abilities and poof! Ok, I mean, it's still gross and weird feeling, and I'd much rather have a steak, but it's better than I thought!" - Red
  • "Oh thank the Gods,a sane wolf..."Twice-Spun
  • "She gave a great sacrifice to save my life. I don't even know what it was, all I do know is that it's a debt I can't ever properly pay back. I'm in awe of the selflessness you show. Thank you." Ellis

Kindred Spirits


Beth Stonecrusher



Eric Barrett

Icarus Sphere

Winter Reilly



Pash -us Interruptus

Melinda & Sethos



Clover Hill



Dimitry Schraeder



Operation: Old Peculiar Operation: Skeleton Key Operation: Light Bulb

Renown, for Werewolf eyes only.


  • 1 (Pre chron) First run in Shadow, traded weirdness with Spirits to learn a way back to Prospect Park.
  • 2 (Pre chron) Found the tiny, thus far forgotten or unknown locus in the abandoned amusement park on Coney Island.
  • 3 (Pre chron) Made the deal with her pack's totem.
  • 4 Went to her own dead to ask for forgiveness, found partial absolution instead.
  • 5 Philosophical acrobatics of mysticism in a temple in the Himalayas, tasted of Enlightenment, joined their order, and traded ... something to free Ellis from the fate of being a book for eternity. The Wounded Healer begins to heal. (Expedition Proxy, pre-Operation Lightbulb)


  • 1 Beat an Azlu to death by herself after her friends' funeral.
  • 2 Beat the body-jumping ghost that was the Circle of Knives serial killer into smithereens.
  • 3 Chased a Spirit of great speed and cunning through the minefield that is the Manhattan Hisil as Lodge initiation.
  • 4 In Roanoke, helped fight the Idigam that wanted to destroy all Urdaga, and lived to tell the tale. (National con 2015)
  • 5 Aided in the creation and execution of the great Ritual circle for binding and banishing the Great Darkness from their world. (Operation Lightbulb)


  • 1 (Pre chron) You can lead a spirit-ridden crazy robot to water, but you don't have to tell him water and electricity don't mix.
  • 2 With no magic or Uratha power, talked a Keeper in its own domain into rejecting and ignoring any deals from the CUT.


  • 1 Welcome as a friend in the territories of three other packs. (NYC: Red Riding Fang, The Orphans, Eye of the Storm)
  • 2 Welcome as a friend in the territories of seven other packs. (+ NYC's Nighthawks, Red River pack of Boston, and ALL the Uratha of Montreal after Operation Skeleton Key)
  • 3 Attendance of the Werewolf Conclave after the Great Cold.


  • 1 Maintained Harmony 7 for more than six months.
  • 2 Maintained a Tur for a year, the Union Hotel in NYC.


Naveed - Our Lady Peace

Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Clapton cover of Hendrix

Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix

Wonders - S.J. Tucker

Love Dog - TV on the Radio

City of Marrow - S.J. Tucker

Lovecraft in Brooklyn - The Mountain Goats

Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio (best werewolf song evar)

Silver Moonlight - Within Temptation

Days of the Phoenix - AFI

Burn - The Cure

There is a Light That Never Goes Out - Razed in Black (Smiths Cover)

Last Breath - The Cruxshadows

Little Black Angel - Death in June

Pretty Penny - STP

Crazy - Talisman (Seal Cover)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Pacific Nowhere (Adorable Metal Cover!)

Sisters of the Moon - Fleetwood Mac

One Man Army - Our Lady Peace

Superstition (full album) - Birthday Massacre

1157 ('Til It's Over) - S.J. Tucker

Wait For It - Hamilton, the Musical

Full playlist on Youtube


Pinterest Board, b/c why not?

  • September (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland)
  • Armin (Attack on Titan)
  • Kore (Greek Myth)
  • Ezri Dax (DS9)
  • The Rangers/Anla-shok (Babylon 5)
  • The Wounded Healer (Jungian term)

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Cris F. [1]
Creature Type: Uratha, Forsaken Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow, Harbinger Lodge
Division: The Vault
City: New York, NY

Player: Cris F.

MES Number: US2002023878

Location: New York City

Other Characters: Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw Lost, Marguerite Muscat Requiem