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Accord PC

Player: Patrick Deaville
Creature Type: Awakened Mage
Division: Lex Talionis
City: Lake Charles
VST: Allen Aguillard

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Character Information

Name: Nero

Path: Mastigos

Order: Silver Ladder

Tools of the Trade: Mind Magic

Notable Traits: Striking Looks (2) and Occultation (3)

Character History

Nero popped up on the Accord lists late in 2013. Since then he's traveled back and forth between Houston, Tx. and Lake Charles, La. During that time he's fought numerous abominations closed even more tears and generally screwed with Ethan Little.

Easily noticed yet surprisingly forgettable Nero travels a lot helping out where he can. Working alone or in a group occasionally he teams up with Lex Talionis to fight the big bad guys but he mostly just tries to keep things in perspective.

Those that have met him describe him as particularly helpful, a pleasant conversationalist, and a great guy to get a beer with even if they have a hard time remembering him later.





  • Someone has been erasing the memory of Nero from people's minds...probably Nero.
  • Nero is a way more selfless and softhearted than he lets on.
  • He is constantly stealing Ethan Little's car.


By Nero

  • "Captin' you and me are gonna have lots of fun..."
  • "I am the Oprah of magic."
  • "I blow people's heads up. It's a thing."
  • "You can't just call someone dead that's not PC. I know for a fact they prefer Deadish."
  • "What am I? I'm a god. What the fuck are you?"
  • "Cool story bro, now what makes you think you can stop me?"

About Nero

Character Inspirations

  • Charles Xavier (X-Men)
  • Sterling Archer (Archer)


  • Hey Brother by Avicii
  • Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy
  • Superhero by Tim McMorris

OOC Information

Player: Patrick Deaville

MES Number: US2011037525

Location: Lake Charles, La.