Nial "Strikes the Strings" Eriksen

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Player: T. Terrell II
Character: Nial Eriksen
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Camp: Whispering Rovers
Position: N/A
Rank: Forstern
Domain: Atlanta, GA

"When ya' see me, better turn your tail and run, 'cause I'm angry, and I'll mess you up for fun." -The Morlocks

Character Information

"Over hill, over dale, they will stalk the dusty trail, as the werewolves go Roving along." -Nial Eriksen

Name: Nial Eriksen

Deed Name: Strikes the Strings

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Fianna

Pack: Southern Comfort

Camp: Whispering Rovers

Renown: Honor 2, Glory 3, Wisdom 2

Domain: Atlanta, GA

Lead Guitarist: Banshee's Wail (Fame x 2)

Notable Traits: Left and right arms are covered in Norse tattoo work, and in the center of his left palm is a pentagram looking scar.

Db hero.jpg

Looking at Nial the first thing you see isn't what you would call Fianna. Standing tall and proud he is every bit the image of Nordic grace and airs, but that's what you get when you are born to Get of Fenris kinfolk. Both his parents where military, and being born in New York City, his home became an urban training ground as soon as he was able to walk. Their iron clad law and sense of justice, coupled with Nial's growing hatred for authority figures, didn't really make for a happy home life. So at the age of fifteen he picked up stakes and walked away. Naturally he fell in with the local punks, embracing the life style with great fervor. He always stayed true to his roots and decorated his skin with the sigils of his ancestry. Yet, life is full of interesting twist and turns. We never know which way the thread of our Fate runs in the twisted skein of life.

That fateful night he an Noodlebrain decided it would be a great idea to steal beer from the corner package store. Everything seems like a geat idea when your brain is backfiring on LSD and cheap whiskey. So in they go, like a couple of braying jackasses. Everything would have gone smoothly if Noodlebrain hadn't started to scream about the floors running rampant with goblins. All of a sudden the clerk pulls out a gun and starts yelling for them to stop. Nial figures it is all or nothing and takes off out the store with the beer. Not before the clerk gets off two rounds that barely miss Nial's head by a few centimeters. Triggering the First Change. Nial woke up covered in grime, trash, and naked behind a dumpster about four blocks away from the corner store.

A few weeks later he was picked up by Declan Brennan shown the ways of the Nation. He picked up playing guitar to soothe the savage beast inside and naturally fell in with the Fianna. Which has caused nothing but strife with him and the Get of Fenris to no end. He later met Patrick Kennedy and the rest is punk rock history with the Banshee's Wail.

Known Circle of Reprobates

Db rumors1.jpg

  • Not of Fianna kinfolk stock.
  • He's the one and only, "Class Act Ragabash".
  • He was a pall-bearer for Ard Righ Bron MacFionn to his final resting place in the catacombs of Newgrange.
  • Has a brand on the back of his left hand, that was placed there by Stag himself to show his favor.
  • Also hangs out with jailbait frequently.

Db testimony1.jpg

  • "Nial is a cool guy... cute, great guitar player ~ what's not to love? If I keep feeding him beer I'm pretty sure he'll keep coming around and I'm all for that!" - Caoimhe O'Brien
  • "I could talk fucking shit. Sincerely I fucking could. I could tell you about the fucking time in Thailand with that tranny hooker--I could wax poetic about the time he 'accidentally' got us barred from every airport in fucking Finland. But the fucking truth is, Nial's a gentlepunk and a scholar. Motherfucker's my best friend. That means he's fucking family--and nobody fucks with my fucking family--you know, unless they're a tranny hooker." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "The kid reminds me of someone I used to run with back when we were all head strong cliath. Fucking attitude you can see from orbit. But he's slowly learning when to fucking step and when to fucking kneel. Don't get me wrong, kid's got a lot to learn and there is still a really large chance that he might end up getting himself killed early. But fucking the good die young, you really don't want to be one of us fucking old bastards that have to stick around to watch everyone burn out early." - Declan Brennan
  • "Fianna are damn good, almost as good as the Fenrir. This ragabash here though knows more than he is letting everyone see. Can he still be taught yeah...and real soon he will be the one doing the teaching." Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart
  • "Nial is one of my favorite 'bar fight buddies.' So this one time we were trashed at the counter, just smashed. And this random guy is trying to wedge in between and knocks my seat. So I go ass over tea kettle, bam. I look up from the ground and dudely is getting ripped in half verbally by Nial, I mean just abused. So I stand up, tap the guy on the arm, I didn't come up much higher then that, and we start to play rock em sock em robots. Dudely turns towards me and gets hit, so he turns back, gets insulted AND hit by Nial. Back and forth. Glorious." - Lil KaBoom
  • "So this guy's former packmate calls up Ole Dec, screamin' and hollarin' about Nial leavin' his pack. Woke me up out of a dead sleep. What do I do? Why I decide to practice my Philodoxin and call him out for not followin' protocol. I just didn't expect for him to be so... big. Glad we could talk it out, because fucker could have jacked me up in front of everybody. Also, he makes good coffee, and has a smoke for ya if you're nice!" Picks-the-Trash

OOC Information

Nial in all his mysterious glory.

Player: T. Terrell II

MES Number: US2005033195

Location: Atlanta, GA