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Changeling PC

Player: Jacob Bieber
Character: Nicholas Rex
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Author
Court: Moon Court
Freehold: None
VST: Jacob Bieber

Character Information

Name: Nicholas Rex

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Author

Court: Moon

Notable Traits: Gentrified Bearing, Court Goodwill Summer, Court Goodwill Winter, Court Goodwill Spring, Striking Looks (2), High Wyrd, Clearly Insane

Titles: Laureled Moon Courtier, Partner at Loktev and Draco, Master of Whisperers, Ringmaster of the Lunar Carnival

Archetype(s) Achieved: Occultist, Salesman, Legal Professional


A Selfie of Nick
Fan art of Nick


Nichols looks to be a young man in his mid twenties, his pale blonde hair is usually wild, and almost always has a days worth of growth on his chin. His icy blue eyes stare out at you from behind his glasses, always sizing you up. His twisted smile is never far from his face, and many seem to think he looks a little mad. However, despite his drawbacks he still somehow seems attractive. His face and body are perfectly proportioned, and he carries himself just perfectly. It can be hard to draw your eye away from him. He is never dressed down, preferring a simple white and blue shirt with a black vest and pinstriped pants.


A subtle but noticeable twist is present in his mien, his fingers and hands look stained with ink, anywhere he touches that ink spreads for a moment or two before fading away, as it was never real in the first place. Sometimes people seem to see an afterimage, like the ink does not some much fade away, as sink into whatever he touched, but after a blink the ink is gone, and many wonder if they were just imagining it. Those who have touched his hands describe the consistency of the ever damp ink as of congealing blood. This of course doesn't stop him from offering his hand to you every time he's introduced.

Of the more subtle elements of his mien, his smile is not one of them, though it is not always apparent. The longer he smiles, the wider it seems to become. Some have said his smile actually can go from ear to ear. Such a sight though is rare, and probably not a good sign for anyone else.

If found at the goblin market he is often wearing a suit that seems to have been cut out of the night sky itself.

Mantle (Moon Mantle 5, Summer Goodwill 1, Winter Goodwill 1, Spring Goodwill 1, Autumn Goodwill 1)

Shadows blur out and will sometimes cast strangely around Nicholas.As he passes by a shadow it slowly reaches towards him, as through drawn in his direction, his own shadow will often reach back. Occasionally people feel a chill when their shadows touch Nick's it is often described as though hope has just died. Even more rarely a tiny ember or snowflake will whip up out of nowhere; however, when these don't simply annihilate each other, they are quickly consumed by the darkness behind them. Ignoring all of that, there is a faint scent of flowers in bloom around Nick accompanied by the occasional sound of crunching leaves as he walks.


  • He's a Moon Courtier in a seasonal freehold, he clearly just wants to start trouble. Well if he thinks we're going to stand for it, he has another thing coming.
  • I hear he wants to buy your insanity! Can you imagine? No, not your sanity, he doesn't want to touch that, he wants what makes you crazy. I think he just gets off to it.
  • Sure he's good at pledges, but I wouldn't go to him unless I had to. You never know what a filthy moon courtier might slip into an agreement.
  • Nick and Becca sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
  • He has an obvious weak-point. If you want to get under his skin, set your sights on Knep.
  • Beneath his Moon Courtier exterior lies a decent changeling.
  • He's going to die of lung cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A fine drinking partner if you don’t mind his silly little games.
  • He can get things done. I don't like the way he smiles though as he asks for a part of you to pay for whatever it is. Messes with your head man.
  • He's either completely evil, or just completely insane.
    • Quite possibly both.
  • Sometimes he just stares at people. Like, no talkin', nothin'. It's like he's tryin' to burn a hole into 'em. If looks could kill man, if looks could kill.
  • Put a time limit on any custom jobs you get him to do. Otherwise he'll take his sweet time...
    • I do jobs as fast as I am able, thank you. What tends to hold them up, is when people take their sweet time in paying up.


By Him

  • "Ha! Wow! What an ass! He's worse than me!" - Directed at Lou Steele, who was being an ass
  • "It seems you are having a hard time understanding the idea before you, so allow me to break it down simply." - Directed at Colin, quite possibly the stupidest changeling in existence
  • "The Scoured Freehold/In Spring we were divided/Now we can be one." - The poem he improvised for the Spring portion of the Summer Games, the theme was unity
  • "If you're really going to banish me for daring to laugh in your presence, then so be it." - Ultimately the monarch, Wally Harrel, relented realizing it was a stupid thing to get worked up over.

About Him

  • "I heard that someone gave Nicholas a free sandwich and ended up buying it back from him." DJ Radix
  • "I've heard rumors of those who serve the moon. He is the first one to confirm it. I wonder if he's made of moonstone? If he ever perishes, let me know, I'll take a an autopsy for you." Professor Mercury
  • "Quite the professional... at what is for you to perceive, but know that he is vetted by me at least..." - Silas Grey
  • "A little mayhem always brings a smile to his face." Dawn
  • "I've never known anyone else to understand me more than he! Another child of the moon." Ammon Lu

OOC Information

Player: Jacob Bieber

MES Number: US2013080041

Location: IL-013-D, Life is a Warped Reality