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Sabbat PC

Player: Joseph Davidson
Character: Nicodromos
Clan: Harbingers of Skulls
Position: Keeper of the Sacred Text - Book of Lillith
Status: Initiated
Domain: Sacramento - CA-056-D

Character Information

Name: Nicodromos, the Lord of Bones

Clan: Cappadocian (Harbingers of Skulls)

Status: Initiated(Abiding), Annointed(Innate, Keeper of the Sacred Text)

Notable Traits: Nicodromos dresses in thick, dark clothing with heavy and large hoods most of the times. He stands at a mere 5'8" tall, thin and gangly with dark, straight hair. His skin one day might have spoke of a mediterranean heritage, but those nights have long since passed...his flesh a near bone white in color, skin taught and shriveled to the bone giving him the appearance of a very skeletal creature.

Title or Position: Lord of Bones, Keeper of the Book of Lillith


  • He has been alive since before the formation of the Sect.
  • He is a master of many different forms of Necromancy
  • He was hunted once by the Inquisition, but they could not make any claims of Heresy stick enough to kill him.
  • He has enslaved the ghost of Miltiades the Younger, and it serves as his bodyguard to this night.
  • He is known as the Lord of Bones because his Haven is littered with the bones of the dead, and when attacked they rise up in defense of their Lord.

Matters of Opinion

Thoughts on the Packs

Midnight Militia:

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Teancum's Javelin

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Sepulcher Arcana

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Ne Conjugare Nobiscum

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Thoughts on the Cainites


OOC Information

Player: Joseph Davidson

Location: Sacramento

Membership Number: US2014050016