Nicolas von Hagen

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General Information

Name: Nicolas von Hagen

Sire: Lord Jurgen von Verden


Known to the Camarilla

The Elder Ventrue is a diplomat for the Clan. He was the Prince of Arad, Romania from 1200 until the early 1700s when he unexpectedly moved to the New World. He has moved through Boston, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and numerous other important cities on the East Coast supporting Ventrue endeavors before settling in Miami in the early 1900s.


  • Acknowledged within the Camarilla
  • Established and Venerated as an Elder
  • Cherished and Esteemed as Seneschal
  • Respected by Prince Mathias von Hagen

Known to the Ventrue

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Rumors and Revelations


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  • "When I think of the kind of leadership typified by the Camarilla I think of Nicolas von Hagen. Of all the cities I have visited, his are among the most orderly and well-managed. His friendship is greatly treasured." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "There are a great many things that can be said about Nicolas. He is a great leader, a mighty foe, and a strength that the myth of Atlas fails in comparison to. But when I think of him, I think of home. That he and |Amaris have brought me this gift, is a debt I have yet to know how to repay." - Eirik Alexson
  • "My Sire is the one who taught me that intent is everything." - Constance Fournier
  • "He saved my life. When I was very young and unaware of the nightmares in our society, Nicolas saved my life. I have never forgotten the lessons I learned under his tutelage, and they have directed my existence since."' - Viveka Von Daun
  • "There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man."' - Pierrot le Fou
  • "My dear sire... a man so just and so skilled as to deem him a true architect of the pillars of the Ivory Tower. I pray one day to be as great a Ventrue as he."' - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek


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  • He knows the value of keeping an eye on the innovations of the future.

Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Miami, FL
Player: Josh C.
Storyteller: Eddie $$

Player: Josh C.

Location: Miami, FL

Character Ties

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