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"...are you afraid? Good. Feel the fear, savor it; relish it.

It is a reminder of where you--where we all--have come from.

It means you continue to exist in a world where the only certainty is death."



Name: Nikolai Kostiavic Krestovozhdensky
Clan: Malkavian

Initiated - Confirmed into the Sabbat some time ago.
Loyalist - As a member of the Loyalist faction.

Notable Traits
A slightly off-putting man, Nikolai is known to favor simple black clothing and a blood-stained white lab coat. He speaks slowly and quietly, rarely raising his voice unless absolutely necessary.




  • They say he saw something dark in Brazil, and it caused him to flee his pack and the Sabbat as a whole.
  • When agitated, he begins to write in the air-- but what exactly is he writing, and in what language?
  • They say his obsession with death and the soul began because he was taught Necromancy by one of the original Harbingers.
  • There are rumors that Nikolai might have been present at the Original Anarch Revolt, and that's why he remains a loyalist.
  • Some whisper that Nikolai did go missing after Brazil, but not because he fled--he simply forgot his life in Austin.
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  • "He is impatience and riddles, but still I do not doubt his ability to follow the Code or shepherd us from our Humanity." - Ekko
  • "This man chose me, despite all that I lacked, and brought me into his world. I can't always understand his lessons, but I'm sure with his guidance I'll come to understand what he does." - Mishka
  • "The wolf lives on in the clothes of the lamb. This was not your life to live and yet you take it piece by piece. All part of your plan. Dead and still controlling the poor one you burdened: the hollowest of victories and the emptiest of freedoms." - Ambriel
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Player: Kevin W.
MES Number: US2014020062

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Kevin W
Storyteller: Kevin W.