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Ties Sought:
I'm happy to entertain any ideas and see what we can work out! However, because I know I like to have some specifics to work off of, here are a few potential ideas -

  • Characters with histories in Africa between 1985 and 1995
  • Characters with histories in Africa, Europe or the Middle East from 1995 to 2003; diamonds and other precious items acquisition and smuggling
  • Characters with affinities for Ghosts - Sin Eaters and other Mediums/Thaumaturges, for instance (in New York/North America after 2003)
    • especially those who might know The Lion, Nine's own personal pain in the ass, from before; he has been "around and about" since the mid-1200s
  • A shared NPC friend/lover/whatever who is now deceased, and with whom Nine still talks
  • Socialite or other high-resource PCs who may have ties to the diamond trade
  • Tomb raider types for grave robbing escapades
  • Ex-lovers, ex-friends and/or current friends - of which there aren't many of any category
  • People/groups for whom she has dealt with ghosts
  • People/groups for whom she has assassinated someone
  • Potential relations - we'd have to work out something with a branch of a family being in South Africa (ties to the mob/underworld/criminals/politics a plus)

There will also be stuff here about people Nine knows and likes (or doesn't). You'll have to wait on this, too, though, since ties have to happen first!