Nkosi Mungisi

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Known to the Camarilla

Architect Mungisi and his childer Augustina Bestia

Clan Position: Elder, Primogen
Coterie: The Firm

  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla [1493]
  • Noble by way of being Primogen of the Clan of Scholars of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Established by right of being an Elder of the Brujah
  • Privileged by right of being an Elder of the Brujah
  • Confirmed by right of being an Elder of the Brujah
  • Architect by right of being a founder of the Camarilla

Titles: Elder, Primogen, Head of House Zulu,
Prefered Form of Address: Elder Primogen Mungisi,
Generation: 7th
Typical Appearance:.


Sire: TBA

Childer: Augustina Bestia
Childer: Abassi Mungisi

Ghouls: TBA

Known Allies and Associates

Otto Garrison Damian Hoyland Maddox The Confessor
Tommaso Jackson Giovanni Franc Gabriel Tennyson


  • 1015 - Born in the Area known as South Africa in the Mighty Zulu Tribe
  • 1035 - Is Embraced by a wandering Brujah
  • 1040 - Relocates to Cairo, Egypt and starts an Import/Export Business
  • 1072 - Sells wares to Knights and Nobles on the way to the Holy Land.
  • 1075 - Relocates to Jerusalem
  • 1205 - Joins the first Anarch Movement because of racism towards African kindred.
  • 1301 - Changes sides to the Elders with a promise of recognition by that body soon.
  • 1493 - Attends the Convention of Thorns as an Elder of the Tower.
  • 1501 - Returns to Africa and takes control of the Area around Lagos, Nigeria
  • 1601 - Leaves the city of Lagos in the hands of his childer and enters torpor for the first time.
  • 1901 - Awakens in the area around Lagos and finds that his childer has lost control. He takes his assets and flees back to Zulu Lands in South Africa
  • 1915 - Begins to travel the world.
  • 2015 - Moves to the North Central Area of the United States.
  • 2016 - Moves to Edinburgh Scotland to help fight the Sabbat forming there. He purchases Castle Gogar and sets up operations there.


After Telling Someone "Come At Me Bro!"
  • "I... can't explain it.. but for some reason I want to be near him... Its the oddest thing." - Grace Miller
  • "My dear Nkosi. The scenery has certainly changed, but I know he hasn't. Just you watch, He'll be a king again in no time." - Franc
  • "Elder Mungisi is fascinating for an kindred of his age, he obviously respects the Tower but he pushes the bounds of expected and even acceptable behavior. It is a testament to his charm and effectiveness that he has yet to be censured. I am proud to call him friend." - Pater Verus, The Confessor
  • "I can't wait for her to get out of her comfort zone and be the roaring lion that she can be. I hope she gets it, she'll be out of her depth and that will be perfect, its time for that bitch to swim." - Nkosi Mungisi to his grandchilde in reference to his childer Augustina.
  • "It was the utmost pleasure to meet Elder Mungisi... So rarely do you meet a man of such caliber." Aramas
  • "Always a pleasure working with The King--I mean Elder Architect Mungisi. I hope to do business again real soon." Wohl
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  • Nkosi created the first Nigerian 419 Scam.
  • Scammed Hardestaat the Elder into making him a temporary Ventrue.
  • Is bored with the Ivory Tower and is a free agent.
  • Once lit a blunt with his fists of burning wrath.

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OOC Information

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Edinburgh
Player: Kenneth Green
Storyteller: Ashley Perryman

Player: Kenneth Green
Camarilla Number: US2006078107 Domain: Denver

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