Noah Rahmat

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Noah Rahmat Elliott.png
  • Real Name:
    • Noah Rahmat Elliott (Anderson)
  • Deed Name(s):
    • "Merciful Rain"/"Rain of Mercy"
    • "Babel's Wisdom"/"Wisdom of Babel"
    • "Harmony of Tambiyah"
  • Nationality:
    • American (Place of Birth: Sedona, AZ)
  • Date of Birth:
    • July 4th, 1985
    • Apparent Age: A Twenty-Something
  • Titles:
    • Gatekeeper of Dawning Hope
    • Voice of the Goddess
    • Kailindorani
  • Notable Traits:
    • Pure Breed 3
    • Supporter Merit
    • Oracular Ability

Physical Description:
A college age man of tan complexion with a square jawline, a long, straight nose with a high bridge, large, deep set, vividly green eyes, full lips, and thick, curly, dark hair kept cut short; some think he appears to be Mediterranean, others of Hebrew descent, or Iranian. Laugh lines crinkle the corners of his eyes and mouth, a legacy of a life spent smiling frequently.

He is typically seen wearing corduroy pants, sandals, a dark green tie-dyed shirt, and wrapped in a series of beautifully crafted colorful shawls and scarves; careful observation reveals that there are currently four shawls and scarves.

In lupus form, Noah is a brown and grey wolf of average size with dappled spots of white that start on his forehead and trail down his back.

The form is a balance of nimbleness, flexibility, strength, and endurance with the white dappling of his lupus coat present as a solid stripe from his forehead down his back.


Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Breed: Homid
Pack: Miles to Go
Sept: Sept of Dawning Hope
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• ••••• •••
Honor: ••••• •••••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••• •
Player: Kenny Cole
Storyteller: C. Beck

Noah was born and a Baptism of Fire performed, but there was never any sign for his parents to believe that he would undergo the First Change; where other pre-change Cubs were irascible, moody, and showing signs of their latent rage, Noah was sweet, even-tempered, and mature beyond his years. A popular boy with his heart on his sleeve, he regularly won over his peers with his supportive, kind nature and sound advice but not everything turns out as planned. One day, a small group of boys decided to gaybash Noah, and only one of them escaped with his life.

The resulting problems from eyewitness accounts got Noah moved, and he finished high school at an all boys Catholic school for 'at risk' (read: troubled) young men. The Sept of Cascading Peace nearby the school took him in, but never quite managed to feel like home to him because of the circumstances surrounding his joining, and he moved on again just as quickly. Time continued to pass, and Noah entered University, existing within Garou society only because the Ratkin War forced him to be so. He existed at the edges of the nearby Septs and cycled through membership in a number of Packs, endeavoring to find one that fit, to no avail.

Recently, something changed. Shortly after the War in the Stars and the quenching of Anthelios, Noah stepped up his game. He challenged Misery's Fury for the rank of Adren and spent nearly a year completing the challenge, emerging victorious after the many months spent in his labor. He also took a firm position at the Sept of the South Wind, finding the deep-country Sept more in need of his service than the rural Sept of The Tor, where he had been existing on the fringes. Taking down an Elder BSD and moving the South Wind into the modern era, Noah challenged Keeper of Scion for the right to be called Athro, and after a journey to the realm of the Celestine Tambiyah, he returned Athro, only to pull up stakes and move to the Sept of Luna's Awakening.

Garou who have known Noah say any number of things about him; that he's naive, that he's Charach, and that he wastes the potential of his good breeding. Others say that his quiet masks determination beyond most of the Garou around him, and a wisdom that could one day unite the disparate Tribes of the Garou Nation. Time alone will tell. It seems that he's done wasting anyone else's time and is determined to do exactly that, though.