Noelle Jardine

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Commonly Known Information

Noelle Jardine


Noelle makes no secret of being a mercenary, and, for the right price, does the things that no one else can bear to do.


Starting in the early 1990s, Noelle split her time between her home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and Boston. After the earthquake in 2010 uncovered something of Noelle's too disturbing even for the vampires of Port-Au-Prince, Noelle has been making her home more-or-less full time in Boston. So far as anyone knows, she has never been a member of the Camarilla and has turned down any and all overtures to join.


  • Death and the dead
  • Information gathering
  • Medical science
  • Voudun


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  • No one has ever seen her face. Or hands. Or anything.
  • She collects the organs of dead animals.
  • She's a Nosferatu, Ravnos, Samedi, Giovanni, Caitiff, Tremere...
  • Vincent del Rosario isn't her real childe.
  • Noelle collects the ashes of dead vampires.
  • Noelle has some kind of deal worked out with Constance Fournier.
  • Noelle is married, but not happily.
  • Anything really weird that happens in Boston is probably her fault. Somehow.
  • That veil? Hiding a third eye.
  • She's not actually a vampire. She is a voodoo priestess that found a spell for immortality...except that she has aged beyond the point of looking human.


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  • "Though an independent, she has more than a few useful skills that are worth purchasing. Should you have need of a Bokor, one who can Call and Command the shades of the dead.. I would suggest her services." -Rags

From Noelle

"When I find the bombs, would you like the children dead or alive?"

"They replace an understanding of their true nature with games. This is how they hide from their own death."

"I am a Bokor. A Necromancer is just a stupid white boy playing with ghosts."

About Noelle

  • "She knows her way around Haiti, which is why I hired her. She also knows her way around a corpse, which is why she was useful." - Delores Rayleigh
  • "People don't understand enough how they should admire people like Noelle Jardine. People who know exactly who and what they are, without illusion. That is a rare kind of power, and I always enjoy working with her." - Mr. Allen

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Unknown
Sect: Independent
City: Boston, MA
Player: Jessica S.
Storyteller: Mark Lewis

Played by Jess, US2010096757.