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Held Reinhardt has wandered the United States for a number of years now, doing battle with one matter of the occult (or those that got in his way when tracking one) or another on his way. He's often mistaken for a Carthian, but never more than once. He's loud, he's angry, he's hedonistic, but it's difficult to argue with just how useful he can be, assuming you can get past how unsettling being in his presence is.

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Location: Nomad
Title: Held Reinhardt
Sire: Unknown
Coterie: Two Minutes to Midnight

Norman Reinhardt was born to German immigrants and survivors of the second world war, and had a fractured and tumultuous early life. He ran away at 14 and ended up on the east coast, falling into drugs and crime before being arrested in 71'. He was given the choice between prison and Vietnam and enlisted. He ended up a supply sergeant for the remaining years of the war, and though the discipline never really straightened him out at all, he fit in enough to keep it up, and ended up in the temporary replacement for the Chemical Corps. Transferred to West Germany to shepherd the United States nuclear & chemical weapons stores in the country, he fell more and more into the depths of the cynicism he found in New York, mixing with German neopagan elements and being introduced into the occult for the first time.

Transferring again after pissing off an officer, he found himself in the Bavarian Alps in a remote base during the beginnings of winter. He doesn't often talk about what happened, but many members of his unit were killed, the records were sealed, and the result was Norman being bounced from one dangerous NBC detail to another, including several very quiet cleanups with multiple fatalities. In the end, Sergeant Reinhardt's time in his homeland would come to an end with Egypt's decision to move away from the Soviets and in bed with the United States. With massive stores of chemical weapons they no longer knew how to care for or store, Egypt needed their new allies assistance, and Norman was tapped for the work. It was during this time in Egypt in '81 that Norman became a true expert in the occult before being embraced and joining the ranks of the damned.

♦ Norman was a mass murderer in Egypt before fleeing the country.
♦ Norman was actually born in some podunk town in Kansas or something.
♦ Norman is actually a Carthian, or at least he used to be.


♦ [Covenant] / [Clan] - Name - Description of relationship

Jingo de Lunch - [Peace of Mind]
Danzig - [Am I Demon]
Wah! - [Seven Minutes to Midnight]
Siouxsie and The Banshees - [Arabian Knights]
Dead Kennedys - [Kill the Poor]
Iron Maiden - [2 Minutes to Midnight]
Queen - [Hammer to Fall]


Player: Philip Palmer
Location: Tucker, GA
Other Info: I'm always looking for IC ties.

Requiem PC

Player: Philip Palmer
Character: Norman Reinhardt
Clan: Nosferatu ●●
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ●●●
Domain: Columbus, GA
VST: Joe DiJulio