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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
City: Monticello, GA
Player: Ryan O
Storyteller: VST Richard D.

Character Information

Member: Ryan O.
Member Number: US2005086251
Storyteller: VST Richard D.
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch Movement
City: Monticello
Positions: Status: 1

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement
  • The Legion (Moniker) by being a founding member of The Legion

<font-size: 15pt>Description</font>

Nondescript middle aged Caucasian man. Wears a lot of jewelry that includes eyeballs. On closer observation, the eyeballs do not appear to be fake...

<font-size: 15pt>Known Information</font>

<font-size: 15pt>Quotes</font>

  • "He's a cool guy. Good vision. Haha. Get it? Vision? Because of the eyes." - Harper


<font-size: 15pt>Known Associates</font>

<font-size: 15pt>Rumors</font>

  • Quinn collects grisly trophies from his victims.
  • Quinn actually gets glimpses of the future.
  • Quinn's Oracle act is just bullshit, he can't really see the future. He's just good at cold reading.
  • Quinn used to be part of a carnival back in the day.
  • Quinn is on the run from something, or someone.


<font-size: 15pt>Character Inspirations</font>

  • Greek Oracles
  • Palm Readers
  • Psychics

<font-size: 15pt>Soundtrack</font>