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Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Blood Talons
Renown: •••••
Glory: ••
Wisdom •••
City: Pasadena, CA
Pack: Sentinels
Player: Andrew M. Calhoun
Storyteller: Erick Blair

Notable Traits

Commonly Known

Real Name: William Zaraeis

Deed Name: Oakheart

Nick Names: Dirty Hippe Man (given by Thunk)

Position: Alpha

Age: 41


Renown Stories


Dot 1 : Brokering a temporary truce between two spirit choirs placed against each other during a kerfluffle around a Desert Music Festival in the Mojave.
My first renown earned. Early on in my career as Uratha, I still tried to maintain some human ties and human behaviors. I denied what I was, yet the spirits still talked to me. There was some things going on, between these two groups of spirits. One was a spirit of modern rock and rap music, another was a more ancient, traditional music of the natives that lived there at one point supposedly. Well, I had to sit them down and make them understand they were really two sides of the same coin. They at least stopped arguing for a bit. The Lunes saw fit to give me my first renown at that point. ...and who says marijuana, tequila, and some shrooms rot your brain.

Dot 2 & 3 : Continual interaction with the spirits.

These are some of my renown that haven't been stripped. I earned one during the Brethren War, conferring with the spirits on how best to approach everything, and the other time, just spending time amongst the spirits and enjoying their company out in the woods. Except for that bear spirit. He was an asshole.


Dot 1: Defeated a Pure Alpha In Raw Combat
Not bad for someone who was basically conscripted into the Blood Talons because some of my abilities were more offensive at the time. There was this Pure Alpha, who really pissed me off and I went all hoojoo on him and kicked him from here to Hell and back. In fact, it was a fun game of kick the can of the dumbass in a can. Anyway, I did not kill him -- though I wish I did for what he eventually would do to my family, but that's a tale for a different time..

Dot 2: Survived my Pack's Destruction, Avenged Their Deaths
This is a shameful renown for me, as I do not deserve it, but I defeated the Pure who killed my Pack, and yet I let them live, letting their scars and fear be my medals. I'm done talking now about this.



  • They say that Oakheart at one time may have been a far more powerful Uratha, but his isolationism and separation from Forsaken society greviously weakened him.
  • The wounded wolf is sometimes the one that comes back to save the Pack. Oakheart is this wolf