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"Laugh until it’s funny, dance until you hear the music, drink until you’re thirsty."

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Former Prince of San Francisco (2000- May 2014), California, founder of the Guild of the Climbing Rose.
Compared to other Princes, Occam was generally considered more approachable by neonates, and somewhat “modern” or crude by elders. He walks the line between charming exuberance and crassness. For a Toreador, he is seedier than most, peppering his speech with modern curses, as well as turns of phrases that tie him to the 40s. Often, a nervous motion of his hand or leg betrays an agitation which his cool exterior would otherwise conceal.

Crime, entertainment, and art seem to be his principle concerns. He is fascinated by exotic and fierce animals and is a passionate collector of mah-john sets. He enjoys novelty, gambling, and performances, and flirtation, growing irritable when made to go without any such stimulation. He is not known for performing himself, though he provides and facilitates performances, and rumors tell that he sculpts, paints, and plays the piano behind closed doors.

Politically, Occam is fast becoming known as a champion of the Second Tradition. As such, he scorns any move to dilute the power of Princes at large, or that of any individual Prince. He does not lightly echo another Prince's Blood Hunts, refuses entry into multi-city coalitions or Imperiums, votes against any Camarilla-wide motions dictating the business of individual cities, and turns down all requests to speak negatively of any of his subjects on behalf of an outsider. According to Occam, though the Camarilla is a global Sect and benefits from coordination at its upper echelons, its true power comes from self-reliant cities ruled by strong, cunning Princes who don't easily yield to outside pressures. In an era when some malcontents are trying to lift the fallen banner of the Sabbat, using trickery and shadows to manipulate the far mightier Ivory Tower, Occam finds it more important than ever that Princes not be swayed by light winds.

Occam is known to be involved with both Sybil Giovanni and Helena Martell.

Public Knowledge

Name: Occam

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1951

Generation: 10th


  • Cai (pronounced like the letter "K")
  • Deacon Blues
  • Kid Charlemagne
  • Chale Toller


  • Accepted - Aknowledged
  • Abiding - Confirmed, as Ancilla
  • Fleeting - Loyal (Ovan)
  • Fleeting - Courteous (Arden)
  • Fleeting - Favored x2 (Harpy Diaz of Sonoma, Chandra de Soissones)


  • None

Current Location: San Francisco, California



  • [Alexandria/Callisti y Castillo aka Red Ludwing, Progeny of Helena] <5-4> (? to ?)
    • Rafael de Corazon <5> (1182 to present)
    • [Baron Philippe Volgirre] <5> (? to 1579?)
    • [Unknown] <5>
      • [Martinez] <6> (Antitribu) (1400 to ?)

House Thorne


  • "In New York, he got into it with a Keeper's assistant for putting bullet holes in the Elysium wall. He was playing 'strip Russian roulette' with some Brujah women, a fad which apparently fizzled out shortly after someone repaired the damage."
  • "He was placed in the position of Prince by a cabal of powerful elders. They still watch from the shadows and pull the strings."
  • "Occam is bound and monitored by the Tremere, each gift or piece of jewelry he receives from them furthers that control."
  • "His favorite music is Steely Dan. You heard me right the first time."
  • "He craves entertainment, and the moment he finds none, he'll probably kill himself."
  • "Occam is extremely homophobic, and has been laying plans to crush that particular degeneracy from the kine of San Francisco."
  • "Occam and Arden are secret lovers."
  • "Where do you think all those Giovanni went after 2002? Occam ashed them. Every one except Sybil and her kid, and they're both his bitches, now."
  • "Owns the last living Dodo bird. Calls it Dumby bird and feeds it expensive imported fruits."
  • "Occam seized Praxis of San Francisco because he had to. If the old harridan Lucretia (or anyone) ever discovered what he did, it would be the death of him."
  • "The only Prince known to take Praxis because no one else wanted it."
  • "Some say Occam is controlled by a cabal of elders. Others say it's the Tremere, his Giovanni consort, the Seneschal, Charlie, the Gangrel, another prince, or any combination of them. Rumors of who pulls his string go on forever. I say no one controls him. But maybe someone should."
  • "He finds more joy in chaos than order, and delights in nothing so much as watching his betters topple under the weight of their own foolishness."
  • "Listen up. Every year since... well, since the 90s, at least, Arden gives Occam a gift. Those pistols? One of the gifts. DeAnna? A gift. It's blackmail. If Arden doesn't top the last year's gift, Occam goes public with some nasty business. Why not get rid of Occam? Because, so far, paying tribute has been more convenient, and they both get off on the game of it."
  • "San Francisco was on Wagner's flow chart of cities involved in that conspiracy about Princes unfairly raising each other's social standing. I don't think he's breathed a word about it one way or the other."
  • "In Riverside, a group of five west coast Princes called Occam into a meeting to discuss some coterie, or something. Occam made them wait fifteen minutes, refused their offer when he finally showed up, and walked out early. Prince Verus looked pretty pissed about it."
  • "The Giovanni publicly declared their praise and support for Occam. From what I hear, he was not amused."
  • Genesis refers to him as the Lord and Master of the Sweet Mists, and Occam doesn't seem to think that's a screamingly daft thing to be called."
  • "Prince Alexander Konrad doesn't want Prince Occam visiting his city anymore, but nobody seems to know why."
  • "He hasn't made a peep about the Widow's War. Far as I know, he hasn't joined the movement to strip 'veterans' of their titles."
  • "He had two ghouls reenact the entirety of the TV series 'Breaking Bad'. They cooked real crystal meth which led to the fire that destroyed 140 New Montgomery Street."
  • "Rumor."


  • "You may discount Occam as an artist with relative safety, but discount him as a Toreador at your peril." - Franz Potter
  • "Only the second Prince I've met, but he seems quite accepting of my 'circumstances'. I'm interested to see what he's capable of." - Mr. Graves
  • "I see so much potential in this man. He represents a progressive future for our Sect and with the proper guidance he will stand as a shining example of what the Camarilla can be. However, I feel there are demons that yet haunt him. It is my fervent hope that the leader I have seen will prevail over them." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "I came to this domain a nobody, Prince Occam saw in me a potential for greatness and gave me the opportunity to prove it. My life in San Francisco I owe to his hospitality, I serve him to the best of my ability and one day I hope to repay him for the gift he gave me." - Alister MacArthur
  • "I owe him, for all that I am. I will never forget that. But make no mistake...he is a man of fickle whims, and to forget that is to underestimate what he is capable of." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "This rose has thorns that are hidden and sharp, and I would not endeavor to find them." - Zachariah White
  • "Prince Occam sits on his throne at the crossroads. He has to choose which path he walks and soon; Whether he shall become the rising star and stalwart example other Princes will be held against, or tumble into a quiet obscurity. I'd like to think I help guide him on whichever path he chooses, but truthfully he has always guided himself. It makes me fond of the man. Concerned, but fond." - Helena Martell
  • "He dresses very well. I actually did not have the pleasure of speaking with him, but I've heard nothing but pleasant things." - Charlotte Mikaelson
  • "He's an absolute party animal, and the classiest one I've ever met.... I, uh. I mean. He's very stylish." - Soleil Savant
  • "People used ta say he's a puppet on a string. People also used ta say he's a shit Torie 'cause he ain't got no art to show off. 'Scuse my French, but you've gotta be a fuckin' idiot not to see that his art is people, and he sculpts 'em like da Vinci, ya see? And as for strings, well, I'll bet you he's got a couple tied to your wrists right now." - Sybil Giovanni
  • "Talented, bitter, cunning, remarkable, dreadful. There are so many words, so many truths that could be rightly ascribed to Occam, but none so much as "Vampire". I admire the Prince of San Francisco his quintessential nature." - Arden
  • "The mind and savvy of a kindred twice his age. If only I could have found him first. Cest la vie." Prince Nicholas Loring of Sonoma
  • "Thank you. Thank you for talking like a man." - Occam, on the subject of swearing.
  • "We met in 1972, opening night of John Water's Pink Flamingos. It was an enchanting evening. The drugs, the music, the shit-eating drag queen. It is a shame we are on opposite coasts. He knows all he needs to do is pick up a phone, and I will be on the first flight rushing to his aid." - Eddie Monsoon
  • "I want to serve under Princes whom I find inspiring, so I made a choice to find Hospitality under Prince Occam, and then Prince Loring of who I sought residency in his Domain. Both Kindred are of tremendous respect and leadership ability. I proudly serve Princes like this. These Princes are NOT empty uniforms. Are you?" - Sterling Thorne
  • "He's informal, even personal, decadent, lascivious, and charming. Despite that, he's neither oily nor ingratiating. He's nothing like the sort of person I'd usually acquaint myself with, but I surprise myself to find that I frequently look forward to hearing more from him, and more importantly, that I respect him." - Adeline Bellamy, Prince of Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • "When I finally did arrive in the Domain of San Francisco, I stumbled over the Exalted Occam as a matter of courtesy and duty. But what I found was an quixotic series of traits and impulses that were not only unique but disarming - in the wild manner one asociates with The West. I have continued to follow up on this Prince in the City of Mists, and continue to be impressed at every re-discovery. A remarkable kindred who is already a great asset to the Tower." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "People murmur that I'm his favorite, and if it's the truth, it's one of my proudest accomplishments. I absolutely adore him!" - DeAnna Eldritch
  • "Prince Occam is a fine fellow who travels much. I keep meeting him in the most interesting places. A pleasure in the meeting each time" - Laszlo Bako
  • "Oh Occam, sometimes a rose simply blooms and blooms well without the pruning. Wild and elegant. He is both the rose and the thorn." - Lilly Belle Stafford
  • "The adamant work presides the man, a vague slope discloses the direction. Knowing amusement standardizes the news; limited scorpian simulates the conscious iron, and set ups the cork. How does the fragile obtain the feeling? Crush troubleshot the hulking error? The value modernizes the cagey wood when the breath documents the history. Screaming Labyrinthine Mind protest familiarizes the horrible wood. Harbingers of Skulls support contacts the degree smoke derives the Breath of Thanatos. The art tails the liquid boiling straight walk depicts the middle. Calculus harbor funds the stale wine. Burdensome children desire initiates to join eliciting illicit crack. Marking a wound aligns the disease. Harsh decision introduces the lift force maximizing the shiny protest of old-fashioned runs, in the judges the belief." - "Charlie"
  • "If one desires to win a rose, one must respect its thorn. Just remember, not all blooming flowers bear fruit." - Aleistor Rukh
  • "Perhaps it is all the time I have been around a Brujah but I found his appearance ... appealing. He makes leather look fashionable." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Me and Occam, we have an...interesting history. He's my grandsire, yeah, but we hardly see eye to eye on everything. There've been big misunderstandings on both sides - hell, I woulda called him my worst enemy at one point, but we're past that. I'd like to think there's no bad blood, but time will tell, eh?" - Claire St. John
  • "Occam looks good in leather. He should wear it more often." - Amber Tsigane
  • "Occam is an interesting fellow. When I was still a ghoul he asked me on a date...that was odd. I'm still not sure why he did that." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "Occam loves to entertain Gods and Monsters. If you have the stomach for it, it is one hell of a party." - Angelo
  • "Men are but gilded loam, or painted clay. A jewel in a ten-times-barr'd-up chest. Is a bold spirit in a loyal breast. Occam's honor is his life, but I sincerely doubt he wouldn't use up the honor of those around him to achieve what is necessary for his domain, and his alone. For that, he holds my respect." - Constance Fournier
  • "He keeps me on my toes. Ultimately, I know he has my back, but he does not let me forget what he is. Even against my better judgment, I can't help but laugh openly at the people who underestimate him." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "It's probably not true, but as my Grandsire, I'd like to believe that should someone off me, they'd eventually have to deal with Occam. True or not, I sleep better every day thinking that." - Forbes
  • "He is a surprising man, and a partner in the dance." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Thank you for a very vulgar night Prince Occam." - Lydia Brooks
  • "Prince Occam caused some raised eyebrows by associating with Trash, though he and our Lydia Brooks seem to have rather a lot of fun" - Margareta Sasul
  • "If you strike his fancy he will wrap you up in his dreams for you, make you feel like they are your dreams, until someone else catches his fancy. Then you suffocate in those dreams." - Thrash


"Kid Charlemagne" - Steely Dan [1]
"Deacon Blues" - Steely Dan [2]
"Night by Night" - Steely Dan [3]
"Blue Jeans" - Lana Del Rey [4]
"Million Dollar Man" - Lana Del Rey [5]

Player Information

G. Callie Fournier

Cam Number: US2010096584
Home Domain: Domain of Myst
Email: [6]
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VST: Martin Christensen

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: G. Callie Fournier
Storyteller: San Francisco C/A VST