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IC POEM placed here to prank Ockham :)

The fall of an elder Ockham.
Born from a broken mirror with an open mind,
I was destined for greatness, I was divine.

Through ages, I have played the game
From Bedlam, England, to land so foreign,
Offering the gift of promises, offering my word,
Reaping the havest of the honorable world.

In Vancouver, at last, treachery was paying,
My clan, blindfolded, was finally obeying,

So obedient that question were barely asked
When in June 2014 once elected I laughed

But my triumph was short and the fall came soon
When a neonate, a beast, dare ask that a pay my boon.
Should I really lower myself and show honor
Or renounce my debt and spit at my debtor

I chose the latter and I now reveled in my glory
For you were all my tools, and now you see.
All these years, I played by your rules
But now I am free, now I am fool.

Written by Chuck Seagull,
Master of Harpy of Montreal

Camarilla/Anarch PC


Player: Aaron D.
Character: Ockham
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen of Vancouver
Status: Elder of the Camarilla
Domain: Nova Albion CDN-01
VST: Darryll de Villiers


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Vancouver, BC -
Player: Aaron D.
Storyteller: Darryll de Villiers

Basic Stuff about Ockham


Name: Ockham
Aka: Jesus, God, The God Ockham
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Coterie: Venture Investment Capital Equities Corporation (VICE Co.)

Born: 1685 - Somewhere near London, England
Embraced: 1710 - Bedlam, England

Generation: 8th
Status: ABIDING: Confirmed (Elder), Established (Elder), Privileged (Elder), Nobel (Clan Head), Guardian (Clan Head), Established (Clan Head) FLEETING: Honourable (Prince Stratton of Vancouver), Loyal (Prince Stratton of Vancouver), Loyal (Prince Cohen of Montreal), Courageous (Archon Jimmy "Bad Ass" Chow), Acclaimed (Archon Orus)
Notable Traits: Dominate
Title or Positon: Malkavian Clan Head of Canada

Ockham's NON-lineage

  • After being abandoned by his sire for more than three hundred years, Ockham found his sire in June of 2014. Contact with her has ceased and her death seems to be a certainty. Finding his other relations has provided the perfect opportunity to document the lineage of Qetsiyah.

Radio Ockham - Secured Audio Vault

  • Ockham Radio - In 2014, Ockham began releasing his rants as recorded audio clips held on a secure server. Invitations are sent, and secured access is given online. In addition to rants, Ockham has begun recording some of his darker prophesies.

Stuff Every Dude Pretty Much Knows 'bout Ockham

  • Ockham has been afflicted with the Stigmata.
  • In June of 2014, Ockham was selected as the Malkavian Clan Head of Canada in a landslide majority vote by his peers.
  • In July, 2014, Ockham revealed a forty year long prank in which he posed as an Ancilea. His reveal as an Elder of the Camarilla shook many in his company for that time. Elders who abused him and Ancilea demonstrating issues with loyalty became quickly concerned with the repercussions of their choices; which seems to have been the entire point.
  • Traveling the world, Ockham has sought out occult and arcane items. He seems to be a hobbyist and collector of sorts.
  • In 1975, his coterie became part of a national investment company called Venture Investment Capital Equities Corporation. In partnership, they opened blood dens in the city disguised as mundane clubs. They serve the domain and help ensure the masquerade is upheld.
  • Those who knew Ockham prior to 1975 are aware of his efforts to seek out and expose infiltrators in the Ivory Tower. He's been recognized even by Archons for his efforts to protect the Camarilla.
  • Ockham has been known to travel in the company of his large herd, who, despite his clear lack of humanity are devoted to him.
  • He has often been known to commission Toreadore to do paintings, drawings, sculptures and even stained glass works, all with himself as the central image.

Folks Ockham Abides, Mostly


  • Qetsiyah - The childer of Malkavian icon, The Black Hag, she embraced and promptly abandoned Ockham in Bedlam, the worlds first Asylum. Ockham is still currently unaware of his sires identity however a disturbing email has recently arrived that has him quite shaken on the subject.


  • Oliver Beckett Holmes - While they know each-other as sons of Malkav, the fact they share a sire is still a mystery.
  • Eve Tully - Ockham's Ghoul Friday has recently been granted the gift of the embrace.
  • Caithe - Little is known about how these two Malkavian's are related.

Close Connections

  • Rene Emile - BELIEVED DECEASED - Ockham left Vancouver in 1989 and six months later he returned with a Settite. It would be interesting to know why Ockham spends so much time in the presence of an independent, especially a Setite, but when asked the usual response is, "not here, not now." He supports Rene in his presence in the city and the Follower is often seen in Ockham's presence. Rene and Ockham are often told to move their loud debates about whether or not Ockham is the second coming of Set to a place where no one else has to endure it. For the record, Ockham is NOT Set, but Rene could very well be Malkavian.
  • Veronica Jensen - CURRENTLY MIA - Ockham's '89 road trip also produced a Jazz dancing Toreador with a strange obsession with Rene the Setite. Veronica is a close friend in the Camarilla and their relationship has often been called into question in the minds of others despite her obvious infatuation with Rene. Veronica is quite protective of Ockham, moving to his side with great speed at even the smallest sign of conflict.
  • Patrick Gimlin - The Malkavian Clan Head of Canada's Aide-de-Camp. In 2014, Ockham arrived in Elysium towing a large steel road case on a dolly. Upon opening it, a small, timid, and very stiff Gangrel Neonate tumbled out. He had been caught feeding at Ockham's club, just not in the blood den. As a stranger to the city, Ockham kept Patrick in said box for a few days before Elysium. For whatever the twisted reason, Patrick has been a loyal friend and ally of Ockham. He doesn't seem to mind being called "Box Boy" or "Gangrel-In-The-Box". Some believe Ockham's influence has made Patrick a stronger and more confident Gangrel and Kindred.

Other Associates

  • Tabetha Loth - Their business relationship has disolved. Tensions mounted when he appointed her Myrmadon before the attack on the Sabbat in Kelowna. They have been at odds but things seem to be calming down. Especially when a certain contract gets signed.
  • Antoine Belefonte - before this meeting, Ockham had difficulty accepting other descendants of Malkav. The first of his clan Ockham met in North America, Antoine's similar composure and lucidity was the bridge Ockham needed to find pride in his blood. These two elder Malkavians fast became brothers-in-arms in the early 1860s. They made a reputation of hunting Sabbat infiltrators together, fearlessly wading into the front lines in contradiction to what is typical of their clan. They maintain close contact today.
  • Winchester - the Gangrel Prince of Honolulu and Servire to the Archon of the South West. They bonded on common interests; Ockham enjoyed exposing infiltrators and Winchester enjoyed turning them to ash. It worked well for them. They remain in contact today.
  • Dion - The House DJ at "O", this Anarch Brujah and Ockham have undisclosed business arrangements.

Crap People Mutter Behind Ockham's Back

  • Some insist he refers to himself as a God on more than one occasion.
  • Has come up with resources far beyond his obvious means to obtain occult items.
  • Some have suggested he is guilty of heresy as a Noddist.
  • Malkavians have commented on the strength of Ockham's control.
  • Has claimed to be God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Abraham, Cain (Incarnation of), Able (Reborn?), Odin, Thor, fragment of Osiris as shown the true way by Set as well as Set himself, last Emperor of China, the true Pope in exile, a lost Coen Brother, a lost Wachowski sister, Christopher Marlowe, the 17th Earl of Oxford, Shakespeare, the real author of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (though not the Hobbit for some reason), the heir to the Tudor Throne and Jeff Bridges.
  • "Was pretty darn convinced he was trying to get me to die in Kelowna. Why the hell else would he make someone like me Myrmadon? I mean me, who got captured and beaten so easily way back in Montreal. Of course he didn't know that at the time, but I have never been knowns for my fighting skills. Just gotta get that agreement signed, then I can relax. " Tabetha Loth
  • "He skirts the Masquerade closely, with his stigmata and his 'lust club' and his blood dens. I am sure Guertz will have a field day with him the second that line is crossed. But I hope it never happens. The Malkavian's venture, channeled properly, has some merit." - Cross
  • "I like Ockham, there's a certain amount of upfront honesty you get with him that most others don't offer. Sure, its an off-brand, slightly sickening and often horrifying kind of honesty, but it's honesty none the less. I just wish he didn't keep that damned box around..." - Patrick Gimlin, Box boy
  • "I kind of like the man. You know. He has that feel about him, like he's going to spill blood all over your furniture. That's style. Going to someone's house, and then bleeding over it to make sure they know you know that you know that they knew you were there in the first place. OCKHAM!!! Anyway. There's a rumor going around that he's my enemy. Why would he be my enemy? He has lots. He collects them... well, I guess that would be a reason to be my enemy." Spencer the Younger

Places Ockham's Hung Out at

Known Activity Ockham spent more than two centuries nomadically traveling Europe and North America. What is known of his general timeline follows:

  • 1710 - Embraced: Bedlam (London, England)
  • 1711 to 1721 - Traveled England
  • 1721 to 1735 - Unknown
  • 1735 to 1845 - Traveled Europe from Spain to Germany and between.
  • 1845 to 1859 - Unknown.
  • 1859 to 1865 - Exposed Infiltrators during the American Civil War.
  • 1865 - 1965 - Traveled North America.
  • 1965 to 1975 - Unknown.
  • 1975 - Arrived in Vancouver.
  • 1989 - Traveled to Quebec City.
  • 2014 - Traveled to Victoria.
  • 2014 - Vancouver.

Stuff Ockham Said Once

  • On Malkavians, "Pft. Those dudes are nuts. Like bat sh!t crazy. Am I the only one with any sense of sanity?! Oh... And Antoine. "
  • On Tremere, "Sorry... the what? uh, No thank-you. I don't need the washroom."
  • There are those created to rule and those created for servitude. If you have to think about what you were created to do, best do it on your knees.
  • Everyone could use a little more hedonism in their lives don't ya think?
  • "It's the OCKHAM-POCALYPSE Baby, and you all get FRONT ROW SEATS!!"
  • Have you met Set? --- Followed by him shoving Rene Emile (a local Settite) towards the person he is talking to and walking away. Typically his reaction to kindred who bore him.

Stuff that Inspired the Creation of Ockham

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The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski
Order of the Rose Cross
Order of the Rose Cross
Hercules!! Hercules!!
Hercules!! Hercules!!

Stuff About the Other Dude in my Head


Player: Aaron D. MES Number: CA2010070104 Location: Vancouver, BC Always looking for ties!


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